#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2011-10-13

n0carri3rhey guys04:59
n0carri3rcan someone help me understand the "performance" setup on flickernoise?04:59
n0carri3ri want to add a number of patches i made into a performance04:59
n0carri3rits something like a slideshow, right?04:59
xiangfun0carri3r, Hi05:07
xiangfu1. you need a 'First Patch'05:08
xiangfu2. you can setup your patch under 'Keyboard' ,  each 'keys' map to one 'patch'05:08
xiangfuthis is the 'configure mode'05:09
n0carri3ris there a way i can set it up like the demo? to use the keys on the MM?05:10
n0carri3r(the buttons, rather)05:11
xiangfu(sorry I thought I disconnect)05:11
xiangfuthe '/ssd/patchpool' is the default folder for 'simple mode'. one easy ways is move /ssd/patchpool/ to /ssd/patchpoolbackup05:12
xiangfucreate a new folder name as 'patchpool' put all your patches to that folder.05:12
n0carri3rahh i see05:12
xiangfun0carri3r, by the way. do you mind share your patches? we should include all of them in next release. just sent all your patches to me. I will commit them to the git repo. thanks05:13
xiangfumy email is 'xiangfu@sharism.cc' :)05:13
n0carri3rsure, i want to make sure i'm happy with them first :)05:13
n0carri3rbut i will send soon!05:13
xiangfun0carri3r, great. thanks.05:14
n0carri3rah, great - its working05:30
n0carri3rthanks xiangfu :)05:30
awhow to apply rc3 h/w patches onto rc2 m1 board? see: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_run_3_schedule#Upgrade_h.2Fw_RC2_to_RC309:39
sb0hi aw09:41
sb0have you done it already? what is the status of the review units?09:41
awthe details have not finished yet, also decided not to include protection of reversed dc input voltage and over-voltage in, since those two zener diodes and reset ic won't be strongly contacted on pcb well.09:41
awsb0, hi09:42
awsb0, wolfspraul, you can check the result of 0x20 (which is rc2 m1 board), they were tested well now and worked through one over night.09:43
awnext step to glue the wire. :-)09:44
sb0what do you want to check with 0x20?09:53
sb0you tested it like the other run3 boards, right? did you find anything unexpected?09:54
awsb0, did found any different result from that review unit. :)09:56
awin 0x20, I tested all same as i did in rc3 all tests. :-)09:57
sb0did or did not?09:57
awsorry, typed wrong again. didn't find.09:58
sb0ok, good. then go ahead09:58
awhttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/production/rc2-2-rc3/test_results/20-results  this is same as rc3 good one.09:59
awnext to assemble, rendering one hour and pack. ;-)09:59
Action: xiangfu replace a new screenshot of flicerknoise under wikipedia. (remove the pdf screenshot)10:35
sb0I saw those ADCs at the conference. interesting :)11:40
sb0and some similar AT84XAS from Atmel on another board, but it seems there isn't much on the internet about them11:41
wpwrakcute. but adobe live trace seem unbeaten when it comes to more artistic interpretations ;-)21:46
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