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wpwrakmwalle: hmm, another nice feature for urjtag would be if -q actually did anything :) the chattiness is a little inconvenient at times ...03:43
kristianpaulFallenou: when i read _any_ register from milkymist soc, i must always use volatile unsigned int? i cant do  volatile signed short int reads?04:15
kristianpaulFallenou: i mean, the reads and writes are fixed to to 32 bits? no more no less?04:15
stekernkristianpaul: CSR doesn't seem to have a datamask, so writes can't work with anything else than 32-bit05:13
stekernwhy do you want to access them at non 32-bit granularity?05:13
kristianpaulstekern: and that datamask should be related with sel_i i guess12:25
kristianpaulstekern: i'm trying to print (%d) (using milkymist software) some registers stored  in a 16 bits register (this goes to the verilog module) but of course12:28
kristianpaulwb_dat_o <= {16'h0, i_16_bit_register};12:29
kristianpaulso when i read as a volatile signed int, still be printed as a unsigned12:29
kristianpauland when try it as short, well i just got zeros be printed12:29
stekernkristianpaul: you could always sign extend it in the verilog module. or in sw before you print it13:03
wpwrakmaybe try this: volatile uint32_t *p = whatever; value = (int16_t) *p;13:43
stekernwpwrak: yep, that would be how to do it in sw, let's serve the verilog version on silverplate too: wb_dat_o <= {16{i_16_bit_register[15]}, i_16_bit_register};13:58
wpwrakstekern: now you've made it complicated and he has to choose where to do the sign extension ;-)14:03
stekernhehe, freedom of choice! :)14:04
scrtshi guys ;)14:36
Alarmhe following line: "qemu-system-LM32-M-kernel Milkymist flickernoise" must be executed in which folder?14:43
sb0er... first you should probably pay more attention to the syntax and spelling of the command15:12
AlarmI did a copy / paste the command in the wiki http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Using_QEMU15:19
sb0your clipboard has an interesting behaviour :) mine gives 'qemu-system-lm32 -M milkymist -kernel ...' instead15:20
sb0anyway 1. qemu-system-lm32 should be in your PATH 2. the executable passed as parameter to -kernel is relative to the current folder (unless you give an absolute path, i.e. starting with /)15:21
AlarmI can not locate flickernoise? I find flickernoise.fbi,15:55
AlarmI had to forget something when I compiled?15:59
sb0try: make bin/flickernoise16:01
AlarmNo rule to make target `bin/flickernoise'16:30
Alarmunless I am mistaken, 'make-compile-flickernoise flickernoise.fbi C' can not create file 'flickernoise "for qemu16:53
sb0ah, you are using xiangfu's scripts... try going one level below and rebuild only flickernoise18:11
Alarmok thanks18:34
kristianpaulstekern: wpwrak i choose verilog way, hardware is faster :)19:59
kristianpaulstekern: Thanks !!19:59
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