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n0carri3rexperimenting here with importing more milkdrop presets00:03
n0carri3rit seems there's a limit to files in a folder, around 25000:04
n0carri3rand i went back to the milkdrop archives, started with the older patches (around 2001-2002)00:04
n0carri3rmost of them work with no conversions, which is great :)00:04
n0carri3rwell, not *most*, but a lot of them!00:08
wpwrakhow good do they look on average ? about like the ones we have ?00:10
n0carri3rhmm, most of them aren't so complex00:10
n0carri3rbut i am saving the good ones00:10
n0carri3rand i've modified about 10-12 of ones that seem cool to make them work with the MM00:10
n0carri3rby changing the ANG and RAND and other variables that dont exist00:10
wpwrakbtw, i particularly like the 8 bit starfield, because it occasionally changes style, "a matter of taste" because of its "living" appearance, and "forgotten moon" for the level of detail00:12
wpwrakso what did you do with "ang" ? seems that it shouldn't be as easy as just using "rot"00:12
n0carri3ryeah, i've been using rot00:13
n0carri3rbut some functions use rot and ang, so there some problems arise00:13
n0carri3rthey will still work, but not as intended by the author00:13
wpwrakmaybe some just need a number that changes from time to time ;-))00:13
n0carri3rfor rand (random), some lookup tables might be good in a future version00:13
wpwrakhow does rand work ? does it provide a new random number per use ? or per vertex, per frame, ... ?00:14
n0carri3rits a per frame00:14
wpwrakshouldn't be too hard to implement then. there are plenty of random number generator algorithms out there.00:15
qi-botThe Firmware build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-10092011-0030/00:20
kristianpaulhum, all data in milkymist conbus is fixed to be _always_ 32 bits?00:21
Action: wpwrak hates uncompensated thermocouples. around 20 C, you get very plausible-looking readings, but they're still all wrong.12:09
wpwrak(with the instrument exposed to similar temperature variations as the probe)12:19
Fallenouhttps://sharism.cc/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1 < hum I think this page could be misleading13:06
Fallenouwith the big "Sharism presents Milkymist"13:06
Fallenouon a page which presents the NanoNote13:06
wpwrakinsteresting ... all the USB resets with the long link eventually degrade overall USB performance from high-speed to full-speed, slowing down NOR dumps over JTAG by a factor of something like 8.13:49
wpwrakseems that the USB extender wasn't such a great idea :-(13:49
kristianpauljumm.. , so you even need to test for NOR with out the jtag board perhaps?14:08
kristianpaul(i know is not related with your last post, just wondering :-))14:08
wpwraknaw, i need the jtag board for it15:04
wpwraki guess i'll have to set up a PC in the test room and have only local USB connections from that PC. bridge the distance to my desktop with ethernet.15:04
wpwrakplus, i need to find a better way to monitor temperature. "better" in the sense of "one that actually works"15:06
n0carri3rhey, all20:14
n0carri3rso i was looking at the flickernoise source, it seems there is a screen capture built in somewhere?20:59
n0carri3ri was just quickly scanning last night, when looking for a complete list of variables (which i found)20:59
n0carri3rcan you capture only single frames? or videos?21:00
sb0only single frames21:01
sb0and it's a keyboard shortcut.. ctrl f2 or something21:02
sb0creates .png files21:02
sb0when are your gigs?21:02
sb0next weekend?21:02
n0carri3rthe next two weekends21:03
n0carri3ralso, someone told me you'd be able to answer some questions when you got back - you're the creator of the MM, right? :)21:03
sb0I started this project21:04
n0carri3rahh, great!21:05
n0carri3rreally digging it so far, thanks21:13
mwallesb0: btw why a new nickname?21:20
wpwraksb0: heya ! how did the workshop go ? did people like your talk ?22:40
wpwrakmwalle: maybe he got too many people asking him linux kernel questions ? :)22:41
kristianpaulmwalle: so you mean newlibe can replace libc that is used in demo firmware?22:43
kristianpaulyou mentioned the other time baremetal apps for M1 wich is good, but you dint mention using wich lib :-)22:44
wolfspraulwi 4522:44
kristianpaulwpwrak: i tough was its own kernel project :)22:44
wpwraki wonder if bare metal apps really matter all that much in the long run. it's usually something you do when a platform is young and feature-poor, but with time, these things tend to become more of burden than something useful22:46
kristianpaulsure.. but look, i dont feel trusting rtems right now..22:47
kristianpaul(feature-poor), can you be more specific about this?22:48
wpwrakconsidering that FN+RTEMS = hang nowadays, perhaos that's a good assessment :) but i hope sb0 will fix this once the world tour is done22:48
kristianpaulto put it this way, i still having problems even with prtiting signed numbers, or trying float operations..22:49
kristianpaulyes, i do not knowthing in depth about C and all the libraries, compilation and etc..22:49
kristianpaulbut i feel better making my way way with simpler stuff first22:50
wpwrak(feature-poor) well, while it's still very simple, doesn't have a lot of working drivers and protocols, etc. fwiw, i would consider M1 with RTEMS (when it works) to be already in a sufficiently mature state that you wouldn't be tempted to use standalone binaries anymore22:50
wpwrak(of course, one reason against using RTEMS would be that you simply don't want to cover yet another platform. but then, standalone is also yet another platform, although one you control entirely)22:51
kristianpaulok, well i want linux with mmap, i miss my coreutils :-)22:51
wpwrakyes, the right combination of time and skills still needs to meet with M1 ...22:52
kristianpauleven now for me no matter ethernet driver, i just realize how blind i was with a serial port front of me could be lot usefull plus your neocon logging feature22:55
kristianpaulbut i tried linux, i had to deal with the special formating of the uSD card, then was a waste of time because dint worked for me, so i decide move to tftp boot22:56
kristianpaulit worked, but i was wellcome by a unfriendly busybox22:56
kristianpaulyes, i can read the topic JFDI ""22:56
kristianpaulbut i dont move as fast as sb0 !!, sure i'm not the best focued man22:57
kristianpaul_but_ i really care to make this GPS thing to work, no matter how but in M122:57
kristianpaulwell.. i drop rtems chaos moved to baremetal.. but hited M1 libc :-)22:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: not fast but you sure have persistence for ten ;-)22:59
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