#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-10-04

wolfspraulwhat is the best technical introduction into the Milkymist SoC design?09:29
wolfspraulsomething a designer of other SoCs might read to get a quick idea of Milkymist. maybe a few pages long at most.09:29
roh wolfspraul the pdf lekernel wrote for university?09:31
wolfspraulprobably that one then. just want to confirm.09:33
rohwell.. its too short09:37
rohno details... one need to read the extra papers per function block then i guess09:37
wolfspraulwhich papers?10:09
wpwrakwolfspraul: quick check: all the M1rc3 shipped have the standby and rescue partitions locked, correct ?10:44
wolfspraulabsolutely 100%10:45
wolfspraulyours is probably the only one that went out without locking10:46
wpwrakheh, as it should ;-)10:46
wpwrakand a question regarding shutdown: is "Shutdown > Power off" in the GUI the same as pressing and holding the middle button ? or are those two different mechanisms ?10:49
sb0the same10:50
wpwrakkewl, thanks10:50
kristianpaulmwalle: your uclibc for lm32 also support standalone programs, like let said milkymist bios? :)14:38
wpwrakphew. writing this kind of reports eats time like there's no tomorrow19:43
sb0wpwrak, nice report, thanks!21:44
sb0maybe it's a scheduler software bug that caused the corruption...?21:47
sb0did your reductions in cycle time include the scheduler replacement?21:48
wpwrakno, all that was before the scheduler change22:56
wpwrakthe scheduler change was the reason why i didn't let the 4000+ cycles test to its bitter end. just didn't have the patience ;-)22:57
wpwrakwith the scheduler change, the camera detection, and if we can get rid of the DHCP wait, the cycles could be much shorter. so this will help with getting more and better data22:58
sb0the camera detection?23:03
wpwrakthe skipping of patches that use the camera if there is no signal23:23
sb0how is that related to boot time?23:23
wpwrakit affects the time to the first patch that actually does something i can see ;-)23:23
sb0you can reconfigure FN to skip DHCP and start with only one patch23:24
sb0just create a performance file with just the first patch, then go in system settings and select it for autostart23:24
sb0and disable dhcp in the network config also there23:25
wpwrakhmm, and where is this stored ? i'm a bit worried about things not surviving NOR corruption or restoration23:26
sb0in yaffs23:26
wpwrakokay, that's at the far end. might be safe :)23:26
wpwrakbtw, as i understand things, flickernoise.git master is current unusable because of the FN/RTEMS hang. is this correct ?23:28
sb0as long as you stay in render mode it seems to work23:29
sb0but exiting it triggers the debilitating lag bug23:29
wpwrakaah. okay. i might *just* dodge it :)23:29
wpwrakany plans about fixing it ? or is xiangfu taking care of it ?23:30
sb0no, no plans yet23:30
sb0but should be23:31
sb0maybe when I have stopped traveling every second week or so, let's say around october 1623:31
wpwrakhehe. yes, the great M1 world tour ;-)23:31
wpwrakwith grenoble as the big finale, no ?23:32
sb0nah, I'm going to Berne after that23:32
sb0I'll also have a round of measurements/characterization/testing to do on the TDC core when I'm back, so the lag bug will have to wait a bit23:34
sb0shouldn't take too long though23:34
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