#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-09-28

lekernelah, the masala material is 25GB ...07:51
lekernelwpwrak, can we dump the masala video into /mnt/fidelio-schhist-output on turandot?11:25
lekernelthis is the only filesystem that has enough space11:25
lekernelwolfspraul, do you have an option to receive 25GB of files? or should I just install a FTP server on turandot?11:26
wpwrakare we running out of space ? lemme delete something ...11:27
wolfspraullekernel: sure just dump it there11:27
lekernelthe largest filesystem on turandot is 48G big11:27
lekernelthere's only this NFS mount from fidelio that can reasonably hold it11:28
lekernelwolfspraul, or we can install the FTP server on fidelio, but I don't have access there11:28
wpwrakfreed 470 MB on turandot. (the unedited labsw video)11:28
wolfsprauljust drop it there11:28
lekernelwpwrak, it's 25GB!11:28
wpwrakalmost 2% ;-)11:28
wolfspraulI think theregister didn't carry our launch yet11:28
wolfspraulI will be waiting for a little, to see what's happening11:29
wolfspraulwe do need to catch engadget too11:29
lekernelwhat "throw-away" FTP server do you recommend with minimum setup hassle?11:29
wpwraklaunch ? what launch ? i didn't see a word even on qi-hw11:29
wpwraklekernel: why ftp and not ssh ?11:29
wolfspraulsure you didn't :-) (but I think I cc'ed you on some mails)11:29
lekernelI'm not sure if the Masala people can use ssh11:29
wolfspraullaunch is a surprise, right :-)11:29
wpwrakaah, right. three new mails. checking ...11:30
wolfspraulwpwrak: do you remember what setting changes you did on turandot when we had slashdot traffic?11:30
wolfspraulwpwrak: those are just loooong mails with editors...11:30
wolfspraulyou can skim it. who knows what he will write in the end.11:30
lekernelnow, murphy law helping, we will overload the server because of the launch and the video upload will fail ():-]11:31
wolfspraulit's interesting to see what kind of questions editors are asking, because we will hear more of that11:31
wpwrakwolfspraul: what i did back in may: MaxClients lowered from 150 to 4011:33
wpwrakyeah, that was all i think11:34
wpwraktook something like 2 hours to kill all the runaway processes before i could tweak the config :)11:34
lekernelinstalling pureftpd ...11:35
lekernelmkdir /mnt/fidelio-schhist-output/masala11:36
lekernelmkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/fidelio-schhist-output/masala': Read-only file system11:36
lekernelwolfspraul, I need a rw export from fidelio11:37
wpwrakthe relevant section in IRC starts about here. later on, i also mention all the stuff that was running. http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs/qi-hardware_2011-05-07.log.html#t22:5911:39
lekernelaargh and it seems the server only receives at ~80ko/s11:40
lekernelthis is going to take 4 days11:42
wpwrakso you don't have to worry much about coinciding with the launch :)11:44
lekernelwill try dl.free.fr instead11:45
lekernelno we have to get that video out asap11:45
lekernelit's only annoying that the server is slow11:45
wpwrakby the way, why don't we have a level meter when configuring audio ? just lack of time or are there deeper reasons ?12:30
lekernellack of time12:35
wpwraklet's hope for some gui developers then :)12:45
wpwraknice .. my little canon still image camera can also feed composite to the M1. still a bit blurry, but a much better image than with the barrel cam.12:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: "basically just power-on and it starts rendering."  i'm still kinda puzzled why this actually isn't the case :)12:57
wpwrakthe whole out of the box process is so nicely streamlined and intuitive, but you still need to figure out that you have to press that middle button.12:59
wolfspraulyes, agreed13:02
wolfspraulat least it says "on" now13:02
wpwrakthe whole case labeling is tricky. at least on the purple case. maybe it's easier to read on the blue one.13:05
wolfspraullekernel: how is the upload going?13:23
wolfsprauland where are you uploading now?13:23
wpwrak2 .. 1 .. 0 ... we have liftoff !13:23
wpwrak"Backer Qi is the company ..."  duh. that's cryptic.13:24
wpwrakthe "80 units to be viable" angle doesn't sound quite right either :)13:25
wolfspraulhe seems totally into those numbers13:26
wpwrakyeah ;-)13:27
wolfspraulwhy not. editors deal with news all the time, if that part is interesting to him then that may not be bad.13:27
wpwrakand doesn't mention MIDI, DMX, etc.13:27
wolfspraulyeah well13:28
wolfspraulwe need to post it to other sites now13:28
wpwrakyup. fire the missiles ! :-)13:28
wpwrakah, and i wonder if the low power consumption really needs that much focus, considering that it's not a battery-powered device. maybe if you link it to not needing a noisy and unreliable fan.13:30
wolfspraulha ha13:31
wolfspraulI read it now13:31
wolfspraulhe writes it on the light side13:31
wpwrakyup. more story than tech.13:31
wolfspraulno problem13:32
wolfspraulthis is a good start for Milkymist, even if not many others pickup the story13:32
wolfspraulit doesn't "eat up" the entire launch thing13:32
wpwrakyeah. you can build on this. it gets the word out.13:32
wolfsprauland amazingly few technical mistakes13:32
wolfspraulthe back and forth paid off13:33
wpwrakhehe :)13:33
wolfspraulalright then, let's see13:33
Thihiwpwrak, low-power consumption is media sexy for tech, regardless it's real usefulness.13:33
wolfsprauloh it's very hard for reporters to write something without mistakes13:33
Thihiwpwrak, believe me, that's what I do for a living. Review tech.13:34
wolfspraulI know how hard it is for me to get the short snippets in our community news accurate13:34
wpwrakThihi: yeah, there's that. people know from their mobile devices that low power is good and they also know from big devices that low power is good. they probably don't realize that in this case, it hardly matters.13:34
wolfspraulI need to think about this article13:35
wolfspraulthis will not be picked up by many others I think13:35
ThihiAnd they think "the eco beaver won't be mad at me for using this low power machine".13:35
wpwrakwolfspraul: oh, and congratulations on the promotion ! ;-) "leading developer Wolfgang Spraul"13:36
wpwrakThihi: there's that, too :-)13:36
ThihiBtw. Will you have review kits available at some point?13:36
ThihiI might be interested in writing an article about mm1 into the biggest finnish tech mag later on.13:37
ThihiSome 300,000 subscribers, not that much in the grand scheme I guess, but in a country of 5 million it's a pretty good coverage of tech interested people13:38
wolfspraulwhat is "vid system-on-a-chip" vid = video?13:45
wolfspraulrejon: bill's article is up http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/09/28/milkymist/13:45
wolfspraulthat's a very interesting take he has there, all focused on the production numbers :-)13:46
wolfspraulI need to think about it. the good side is that it's written in such a way that we can definitely have followup stories.13:46
rejonsending out to people13:48
rejondo you think bad to reference this in emails to people?13:48
rejoni guess its already out there13:48
wolfspraulnot bad13:48
wolfspraulthe way it is written makes me wonder whether others will pick it up13:48
wolfspraulin other words - I don't think many will13:49
wolfspraulbut that's ok, that means we can do different stories with other sites later :-)13:49
wolfspraulI will try engadget etc.13:49
rohhrhrhr.. i like the 'radical tech coalition'14:07
wolfspraulthat includes you :-)14:08
rohi think i want a shirt with that14:09
wolfspraulanyway this article is different from what I thought14:13
wolfspraulalthough I thought that it would be different from what I think. at least that :-)14:13
wpwrakit sends a bit of a mixed message. either people conclude that "break even" doesn't include any work. or they assume it does and thus conclude that it has an enormous profit margin.14:16
wpwrak(and almost zero development cost at that)14:17
wpwrakof course, he could have just done the math: capital investment, according to your mail, USD 100k. maximum revenue through sales of 80 units: 80 x USD 500 = USD 40k. that means you must be paid in USD that are about 2.5 times as valuable than the ones you invested. if you can that pull off, i think some economists will want to talk to you rather urgently ;-)14:21
wpwraks/that pull/pull that/14:21
wolfspraulnah don't read too much into this14:23
wolfspraulpeople are skimming14:23
wpwrakyeah. and those who read it will probably realize that something was lost in translation.14:56
lekernel"the NanoNote which was really a $99 toy to fill the evenings of the technically-literate underemployed."15:05
lekernelwolfspraul, the upload is messy :(15:08
wolfspraultoday is Amazon tablet day15:08
wolfspraullekernel: how about the 25gb upload?15:10
wolfspraulwhere are you uploading to?15:10
wolfspraulwhy not just dump it on fidelio?15:10
lekernelI'm not uploading, Sylwia (Masala manager) does it15:10
lekernelbecause fidelio downstream seems to be slow15:11
lekernelabout 80k/s it seems15:11
rohwhat is that data?15:11
lekernelat this rate it's going to take 4 days at least15:11
wolfspraulhmm, shouldn't be15:11
wolfspraulok, let's be patient then. I'd like to capture this in the highest quality possible.15:12
lekernelnext time we need media I'll be waiting with a netbook and a memory card reader just at the exit of the stage :-)15:12
wpwrakroh: about 6 DVDs ... The Sopranos, all episodes, in 1080p ? :)15:13
lekernelroh, the Masala concert in high quality HD15:15
wolfspraulrejon: here's my approach now15:22
wolfspraulthe theregister article is quite exotic I think. I like it because it's such a different perspective, but in this way I cannot see how it goes viral.15:23
wolfspraulI will push out my meager press release to the RSS feed and annoucne list, and that's it15:23
wolfspraulthen I will start emailing other journalists about follow-on stories, theregister gives me some credibility in this15:23
lekernelwolfspraul, shall I link your PR on milkymist.org? or theregister article? or my PR?15:24
wolfspraulyour PR15:24
wolfspraulpush the text you believe in15:24
wolfsprauldon't worry I will get back to your text too15:24
rejoni'll push out now on the qihardware public accounts15:25
wolfspraulplease understand how media work, we cannot force people into our view15:25
wolfspraulso I'm fine with bill's article, even though it's 99% different from what I thought it would be :-)15:25
wolfspraulhe did post a story as promised, it has few factual mistakes, and theregister is a top-20 tech news site15:26
wolfspraulit's a wild mix though of Qi, Milkymist, NanoNote, this and that number, 500 USD, etc. etc.15:27
wolfspraulmore like a little economics class15:28
wolfspraulwho is making a profit now?15:28
wpwrakthe economics are easily explained: you invested 100k. you expect to make 40k from sales. ten people participated in the development. ergo each of them must have paid you on average at least 6k for the privilege ;-)15:30
wolfspraulyeah but it's funny how these things come out, no?15:31
wolfspraulhe is just fascinated with those numbers15:32
wolfspraulwhen you read the email exchange between us, it's 80% about product, comparison to notebook, Milkymist the GPL licensed IC design, etc.15:32
wolfspraulI throw in those numbers because early in the NanoNote days, I found out people's perception really changes when they hear "no parent company"15:33
wolfspraulit's so unexpected nowadays15:33
wolfspraulmost people are drones of some large corp15:33
wolfspraulso whatever story they are telling today, it's like a mercenary thing15:33
wolfspraulif it doesn't work, no problem, you hear another funny story tomorrow15:33
wolfspraulwhen they suddenly run into people where the stories are their lifes, they are a little shocked :-)15:33
wpwrakas if mercenaries wouldn't occasionally pay with their lives ;-)15:43
lekernelyeah, and I find the "no parent company" perception is sometimes negative15:45
lekernellike it means the project isn't serious or something like that15:45
wpwrakyes, lack of validation by people with deep pockets15:46
wolfspra1lI agree it's negative15:51
wolfspra1lbut find a parent company that wouldn't immediately think of patenting, locking down, locking out, etc. :-)15:51
kristianpaulwow, interesting news today15:55
wolfspra1lwhich one?15:55
wolfspra1lAmazon tablet?15:55
kristianpaulalso :)15:56
wolfspra1lThihi: yes why not [review unit]. but let's start by mail, please email me at wolfgang@sharism.cc16:04
Thihiwolfspra1l, cool, I'll get to it a bit later, I'm buried in installing operating systems on some laptops for the moment.16:05
kristianpaulOKay !, mail sent to some local VJs16:06
kristianpaulNext target museums :)16:06
wolfspra1lThihi: keep your expectations low though. getting a review unit from me is tough.16:08
Thihiwolfspra1l, no prob, we'll see.16:09
wolfspra1lI love journalists, reporters, and I work hard to support them. BUT, I'm around for a number of years.16:09
wolfspra1land for every high quality journalist, there are at least 50 trying to do all sorts of strange things.16:09
wolfspra1lso we need to find out whether the publication you are writing for and your own interests and the Milkymist thing all fit together16:10
wolfspra1lif they do, any support comes your way!16:10
wolfspra1lbut you should see the flood of mails I get from the most horrible content farming outfits, who think they can sneak off some free 'review units' as well16:10
wolfspra1lbah. horrible. makes me kinda suspicious for these kinds of requests :-)16:10
wolfspra1lthe journalists that have covered NanoNote so far have all bought them, btw16:11
wolfspra1lfor a 99 USD product that is actually to be expected, it's just too cheap to be in this review/return business16:11
wolfspra1lfor a 499 USD product I can see how a proper review unit handling could make sense16:11
wolfspra1lso shoot me a quick mail and we get started16:12
ThihiI will, later on today.16:12
kristianpaulman 2kg!!16:14
kristianpaulwolfspra1l: lekernel had a introductiry text for museums?16:25
kristianpauli dont bother to translate it, just i feel short in words16:25
kristianpauli mean, what i could said, buy it, plug it a video beam and just let the magic run ;) ?16:26
kristianpauls/magic/video magic16:26
kristianpaulbah, it runs android i was expectings soemthing fresh16:34
Thihiwolfspra1l, sorry, you asked for a quick mail, I wrote you a bible.20:10
wpwraklekernel: whee. nasty comment from "Richard 12". he claims that you did DMX the wrong way.20:21
wpwrak(in the comments to the "the reg" article)20:21
lekernelno one complies with this standard, and 3-pin XLRs are the de-facto DMX connector in the majority of equipment (except the high-end professional one)20:25
lekernelplus there are passive adapters easily available20:26
lekernelif this is the only thing that goes wrong with the M1, I'm quite happy =]20:26
wpwrakmaybe you could compare it to micro-usb. it's officially frowned upon, yet pretty much everything but phones still uses it :)20:26
wpwrak(the only thing) oh, i wouldn't worry. murphy won't give in that easily ;-)20:27
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