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wpwrak"float atof(const char *s);" ... @%*#!01:50
wpwrakthat's why i love those systems that are almost POSIX but then, in a sudden fit of madness veer off into hell01:51
wpwrakon other news, the input is now identical. valgrind still thinks my code works great. hmm ...01:52
kristianpaulPOSIX = hell ?01:56
kristianpaulreally just asking, i never got a reason to follow posix yet01:56
wpwrakno, POSIX is good, sane. calling function "atof" that is not compatible with POSIX/ANSI C atof isn't.01:59
wpwrakand yes, you probably followed POSIX. it's kinda hard to write non-trivial programs without it ;-)01:59
wpwraklet's see how fixing atof changes the comparison ...02:12
wpwrak(getting the numeric values of constants right affects how registers are allocated. so there will now be a bit more registers. shouldn't affect the code size, though)02:16
evildaemon@wpwrak Define "non-trivial" I'm sort of on that beginners journey. Knowing what you need to know really is half the battle.02:57
wpwrakoh, anything more demanding than "hello world" ;-) in fact, as far as i know, ANSI C is included in POSIX, so even "hello world" uses POSIX :)03:01
evildaemonNot if it's hello world in assembly. ;)03:03
evildaemonMore seriously, I see your point.03:03
wpwrakatof is defined in ANSI C, so that prototype isn't even ANSI C-compliant. even worse :)03:04
Action: evildaemon honestly wasn't even talking about that funcall.03:05
wpwraki kinda wonder if this is intentional or if sebastien was misled by the function's name (which is indeed not very cleverly chosen)03:05
wpwrakupdated comparison chart: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/m1/perf/chart-20110923.html03:36
wpwrakjust the number of registers has increased, by the same number (per patch) for all schedulers. thus the ranking is the same.03:37
wpwrakinteresting: "altars of madness" uses almost all of the registers with the current scheduler03:38
wpwrakalso aqualung doesn't have much headroom03:38
wpwrakinterestingly, even though my unoptimized scheduler typically has the worst register allocation, it handles the pathological cases rather well03:43
aerisC'est un peu comme une expo ou serait cote à cote des twingo et des ferrarie...09:53
lekernelaeris, :) you're seeing it the wrong way. the workshop isn't for developers or hackers, but for artists and other creative people with little electronics knowledge09:58
lekernelI believe it's totally appropriate to organize such a workshop for them, especially since such people often cluelessly ask me if the M1 is based on arduino =]09:58
aerisYes, it's complementary09:59
lekernelyeah, the arduino has a great deal of sensor interfaces (some people love this stuff) and simple software libraries to use them - we don't10:03
lekerneland I happily leave those to the arduino developers10:03
wpwraklekernel could sell additional "IP blocks" for fancy peripherals ;-)11:44
kristianpaulindeed artitsts love arduino, and hopefully milkymist with good reasons now :)13:25
wolfspraulDJTachyon: wanna buy a Milkymist One? :-) https://sharism.cc/milkymist13:31
wolfspraulwe have them available now, and they are great. here's a video of a recent performance http://blip.tv/problematyka/usta-concert-at-cc-summit-2011-global-party-zachta-art-gallery-556713913:32
DJTachyonheh i got the email13:37
DJTachyonim a bit poor right now13:37
DJTachyonbut i want one13:37
DJTachyoni did just get a raise though13:38
wolfspraulsounds good. while you are saving, we keep improving the software :-)13:40
DJTachyonheheh sweet13:43
DJTachyonbrb coffee13:43
qi-botThe Firmware build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-09232011-1903/18:40
wpwrakGRRR. include/base/assert.h: #define assert(x)21:03
wpwrakno surprise it's so hard to reproduce the assertion violation21:04
wpwrakhmm, does FN really wait for something like 15 seconds for BOOTP ?23:48
kristianpaulboot frpm tftp?23:49
wpwraki mean when i just boot it without network23:50
kristianpaulah, yes there is a  delay but i never measired, as i'm not booting to rtems that often23:51
wpwraki've heard there was such a delay in the past. but i thought it had been removed by now. seems rather useless to wait for the network by default.23:52
wpwrakand of course, it pretty much dominates the entire boot time ...23:52
wpwrakfirst greeting to "RTEMS SHELL", ~4.8 s23:53
wpwrakthen ~16 s until "BOOTP call failed"23:53
kristianpaulnow try ifconfig ;)23:53
wpwrakaddress  (of course, there's no network :)23:54
kristianpaulah good23:55
wpwrakthen ~ 2 seconds nothing (flickernoise starting/initializing ?)23:57
wpwrakthen the patch compilation23:57
wpwrakpatches take about 10.5 seconds with the original scheduler, about 4.0 seconds with my scheduler (doesn't really make a difference whether you optimize or not .. well, something like 20-40 ms)23:58
wpwrakif the scanner was a little less braindead (sorry :), the whole compilation would probably be done in half a second23:59
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