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kristianpauli just need a tilling window manager with same screen keybiding and that allow me to take a session remotelly just like screen does, is too much ask? :-)00:09
rohuh.. spares of spacers... mmmh. no clue to be fair. i had every single one in my hand and checked the outer threading..02:22
rohnot sure anymore if i checked the inner one02:23
wolfspraulroh: funny, eh?02:29
wolfspraulit's amazing that over time (with enough volume) - EVERY POSSIBLE thing that can go wrong will go wrong :-)02:29
rohhad some weird stuff in screw-bags already02:36
rohsome didnt even look like a precursor to a screw02:37
wpwrakpessulus neanderthalensis ?02:52
wpwrakor, rather, clavus neanderthalensis. (since it's not a screw yet)02:53
wpwrakthe current corruption run is nice: 1452 cycles and counting. it's nice because it makes the empirical distribution fit an exponential distribution better. i'm beginning to see order in the chaos :)02:55
wolfspraulwpwrak: and what's your gut feeling now?03:02
wpwrakit's still too early to tell. this is the statistical baseline. with that, i can now see if changes have a quantitative effect.03:15
wpwrakone problem with getting the statistical baseline is that the probability of a cycle causing a corruption is about 1/500. and each cycle takes about 80 seconds (in the conservative configuration). so it takes a lot of time to accumulate enough data. now i have 12 data points, which already produces a reasonably clear curve.03:19
wpwrakso once i'm done with the new scheduler, i'll switch to a new test pattern and see what happens03:19
wolfspraulok :-)03:25
wolfspraulnot much I can say I guess03:25
wolfspraulAdam keeps fixing & testing03:26
wpwrakin any case, whatever i find, this won't have much effect on rc3. when do you think work on rc4 will start ?03:35
lekernelwas at PWL yesterday http://tubedevices.com/alek/pwl/pwl.htm09:33
lekernelit was awesome :)09:33
lekernelI will post some more details and pictures soon ...09:33
lekernelazonenberg, you will like this :)09:34
wolfspraullekernel: yes please09:48
wolfspraulalso looking forward to that very much09:48
lekernelpictures here: http://lekernel.net/PWL/09:49
lekernelhe even made me a (fully working) souvenir triode in front of me :)09:49
lekernelhttp://lekernel.net/PWL/19-09-11_1838.jpg that's the triode being tested (and degassed)09:50
lekernelafter sealing and socketing09:50
lekernelI will post the full process09:51
lekernelmost of it is DIY and made of junk parts09:52
lekernelI particularly liked the spot welding machine based on a rewound microwave oven transformer, and the tube spinner (to melt the glass uniformly) based on a vinyl turntable09:55
lekernelpictures from the masala concert: http://wyslijto.pl/plik/n429snbcme346248 (I still have not opened them ...)10:02
lekernelit's ok to put them on the website, just mention "by IKA and Masala / CC Global Party Warsaw / Poland / 17.09.2011"10:04
lekernel(they're cc by sa)10:04
rohlekernel: cool stuff10:06
rohis does it require expensive equipment? (making valves)10:06
lekernelthe most expensive part is probably the diffusion pump, but he got one from the trash of a research institute10:07
rohok.. thats the one for the vaccuum?10:08
lekerneland you need a primary rotary pump as well, but those are around 200-400E new10:11
larscare there any good metrics for comparing the sizes of different cores?17:54
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