#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-08-21

kristianpaulokay i remove libusb1-devel00:13
kristianpaullets see if the problem still when compiling urjtag against libsub 0.100:13
kristianpaulgood it seems to work, now this time urjtag compiled against libusb-devel00:21
wolfspraulstay away from that libusb problem00:22
kristianpaulyes, but i installed fedora again...00:22
wolfspraulunless you are ready to sink a lot of time into it and fully concentrate to fix it, which may be hard00:22
kristianpaulyeah, seems i will downgrade as well some libs :/00:23
kristianpaulbut i wanted to report a bug at least..00:23
wolfspraulyes, interesting that full-speed doesn't fix it either, although I'm not surprised00:23
wolfspraulyou can try low-speed now (just kidding :-))00:24
kristianpaulbut you're right since urjtag is not ported to fedora i dont have somebody to complain with...00:28
wolfspraulnot even on Fedora, sigh00:30
wolfspraulFedora is my dream destination right now where all Debian problems are fixed00:30
wolfsprauldon't destroy my illusions00:30
kristianpaulhaha, i'm dont have intention to break your hurt ;), just telling00:31
kristianpaulI'm also giving a chance to fedora, so this is just a small isue with all that is ofering00:32
kristianpaul(as i finally got a encrypted lvm in less than 20minutes install)00:33
kristianpauland FEL of course :)00:33
kristianpaullekernel: you donwgraded just all the libusb libs not libfdti or?00:34
kristianpaul///////j #fedora00:55
lekernelfor more distribution suckiness, everyone still builds QEMU without LM32 support and maintainers do not answer email (both fedora and debian)07:56
lekernelkristianpaul, just libusb07:56
stekernwhat libusb version is the "good" version?07:58
lekernelsee ml archives07:59
stekernok, will do, thanks07:59
kristianpaulstekern: you on fedora 15 as well?16:31
kristianpaulgood versions^16:54
stekernkristianpaul: naah, on ubuntu 11.0417:21
stekernI'm having some (non M1 related) problems that might be libusb related17:23
penarandalekernel_: had you found usefull the xilinx_bitstream_parser.pl from the 100 power fpga tips book?22:26
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