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kristianpaulphew... long day no internet link near00:31
kristianpauloops wrong chan :)00:32
xiangfuthe milkydrop have so many patches. :D02:48
kristianpaulfrom winamp timess? :)02:53
wolfspraulxiangfu: just be careful about licenses03:02
wolfspraulif you plan to milkymistify some of them03:02
wolfspraulcheck that it is properly licensed as open source or free software, and make sure we carry attributions of the original authors along properly03:02
xiangfuI am try some of them on milkymist now.03:02
wolfspraulwhen in doubt, don't use it. try to contact the author first. once you get an email permission you are always good to go.03:03
Last message repeated 1 time(s).03:03
xiangfusome of them works totally different. :)03:03
xiangfuyes. sure03:03
wolfspraulanything that looks different is good :-)03:03
wolfsprauljust like I said, please let's do high quality work on the license and attribution side too03:03
wolfspraulsometimes creative people don't care much, they just 'release' their stuff on the web03:04
wolfspraulwithout any license information, even without contact links or author information03:04
wolfspraulwe should not incorporate such works into Milkymist One, if the licensing status is unknown/unclear, don't use it03:04
wolfspraulin such cases, try to contact the author in some efficient way. if you hear back great, otherwise we won't use it.03:05
wolfspraulall of this is easier said than done :-)03:06
wolfspraulnice, seems all gpl!03:24
wolfspraullet's get anything that works and looks nice to m1 :-)03:24
wolfspraulalso email those guys (or other ways of contact), see whether anybody is still active, tell them about m1, and let's see how we can work together03:25
wolfspraulmost updates seem to be from 4 years ago, but some are just a few weeks old03:26
wpwrakwolfspraul: (tell them about m1) perhaps the best approach for that would be to make a quick video, then mail them thanking them for their "patch" and showing them how well it renders on the M1. then let them draw their own conclusions ;-)09:28
wolfspraulwell, it's all work, but yes09:29
wolfspraulone by one09:29
wpwraknow that making good videos is within easy reach ... ;-)09:54
ThihiYou do some seriously whack shit.10:02
ThihiCarry on.10:03
xiangfuThihi, welcome10:07
xiangfuThihi, checkout this : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Copyleft_Hardware_News_2011-08-01#OpenLase10:08
ThihiYeah, I did, you showed me on the Other Channel. ;P Pretty cool.10:11
Action: lekernel is back from scandinavia10:11
wolfspraullekernel: how was it?10:20
wolfspraullekernel: xiangfu found a cheap 15 USD vga->cvbs converter thanks to Joerg's advice, it's fun10:20
lekernelit was great... small, underground, a lot of fun10:21
lekernelyeah, there are cheap converters like that10:21
lekernelbut with some fpga design work it can be done with a $1 converter as well *g*10:21
Thihilekernel, what were you doing in scandinavia?10:22
lekernelI used one already10:22
wolfspraullekernel: yes but this may allow us to make higher quality videos now10:22
lekernelThihi, going to hacknight.se and visiting friends10:22
xiangfuThihi, we are try to build the hardware for people like you :D10:22
wolfspraulalso xiangfu just noticed it can switch between pal and ntsc and shows some bugs with ntsc :-) (or probably bugs)10:22
lekernelwolfspraul, higher quality? CVBS _reduces_ quality compared to VGA10:23
wolfspraullekernel: quick update on the production side. roh's first box with cases has arrived in Taipei, but not through customs yet10:23
Thihixiangfu, well, I really just use straight projector / camera feedback, and nothing else. So not really for me, although I do see the appeal in what you do.10:23
wolfspraulthe best videos we had so far were taking with a camera on a tripod :-)10:23
wolfspraulof course with a vga grabber would be better but neither me nor xiangfu have one or plan to buy one10:23
lekernelI have tried NTSC once, and it worked for me... without bugs10:24
wolfspraulso compared to a camera on a tripod filming an LCM, it might be better :-)10:24
lekernelbut of course it seems I never get the bugs here *g*10:24
lekernelthey kick in later and waste tons of time10:24
Thihixiangfu, I might get interested later on, though, but I have this big project I'm going to do with the stuff I've gathered so far, that'll prolly take me a long time to finish. I might get it out next summer or so, and before that I won't prolly have any time for anything besides work and the wife. :)10:25
lekernelwolfspraul, so how do you record the video then? VGA -> CVBS converter -> digital camera with a CVBS input?10:25
wolfspraulthe shipment of boxes and lots of print material should go out to Taipei any day now, it's a big box and needs a little planning to be economic10:26
wolfsprauladam got the boards from minbo back (schmitt-trigger rework), just 2 hours ago, and very soon we know the results from that detour10:26
wolfspraulno vga -> cvbs -> back to usb :-)10:26
wolfspraulit's a test10:26
wolfspraulbut the 2 converters cost only 15-20 usd each, which is nice10:27
lekernelback to USB? so you have a USB frame grabber with CVBS in?10:27
lekernelah, ok10:27
wolfspraulthe difference is that that frame grabber costs 15 usd10:27
lekernelyeah, that would work better than filming a screen :)10:27
lekernelok, i see10:27
wolfspraulwe will find out the downsides soon10:27
wolfspraulyes we need better videos, working on it10:27
lekernelthe only obvious downside is the video quality is lower than a VGA frame grabber10:29
lekernelbut if the whole thing costs 40-30 usd and also provides cvbs out, it's still good value for money10:29
Action: lekernel has been doing to much *hdl10:30
kristianpaul(hdl) related with radars? :-D11:35
wolfspraulMilkymist One HS code is 8471.41 http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_accessories#HS_code12:00
wolfspraulI feel good about that, let's see what customs are saying over time :-)12:00
wolfspraulnotebooks are normally 8471.30, I'm wondering what a desktop PC would be...12:01
Alarmhi  !  This cable is the right thing for paltest?12:19
AlarmThis cable is the right thing?12:19
lekernelit looks good, but you can't be sure12:20
Alarmlekernel: Have you the wiring of the cable?12:52
Fallenouthe pinout ?12:52
lekernelall that is needed is VGA red channel -> CVBS RCA plug12:52
lekernelyou can brew your own cable if you wish12:52
lekernelcheck pinouts.ru (for example)12:53
Alarm1 RED --> Red Video (75 ohm, 0.7 V p-p) ?13:00
lekernelanyone got a working kernel (including framebuffer) + openwrt initrd binaries for demo at the ccc camp?13:52
Alarmlekernel: I have a beautiful checkerboard :)14:51
Alarmblack anh white14:52
lekernelyup :)14:53
lekernelthat's what it's supposed to do14:54
lekernelnow you can play with the verilog source if you wish14:55
Alarmthank you :)14:55
AlarmI have a problem to compile flickernoise: http://pastebin.com/6s4nzkbx17:20
lekernellarsc, are you going to the ccc camp?18:00
lekernelwho else? mwalle?18:01
AlarmNobody Inpiration by my failure of "make flickernoise"?19:11
GitHub80[clang-demos] jpbonn created master (+1 new commit): https://github.com/milkymist/clang-demos/compare/cf264b8^...cf264b819:12
GitHub80[clang-demos/master] Added clang "hello world" sample. - JP Bonn19:12
jpbonndid you follow the "Automatic Build" directions at http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_build_instructions19:25
AlarmI have created the environment variables. I executed 'make-C compile-flickernoise flickernoise.fbi'19:54
jpbonnwere you in the scripts directory?20:00
lekernelof course, distros are ignoring lm32 ... http://packages.debian.org/experimental/i386/qemu-system/filelist20:01
AlarmI copied the contents of the scripts in rtems-4.1120:02
jpbonnThat's not in the directions.  Follow the directions - they should work. See http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_build_instructions to get the scripts and then follow the README.html file that was checked out from git.20:04
larsclekernel: i won't be at the camp20:06
lekerneli mailed the fedora and debian maintainers20:09
lekernelwhat a mess...20:09
Alarmjpbonn: Sorry but I do not know where to script the directory must be copied to the recommendations of the README.html? At the root /?20:19
jpbonnAlarm: Do not copy anything. Did you do the "automatic build" steps at http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_build_instructions ?20:21
Alarmjpbonn: If you're in your home, 'git clone git: / / github.com / Milkymist / scripts.git installs scripts in home so I ask again the scripts must be installed where?20:25
jpbonnAlarm: the home directory is fine.  There's no need to copy it.20:28
Alarmjpbonn: If I am in my home directory, and I run 'git clone git: / / github.com / Milkymist / scripts.git' Script directory is installed in my home directory. In this case, I'm having a problem to run scripts to install in / opt/rtems-41.11?20:35
jpbonnAlarm: README.html: 2. Make sure you have write access to `/opt/rtems-4.11'20:36
jpbonnAlarm: README.html:The scripts checkout the milkymist git repository to "../" so you need write access to the parent directory from where you issue the following commands20:38
Alarmjpbonn: read this recommendation but it is not clear to me?20:53
jpbonnAlarm: ignore it for now.  I'm actually not sure if it's referring to the parent of the scripts directory or not. If you run into permissions problems you can fix it later.20:57
AlarmWell I'm going to sleep the body Tomorrow is another day21:22
mwallelekernel: im on vaction by the end of the week :)21:28
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