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GitHub22[llvm-lm32] jpbonn pushed 1339 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/ocK7Ma06:13
GitHub22[llvm-lm32/master] Track live-out physical registers in MachineDCE. - Jakob Stoklund Olesen06:13
GitHub22[llvm-lm32/master] Move all inline-asm-fpstack tests to a single file. - Jakob Stoklund Olesen06:13
GitHub22[llvm-lm32/master] pre-RA-sched: Cleanup register pressure tracking. - Andrew Trick06:13
GitHub118[clang-lm32] jpbonn pushed 873 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/mZ1HCb06:13
GitHub118[clang-lm32/master] Honor objc_precise_lifetime in GC mode by feeding the value - John McCall06:13
GitHub118[clang-lm32/master] Test case for r133840, neglectfully uncommitted. - John McCall06:13
GitHub118[clang-lm32/master] Two more test cases which have been long uncommitted. - John McCall06:13
AlarmI did load the bitstream paltest but I have no image on my TV. I connected the output to M1 rougede yellow video input of my TV.10:45
Alarmdid load the bitstream paltest but I have no image on my TV. I connected the red channel of M1 to the yellow video input of my TV .10:46
kristianpaulAlarm: i think paltest uses VGA, check paltest.v11:52
kristianpaulthose red, green, blue channels are only input btw11:55
kristianpaulVGA of course is driven byt an ADC, ADV7125**11:59
kristianpaulmust go, read you soon :)11:59
xiangfuHello: http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Patches_language#Illustrations14:21
xiangfunow take screenshots :D14:21
xiangfuyou can try my first milkymist patch :)14:21
xiangfuwow, different music give totally different performance.14:26
xiangfuI am trying some old song: nothing else matters -- metallica14:26
xiangfumore "BASS"14:30
wpwrakgrmbl. gave up and just scrolled past the backlog.18:27
wpwrakhmm, should  http://www.milkymist.org/resources.html  mention the backlogs at  http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/  ?18:27
GitHub135[llvm-lm32] jpbonn pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/nT6SLj18:43
GitHub135[llvm-lm32/master] added note on --with-llvmgccdir - jpbonn18:43
mwalleqemu 0.15.0 is released with mm support :)19:29
mwallelarsc: did you look into the thread switching bug?19:52
wpwrakregarding M1 demo videos, i wonder if it would be possible to generate the effects M1 produces in non-real-time in software. that way, we could have high-quality videos without needing a VGA capture device.19:52
larscmwalle: i didn't had time yet :/19:52
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, what is the problem with VGA capture ? seems that devices aren't *that* expensive. e.g., this one seems to cost around USD 300 and work with linux: http://www.epiphan.com/products/frame-grabbers/vga2usb/19:53
mwallelarsc: np, /me just trying to do a awatch on lm32_current_thread if its == 019:53
mwallewpwrak: mh, video caputure might be possible, but i dont know if you can feed the audio into qemu in a non realtime fashion19:54
wpwrakmwalle: maybe someone could add event-driven simulation to qemu ? ;-) i once this this with UML. it's kinda fun if you can do "date; sleep 3600; date" and it comes back immediately, but the time has indeed moved by one hour19:56
wpwrakof course, my hack had knowledge about the kernel's internal timekeeping, which qemu doesn't19:57
wpwraks/this this/did this/19:57
mwallethis might be possible with the qemu user emulation :)19:59
mwallewpwrak: instead of hacking qemu, you could create special input and output devices and make an application which reads the audio samples, renders the image and push that onto the output device20:04
mwalleof course that application would be a stripped down flickernoise/demo which hasnt any timebase20:06
larsccan't you just modify flickernoise to stream the video data?20:06
larscor is that to much load?20:07
mwallelarsc: on real hw? i'd guess it would be too much throughput on the ram20:08
mwalleraw video with 1024x768@16bpp/25fps would be 37mb per second20:09
larscand if it was non-realtime you'd have the problem with audio again20:13
larsci guess20:13
mwalleyeah the audio adc provides a constant stream :)20:14
larscon the other hand you could use a prerecorded audio file20:15
wpwrakyup. a sw renderer could just take, say, a WAV, and maintain its own idea of time20:17
HodappAll of this talk of emulation and embedded stuff makes me want to shoot myself for being stuck here with SOAP and this overabstracted mess of Java web services...20:33
HodappMy job prior to this involved some embedded work; I think I greatly preferred it.20:37
Hodapp"Slow" here might mean something takes a couple hours. "Slow" there might mean that my interrupt was taking more than 100 nanoseconds.20:38
mwallei hate webapps and gui programming :)20:41
HodappQt isn't bad, but these web technologies are just horrid sometimes.20:42
Hodappand I've just not had any chance at this job to work with lower-level things, and very little time outside of it.20:44
larscat least you can't fry your hardware easily. I think I just somehow killed the board i'm working on :/20:47
wpwraklarsc: the final triumph over those bugs ? :)20:54
larscit's rather annoying. the driver was basically done. i now i have to get the multimeter and find out what exactly is wrong. i can still talk to the controlport of the chips, but the outputs are clearly not driven20:58
wpwrakhmm. not a nice moment then. what peripheral is it ?21:04
larsca sound chip21:13
wpwrakhmm, odd that this one would be so easy to fry21:24
larscyep, at least in theory all the outputs have overcurrent protection. maybe it's just a jumper that fell off...21:27
larschm. the avdd led is off22:11
larschm, looks like the analog domain is dead23:15
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