#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-08-07

AlarmFallenou: Hi, it seems that I have a problem of license for Xilinx13:29
FallenouWhat kind of problem ?13:29
AlarmI executed the "make" in paltest13:31
AlarmERROR:Map:258 - A problem was encountered attempting to get the license for this13:31
Alarm   architecture.13:31
FallenouDid you get a license via Xilinx web site ?13:38
Fallenoudid you install it ?13:38
Fallenouwere you able to synthetize a simple project using ISE ?13:38
AlarmI can not find file. lic13:45
AlarmFallenou: as tu changé les droits d'accès de Xilinx ?13:57
Alarmhave you changed the permissions of Xilinx?13:57
Alarmthe Xilinx directory ?13:59
Fallenouhum nop14:01
Fallenouyou have some kind of a license manager14:01
Fallenouyou just put your license file wherever you want14:01
Fallenouand select it from the license manager14:01
Fallenoulicense manager is called xlcm if I remember correctly14:02
Fallenouyou should find it in lin/bin/ folder I guess14:02
Alarmfound the license manager xlcm but I can not back up my license file14:06
AlarmI have a window with a button "open" and not "save"14:08
AlarmI can not find the file type. lic14:09
kristianpaulAlarm: login to xilinx and download lic from there14:10
FallenouAlarm: you have to download a license file from Xilinx website14:10
Fallenouand then put it into the license manager software14:11
Fallenouwell actually the website will send you the lic file by e-mail14:11
Alarmthank you I made the request on the Website14:15
Fallenounp you're welcome14:19
mwallelekernel__: when i enable the twitter wall the drawed waveform line gets blue (in qemu with nwavemode=6)16:26
lekernel__you mean the wave gets drawn in blue but should not?16:26
lekernel__I have not seen that on the board... didn't test with qemu though16:27
mwallei dont know if it should be this way16:27
lekernel__is that the wave that actually gets drawn in blue, or is it some other bug that draws blue pixels on the screen?16:27
mwallewhen the message disappears, the line is white again16:27
lekernel__i see16:28
lekernel__probably a bug in the qemu tmu model then16:28
lekernel__i'd guess it makes the complete screen blue...16:28
lekernel__(everything behind the OSD layer)16:28
mwalleyeah i think you're right16:32
AlarmI have added the license file but I still have the same error:17:04
AlarmI think I found my mistake17:08
mwallelol amazon.de down?! 'internal error' click here to continue shopping links to http://localhost/18:08
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