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GitHub82[autotest-m1] xiangfu pushed 2 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/q6YJVs02:55
GitHub82[autotest-m1/master] script file format cleanup - Xiangfu Liu02:55
GitHub82[autotest-m1/master] remove hardcode crc, append those value to the end of boot.bin - Xiangfu Liu02:55
AlarmI have version 13.2 of Xilinx. I ran "source / opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/settings32.sh" The answer is:. / opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/common/.settings32.sh / opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/common08:41
AlarmIf I run "xst" for test. I have the answer: bash: xst: command not found ...08:41
Fallenouwo strange08:47
xiangfuAlarm, make sure in the same terminal :)08:54
AlarmXiangfu, all commands are executed as root in the same terminal :(08:58
xiangfuI have problem play the video: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Copyleft_Hardware_News_2011-08-01#OpenLase09:25
xiangfujust play 2 seconds then goto end.09:25
xiangfutry to download09:25
xiangfusorry. it's ok now. maybe network problem.09:27
lekernelwolfspraul, is that a new problem, or what you already mentioned before? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:M1_rc3_box_print_problem1.JPG11:58
Alarmxiangfu: do you have the same version (13.2) of ISE Webpack?12:43
xiangfuAlarm, 13.112:45
Alarmxiangfu: Have you installed only Webpack ISE?12:48
Alarm*ISE Webpack12:48
xiangfuAlarm, what I install is : Xilinx_ISE_DS_Lin_13.1_O.40d.1.112:50
Alarmxiangfu: ok, this is the previous version12:53
Alarmxiangfu: I redid my installation but 'xst' is still not found13:47
kristianpaulAlarm: did you ran the source command i pointed you yesyerday?13:53
Alarmxiangfu: yes -> "source /opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/settings32.sh"13:56
Alarmxiangfu: o if you type 'xst' You need to have an answer?14:18
Alarmkristianpaul:you're lucky, I have: bash: xst: command not found..14:28
kristianpaulAlarm: are you running xst in the same shell that you ran before the source command?14:32
kristianpaulbtw can you try "ls /opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/settings32.sh"14:33
kristianpaulwhat is the out from that command?14:33
Alarmkristianpaul:  but yes...14:35
Alarmthink that Xilinx does not like me ;)14:37
kristianpaultoo soon ;)14:38
larscthey don't like me either. won't even let me download the newest webpack :/14:39
kristianpaulwe have a club :)14:40
kristianpaulthe ls command did something Alarm?14:43
kristianpaulyou ran xsetup to install ise right?14:43
Alarmwhich directory?14:44
Alarmyes i ran xsetup14:45
AlarmI selected the "ISE Webpack"14:46
GitHub51[extras-m1] yizhangsh pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/pLRFsG14:47
GitHub51[extras-m1/master] removed unused artwork files - Yi Zhang14:47
GitHub84[extras-m1] yizhangsh pushed 2 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/oUXrdp14:54
GitHub84[extras-m1/master] renamed box_artwork_04.sla to box_artwork.sla - Yi Zhang14:54
GitHub84[extras-m1/master] adjust the position of copyleft logo - Yi Zhang14:54
FallenouAlarm: echo $PATH14:54
Fallenouafter sourcing the settings32.sh14:54
GitHub187[extras-m1] yizhangsh pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/pt3cqL14:58
GitHub187[extras-m1/master] removed unused artwork file - Yi Zhang14:58
FallenouAlarm: then file /opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/common/bin/lin/xst15:00
AlarmERROR: cannot open `/opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/common/bin/lin/xst' (No such file or directory)15:02
Fallenouthen this is your problem15:02
Fallenoufind /opt -iname xst15:02
FallenouAlarm: if you type ise does it launch the gui ?15:08
Alarmise: command not found...15:08
Fallenoutry to add /opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin/ to your PATH15:10
Fallenouexport PATH=$PATH:/opt/Xilinx/13.2/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin/15:10
Fallenouweird that settings32.sh does not setup correctly your PATH environment variable15:10
FallenouAlarm: are you using a weird shell ?15:11
Fallenouecho $SHELL15:11
FallenouI guess it's a problem from Xilinx shell script then, it always worked well for me15:15
FallenouAlarm: did you try adding the path to your PATH ?15:15
Alarmyes http://pastebin.com/VT5ixbeW15:17
Fallenouwell that's working now15:20
Fallenoutry typing ise15:20
Fallenouit should start the IDE15:20
Fallenoucongratz ! :)15:24
Fallenoumaybe you should add the source and export commands to your .bashrc15:24
Fallenouif you plan on using xst or ise on a regular basys15:25
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