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kristianpaullekernel: had you talk about llhdl with icarus people?03:46
kristianpaulat least for adding EDIF ouput wich is almost same llhdl does, i remenber well03:48
awrc3-0x30: has been kept rendering 2 days since 7/20, pm3:30 started.08:09
wpwraklekernel: IP can be masked (also in the proposed read-only change), correct ?08:52
lekernelyes, it's IM08:53
wpwraknice compact names :)08:54
Action: larsc is in legacy hell. getting rid of all the deprecated syscalls in lm32 linux09:04
awrc3 boards * 48pcs is back. ;-)09:33
GitHub62[rtems-yaffs2] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/rtems-yaffs2/commit/113c1217865682ab081ab8a2f7deabdaa9f9869f09:33
GitHub62[rtems-yaffs2/master] RTEMS support patch by Sebastian Huber - Sebastien Bourdeauducq09:33
lekernelaw, why 48 and not 89?09:34
awthe remaining boards will send back next Monday.09:34
aw1. all boards went through dip reflow machine this morning.09:35
aw2. after reflow, they did clean and qc works which they can't immediately finished all 87 pcs. followed their internal processse.09:36
wolfspraulall perfect, start testing :-) I'm very curious about the results of the first 5-10...09:37
GitHub105[scripts] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/scripts/commit/9b4aa752404e94e7478445ef0b397ef9fd7e7a8809:37
GitHub105[scripts/master] Use legacy YAFFS2 - Sebastien Bourdeauducq09:37
aw3. another reason is they didn't want to despatch by car at Saturday .;-) so I told they this morning for partial ships. ;-) ha~09:38
awtomorrow morning, I'll only test 10pcs batch to see how consistence they are in first 10pcs. tonight just rework first. ;-)09:41
wolfspraulah true, fix2 first09:41
awafter 10 pcs, we'll see the results. then I go back to rework them at one time. messy though. ;-)09:43
wpwrakaw: you should get yourself a female assistant. women tend to be much better at such repetitive but difficult tasks than men :)09:45
awwpwrak, ha ~ later if we see any err I injected which definitely belongs to me not other people. hoho. ;-)09:48
wpwrakwith so many boards to work, you're pretty much guaranteed to get something wrong :)09:49
awwpwrak, yes, i can imagine. what i can do is to pay more attentions. the thoery is that like "What I know is that I know nothing!". ;-)09:50
awwell..no more chats now...;-)09:51
lekernelwpwrak, you might offend programmer women on this channel with such statements09:56
wolfspraulwpwrak: in all factories I've seen, female percentage in assembly and testing is > 90%, but female percentage at the rework stations is < 10%. just empirical data...10:03
wolfspraulAdam's problem is more his age, hands start to shake etc. in factories you rarely see anyone above 25 either in assembly/testing or rework.10:04
wolfspraulwpwrak: what do you propose to get your hands steady after x hours of soldering? a nice cold beer? :-)10:10
awlabeled 48pcs small stickers done (0x32 ~ 0x61) ;-)10:20
awnow...dinner time...I'll be back to tough jobs later. cu10:21
adamw_just soldered 10 boards, not cleaned yet. ;-)14:09
wpwraklekernel: (offend) naw, that wasn't meant as a sexist comment. i'm pretty sure this is actually the case. women just don't seem to tire at easily at such things as men. maybe it has something to do with generally being better multitaskers.14:10
wpwrakwolfspraul: a beer sounds like a good idea ;-)14:10
adamw_a beer? wow... ;-)14:11
adamw_going to clean now.14:12
wpwraklekernel: (papers dump) about time :)14:17
adamw_before starting to measure impedances on if TPs, diode, C238 short...eat a fruit. ha~14:40
adamw_8 / 10 passed impedances check, which are also power on voltage/current check ok.15:36
wolfsprauland the other 2?15:37
adamw_2 / 10 failed impdance check, so no more power on test.15:37
wolfspraulthat looks like we will have quite a few of them later, like 10-20 or so :-)15:37
wolfsprauladamw_: what do you think?15:37
adamw_scrolling down to see I randomly took them (10) from bee tank.15:38
wolfspraulyes so I think we will have 10-20 with failed impedance test15:39
adamw_i didn't inspect visually how those two's impedance related to their parts' solderabilities, now..15:39
adamw_so you don't need to be un-optimisctic or upside down too. ;-)15:39
wolfspraulsure I'm not.15:40
adamw_so tomorrow morning I'll take an eye on these two also finish those 8 full tests. ;-)15:40
wolfspraulif we have a bunch of 10-20 with the same problem, we need to track it down and can then hopefully fix the boards15:40
wolfsprauladamw_: do you think those 8 will boot up for sure?15:40
adamw_yes, i think they have high potential can be reflashed. ;-)15:41
adamw_that's see. tomorrow, I'll keep irc posted surely. :)15:41
wolfspraulgood results so far I think15:41
wolfspraulalthough the impedance problem will affect a larger batch - hopefully it's fixable...15:42
wolfspraulthat must be a short somewhere, right?15:42
wolfspraulsurprised that it affects 20%, that's rather high. well, we need to find first what it is...15:42
adamw_yes, must be somethere short. so this's good that we do this check/step before we first power on. It's important.15:43
wolfspraulbut how can 20% be short?15:43
wolfspraulif it's under the fpga that would be bad :-)15:43
adamw_hey...those two are different: one is on TP2's circuit, the other is TP1's circuits.15:44
adamw_so total including 0x31's TP1 (3.3V circuits)15:45
adamw_haven't look at them(the new two), so guess now. ;-)15:45
wolfsprauloh, two different TPs15:45
wolfspraulalright, too early we need more test results...15:45
wolfsprauladamw_: thanks for the quick report!15:46
adamw_I'll see them, well...15:46
adamw_I ought to, i just need to sleep...tomorrow morning do tests and inspections in details.15:46
wolfspraulsure, 'night15:46
wolfsprauli'm out too15:46
adamw_cu everyone. night15:46
kristianpaula SIE-like board with a 4760 SoC?22:47
kristianpaulno fpga, for at least let enought IO for expasion22:47
kristianpauleasy to fit to wolfgang previous idea about 640x480 LCM with resistive touch interface22:48
kristianpaulooops sorry, wrong chan22:49
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