#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-07-12

kristianpaulxiangfu: dont drink too much redbull! _really_ ;-)02:10
kristianpaulbut nice pick indeeed02:10
kristianpaulmay be you can get some free beer (as in recepi freedom) instead :D02:11
wolfspraulanother redbull fan02:12
wolfspraulI think I drank this stuff once or twice in my life, and it tasted strange. Never got the hang of it.02:12
kristianpaulsame here ;)02:13
wolfspraulbut then I'm a stingy guy sometimes, and I feel it's expensive and I have better uses for my money :-)02:13
wolfspraulthe brand is awesome though, I have to say02:13
wolfspraulthe guy came from nowhere, took this Thailand drink, and turned it into a Coke competitor. unbelievable.02:13
wolfspraulthe branding genius #1 in the world, imho02:14
wolfspraulI think the price/l is higher than Coke, which was his goal from the beginning and he made it.02:14
wolfspraulif Milkymist can develop 1/100th of the brand power of RedBull, Sebastien can hire all of us at a great salary :-)02:15
wolfspraulwe will beg him and he will :-)02:15
xiangfukristianpaul: I am eat peach now :D  http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/Screenshot-00.png02:17
xiangfubigger then redbull :D02:18
wolfspraultry a black background02:18
wolfspraulto compare the effects, it's nice to have the same object always02:19
kristianpaulxiangfu: nice, fruits are excelent, my breadfast cant miss juice of guayaba for sure02:19
kristianpaulblack is better, indeed02:19
wolfspraulpeach is good because even if we add or modify patches later, we can take screenshots of the new patches, and they will extend the series without us having to retake all the older screenshots02:19
wolfsprauleven people in other places can make new screenshots that fit the series and are nice to understand the different effects02:20
kristianpaulbtw i noticed more the 16bits on this pic, not that i want to said, hide it !02:20
wolfspraulwhat do you mean? (don't understand what you said)02:20
wolfspraulah, you mean the color gradients show that we only support 64k colors?02:21
kristianpaulyou can see the color per pixel limit. looking a peach "curves"02:21
wolfspraulthere's your marketing question02:21
wolfspraulso bad I don't have a marketing pro in my team anymore02:22
wolfspraulwhat is better? hide or not hide?02:22
wolfspraul'turn lemons into lemonade'02:22
kristianpaul(marketing) no problem!!. people paid already for 8 bits sound and video out02:22
kristianpaulwell, i know some guys do VJing with nintendos and etc..02:23
wolfsprauloh sure02:23
wolfspraulbut we have a specific question now, you brought it up02:23
wolfspraulshould we look for another object with solid colors, to 'hide' the 16bpp limitation?02:23
wolfspraulor should we not care and take the peach?02:23
wolfsprauleither or02:23
kristianpaulso 16bits, is not bad, people like not to see same hihg quality pics over a over02:23
kristianpaulno i think is okay02:23
wolfspraulit's a marketing question02:23
kristianpauljust saying, also not look bad02:23
wolfspraulnah, it's a very good question02:24
wolfspraulbut I don't have a pro answer :-)02:24
Action: kristianpaul not a marketing guy for sure02:24
wolfspraulwe can all just guess02:24
wolfspraulI think it's fine, leave the peach02:24
wolfspraulbut black background02:24
kristianpauli mean not look bad, just interesting, yeah peach stay !02:24
wolfspraullike I said, I like the peach because it is a universally available object, and we can later take more screenshots of new patches without having to retake the series02:25
wolfsprauland comparing the effects quickly on a wiki page with all patches listed there is quite good, I think02:25
kristianpaulinteresting because you noticed is not that full coloreded stuff you're used too se, i repeat02:25
kristianpaulsure sure02:25
wolfsprauloh you are totally right02:25
wolfspraulpeople will ask the resolution & color question02:26
wolfspraulI am collecting some unified responses here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_marketing#Feature_Challenges02:26
kristianpaulxiangfu: had you used the github irc bot?02:26
wolfspraulit's the #1 :-)02:26
xiangfukristianpaul: github irc, no02:26
kristianpauli cant make it joing..02:27
wolfspraulkristianpaul: can you look over those feature challenges and tell me what you think? do you like this way of us answering?02:27
kristianpaulhttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/Screenshot-02.png space!!02:27
wolfspraulI want to have a unified answer, so we all agree and roughly communicate the same message.02:27
kristianpaulmoon ! http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/Screenshot-03.png02:27
xiangfublack backgroup is not very good. I guess. make most of video performance black.02:27
kristianpaulwolfspraul: personally i see "too much posible" really everywhere !02:29
wolfspraulsure but those are features that we do _not_ have now02:29
kristianpauli personaly dont like to said posible, i prefer said not avaliable at the moment :-)02:29
wolfspraulso the answer can only be something like a) later b) never02:29
wolfspraulok, understood02:30
wolfspraulcan you edit it? (wiki)02:30
wolfspraulI'm curious how you word it02:30
kristianpaulwhat you want i edit exactly?02:30
wolfspraulremember those are feature _challenges_, i.e. someone asking/challenging us on a missing feature02:30
wolfspraulthe answers02:30
kristianpaulyou mena alternative answerings?02:30
wolfspraulnah, just overwrite02:30
kristianpaulyou said, i follow :)02:31
wolfspraulxiangfu: so which background then?02:31
wolfspraulall white?02:31
wolfspraulI didn't like the checkered background papers/wraps in your first picture02:31
kristianpaulxiangfu: you need the peach to dance in the black background ;)02:32
wolfspraulalso it's hard later to take new screenshots02:32
wolfspraulanother thing - how about the name in the screenshot?02:32
wolfspraulthe filename02:32
wolfspraulI don't like it02:32
wolfspraulfirst I don't like that path /ssd/..., and then I feel it clutters the image, and we can always add this later, but removing is hard02:33
kristianpaulwolfspraul: btw before you ask first, i still migrating namuru, i had to start over again some porting, but i found  a simpler way of sync less than 20 lines of code, wich is good i think :)02:33
wolfspraulalso I think in simple mode, it should not be displayed by default. If someone wants to see this they can press a key, or a button on the remote control02:33
wolfspraulkristianpaul: yes sure, I read the backlog02:33
wolfspraulit sounds very interesting, as always02:33
wolfspraulvery exciting stuff for me02:33
kristianpaul"I want a control screen separate from the rendering screen." man, this is killing fature, from my honest opinion !!!02:42
kristianpaulwell, there is OSC, but that need you to add wifi, phone.. apps.02:42
kristianpaulnah, browsers is more excuses..02:43
wolfspraulI think the easiest way to implement that is with a browser interface02:43
wolfspraulwhy is it an excuse?02:44
kristianpaulhum.. may be an acessory02:44
wolfsprauleven that would be a lot of work and I don't think is high on anybodys priority list right now02:44
kristianpaulexcuse, becasuse the missing thing is a hardware interface02:44
kristianpaulsomething physicall, well i see it like that02:44
wolfspraulbrowser would imply a second computer, yes02:44
kristianpaulplus, the amount of work to make patch reconfiguration on the fly, dunno how feasible is, even considering that we add a second screen..02:46
wolfspraulyou said it's a killer feature02:46
wolfspraulfor the most part I think people will prepare what they need. maybe we can make it more flexible what the m1 boots into.02:46
wolfspraulso you can boot into a specific patch that you specify (maybe this exists already?)02:47
wolfsprauland then the remote control. I think we will soon add some real use of the remote control.02:47
wolfspraulout of the box02:47
kristianpaul(remote control) yeah, intresting too02:47
wolfspraulat that point the gui will become something you need only for preparing a performance02:48
wolfspraulas the last step before the performance you set the m1 to boot into some specific patch X, and then you unplug the box and take it with you and you are in action mode02:48
wolfsprauland from then on the only thing you need is the remote control02:48
kristianpauli forgot the nanonote as other interface, bu i wonder if you still interested on that path too?02:49
kristianpaulmay be some MIDI to UBB cable or soemthing..02:49
wolfspraulsure I am02:49
wolfspraulbut first of all I'm extremely practical02:49
wolfspraulI want to play02:49
wolfspraulthe NanoNote sw makes progress, little by little02:49
wolfsprauland we try to continue, and we try to make a Ya02:50
kristianpaulyou dint included MIDI acessories on this batch because...02:50
wolfspraulwhich accessory do you want?02:50
kristianpaulsure sure, ya is other topic02:50
kristianpaul*i* want a 8 keys keyboard :-)02:50
kristianpaulnot 8, well like this http://www.amazon.com/M-Audio-Oxygen-Midi-Keyboard-Controller/dp/B00006I5HL02:51
kristianpaulamazingly expensive tought..02:52
wolfspraulok that's not an accessory02:52
wolfspraulit's too expensive, too heavy02:52
wolfspraulaccessory means normally < 10 USD, better < 5 USD (China price), < 200g02:53
wolfspraulthe silicone keyboard we include is heavy, 250g, but OK02:54
kristianpauli see02:54
wolfspraulthe camera is expensive, 25 USD, but OK, fundamental part of the product02:54
kristianpaulwhen you buy a TV or Media Center is an appliance right?02:57
kristianpauli sometimes get confused about appliance word meaning in english world...02:57
wolfspraulhmm, don't know02:57
wolfspraulwe foudn this once http://www.tianyutek.com/en/products.asp?ClassID=00502:57
wolfspraulbut it's not produced anymore02:58
wolfspraulplus there are probably a lot of things wrong with it, that's how I understood the manufacturer02:58
wolfspraulI only know 'kitchen appliance', and then it's any electrical thingie in the kitchen02:58
kristianpaulbetter not used that word02:59
kristianpaulreally not produced? so this is a http://www.dealextreme.com/p/portable-roll-up-49-key-soft-keyboard-piano-33224 is a remaining stuff?03:00
kristianpaulokay done wiki editing..03:02
wolfspraulkristianpaul: maybe that's another supplier03:26
wolfspraulpeople forget how big China is. 1.3 billion people. I can search hundreds of manufacturers for any product you can imagine, and there are still hundreds more that I never ran into.03:27
wolfspraulbut that piano/keyboard is not right for us. I think it's a whole embedded computer, with speaker etc.03:28
wolfspraulalmost 1kg heavy03:28
wolfspraulnot right for us03:29
kristianpauli'll keep in mind weight from now03:30
rohwolfspraul: are there already some of the cams in europe at someones?04:14
rohi'd like to have one to play around with04:14
wolfspraulroh: yes, definitely. In fact I think Sebastien has 2.04:16
rohah. thats good :)04:17
xiangfu`how to delete a file in milkymist.org/wiki ?08:24
xiangfu`Aderassi - Making time.fnp08:28
xiangfu` 08:28
xiangfu`I want delete all Screenshot-**.png08:29
lekernelmh, I don't know08:29
lekernelwell you have ssh access to the server :)08:29
lekernelmy experience with mediawiki however is it's a pain to delete anything08:29
lekernelincluding spam, which is very inconvenient08:30
xiangfu`I am uploading new version of those screenshot. :)08:31
xiangfu`I will just leave them there. I remember new version of mediawiki have 'detele' button08:31
lekernelfeel free to upgrade the mediawiki, if you wish...08:32
lekernelor convert it to pmwiki or something better08:32
lekernellol@ http://www.burmester.de/de/audiosysteme/media/images/verarbeitungsqualitaet.jpg what the heck is that dial and contraption on the right?08:37
xiangfu`lekernel: Hi someone ask me what is the 'Layout tool' of m1 using?08:40
lekernelfor the pcb? altium08:40
xiangfu`I don't know. I just reply him just like you just wrote :)08:40
xiangfu`new version screenshot : http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Patches09:08
xiangfu`now I am not drink redbull, instead eating a big Peach ;-)09:09
lekernelaw, smt is done?09:13
awlekernel, not yet, sorry that wiki page confused you09:16
awstill supposedly be held on Thursday.09:17
kristianpaulindeed smt is confusing, because related previous tasks before smt make all look like same thing11:12
lekernelrejon, so are you coming to ccc camp and doing the talk with me?19:23
rejoni'm trying to decide right now19:23
rejoni'm playing out some scenarios19:24
rejoni'll keep you posted19:24
kristianpaullekernel: are you going to talk about VJ side in ccc camp?20:25
kristianpaulor cool, hihg tech milkymist soc, and llhdl/antaress ?20:26
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