#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-07-10

kristianpaulIf i'm sending data from a 80Mhz clock to a 16Mhz one, 3 flip flops should be okay for the clock domain sync, isnt??03:40
wolfspraulhow many frames per second does Milkymist render with right now?14:30
lekernelsomething like 2414:37
kristianpaulhow many bits for color?14:39
kristianpauland jsut to confirm resolution for render is 800x600 right?14:39
lekernelit's 640 atm14:39
kristianpaul(atm), this is limited by ADC chip?714:40
lekernelno by fpga design14:41
lekerneldac can do 1280x1024 60 fps 24bpp14:41
lekernelif you want render at this performance level, jfdi14:41
lekernelI think it's technically feasible, with a lot of work though14:42
kristianpaulwe can go to then moon!, jfdi :-)14:46
Action: kristianpaul kidding14:46
kristianpaullekernel: minimac2_psync.v line 28, can you give me a hint doing that  level <= ~level ?14:48
wolfspraul16 bits per pixel, right?14:49
kristianpaulmaybe two signal changes are closer together??14:49
lekernelsee http://www.fpga4fun.com/CrossClockDomain.html14:49
lekernelwolfspraul, yes14:49
wolfspraulok so 640x480, 16bpp, 24fps14:49
wolfspraulgreat, thanks14:49
kristianpaulsure i know is cross clock domain, but i wast aware if this kind of implementation..14:49
Action: kristianpaul reads14:49
lekernelwolfspraul, this is hopefully subject to change with FPGA design upgrades, so don't write it all over the marketing material14:50
lekernelkristianpaul, the full minimac2_psync is well explained on the fpga4fun website14:50
wolfspraulno worries. first I need to understand where it is today, what is realistic with updates, what is the theoretical maximum of the current hardware14:50
wolfspraulthat's important in many ways, for customers, also for potential contributors, etc.14:51
wolfspraulall fine, I think it's all great14:51
lekernelif we get to do the "pro" version i'll probably make a new soc architecture to support 30bpp 1280x1024 everywhere (or something like that)14:51
lekernelwith improvements such as switching to myhdl, new bus architectures, faster memory controller, faster texture mapping unit, multiple LM32 cores, etc.14:53
lekernelas I said, lots of work14:53
kristianpaul(myhdl), :o14:54
kristianpaul"get to do the "pro"" you mean, basically is a funding problem?14:55
lekernelpartly, it's also a problem of finding customers for it14:56
kristianpauljust to be sure, that 'pro' word scare me a bit from before projects i know ;)14:56
kristianpaulyeah, sure you are the experts about recomended specs for VJing stuff14:57
kristianpaulha, flags i missed that part :-)16:31
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