#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2011-07-07

Alarm  Fedora 15. I install tools développement.j got a error message "configure: error: Building GCC 4.2 + Requires GMP, MPFR 2.3.1 + 0.8.0 + and MPC. R"11:18
Alarmyou have a solution?11:23
AlarmI found the solution sorry12:06
GitHub43[extras-m1] shiyele pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/qbdhHQ12:45
GitHub43[extras-m1/master] removed 'Operating system' - Wolfgang Spraul12:45
Alarmhello I have trouble with make-compile-C flickernoise flickernoise.fbi15:16
Alarm./bootstrap: line 153: aclocal: command not found15:17
larscAlarm: well, i guess you have to install aclocal...15:25
Alarmmake[1]: *** [build/generated/cmap_unicode.c] Error 12617:13
lekernelthere are error messages before that17:18
lekernelthose are the relevant ones17:21
carlobarhi, i have a question about the ethernet link of the bios. Is it possible to verify the connection by means of: ping
lekernelunless you code ping replies into the bios, which would be welcome17:39
carlobaris there any way to verify the connection? im trying to do netboot but it isnt working, and i dont know what is wrong17:41
carlobarok, thank you17:43
Alarmlekernel: http://pastebin.com/9V7adjRm18:50
lekernelah yes, cmapdump should be built by your host compiler19:06
lekernelit's weird that xiangfu's script apparently doesn't do that, maybe you should ask him when he's online19:06
carlobarhi, i have a question about minimac2. Is the signal phy_clk the main clock of the ethernet interface? In my board the main clock of ehternet interface has a frequency of 25MHz, i dont know if these clock frequency can affect the performance, thanks22:58
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