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GitHub69[scripts/master] ChangeLog.m1, update Snapshot 2011-07-01 - Xiangfu Liu02:59
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GitHub133[extras-m1/master] use svg file for back cover graphics - Yi Zhang05:16
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GitHub91[extras-m1/master] use svg file for back covergraphic - Yi Zhang05:36
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GitHub127[scripts/master] ChangeLog.m1 update to 2011-07-06 - Xiangfu Liu07:28
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GitHub183[flickernoise/master] update README a little by it's website - Xiangfu Liu13:54
carlobarhi, i have a question,  in order to run the kernel image with qemu is it neccessary to generate a file system image?14:59
xiangfucarlobar: you mean linux kernel? I think so.15:02
xiangfuor kernel will stop when try to load 'init'15:03
xiangfumaybe early, stop at moust root file system.15:04
carlobarcould the file system image be generated just with one test application executed by means of the kernel command?15:09
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