#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-07-02

Action: kristianpaul wonder what happened finally with rejon's mm1 flashing issue02:25
wolfspraulkristianpaul: oops, he had a flashing issue?02:42
wolfspraulbacklog sounds scary02:47
wolfspraulthat just reminds me how much more we have to do all over to polish the user experience02:49
rejonok, finally back03:47
rejongot stuck in some brazilian infinite girl and dudeloops03:47
wolfspraulI will flash my m1 in sync with you03:48
wolfspraulhaven't upped to 07-01 either yet03:48
wolfspraulfirst turn off your unit, make sure the jtag-serial daughter board is seated well, connect the usb cable03:49
rejonok, i took off the jtab-serial daughter and re-set it03:50
rejonok, power off03:50
wolfspraulthere have been some issues with the urjtag trunk, I will email you my binary, just in case03:51
rejoni'm running fedora right now03:52
rejonmight be an issue03:52
wolfspraullet's try with what you have first03:54
wolfspraulwhat does running 'jtag --help' say on your notebook?03:54
rejon[rejon@slowtop latest-backup]$ sudo /usr/local/bin/jtag --help03:55
rejon[sudo] password for rejon:03:55
rejonUrJTAG 0.10 #194803:55
rejonUsage: jtag [OPTIONS] [FILE [FILE ... ]]03:55
rejon  -h, --help          display this help and exit03:55
rejon  -v, --version       display version information and exit03:55
rejon  -n, --norc          disable reading ~/.jtag/rc on startup03:55
rejon  -i, --interactive   enter interactive mode after reading files03:55
rejon  -q, --quiet         Do not print help on startup03:55
rejon  [FILE]              file containing commands to execute03:55
wolfsprauldownload the latest reflash_m1.sh from here: http://www.milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/03:55
rejon  Please report bugs at http://www.urjtag.org03:55
rejon[rejon@slowtop latest-backup]$03:55
rejoni have it03:56
rejoni'll do it again03:56
rejonto match03:56
wolfspraulok mine is 0.10 #1902, not sure what the diff is03:56
wolfspraulalright, power on your m1 by plugging in the power supply, no need to press the middle button03:57
wolfspraulthe right led should be lit03:58
wolfspraulso what I'm going to do now is this:03:58
wolfspraul1) plug the usb cable which is already connected on the jtag side into my notebook03:58
wolfspraul2) become root03:58
wolfspraul3) run reflash_m1.sh03:59
wolfspraullet's see :-)03:59
rejonD1 led lit after plugging in power03:59
wolfspraulreflash_m1.sh starts downloading stuff...03:59
rejonpackages were already downloaded04:01
wolfspraulif you have the same type of problems like before (what I read in the backlog), try installing the 2 jtag binaries I just emailed you04:01
rejonDevice geometry definition:04:01
rejonDevice Size: 33554432 B (32768 KiB, 32 MiB)04:01
rejonFlash Device Interface Code description: 0x0002 (x8/x16)04:01
rejonMaximum number of bytes in multi-byte program: 102404:01
rejonNumber of Erase Block Regions within device: 104:01
rejonErase Block Region Information:04:01
rejonRegion 0:04:01
rejonErase Block Size: 131072 B (128 KiB)04:01
wolfspraulthe jtag executable itself, plus liburjtag.so.004:01
rejonNumber of Erase Blocks: 25604:01
rejonManufacturer: Intel04:01
rejonChip: 28F256J3A04:01
rejonblock 0 unlocked04:02
wolfspraulyes yes, don't post it all here04:02
rejonerasing block 0: 004:02
rejonaddr: 0x0001F00004:02
rejonblock 1 unlocked04:02
rejonerasing block 1: 004:02
rejonaddr: 0x0003F00004:02
rejonblock 2 unlocked04:02
rejonerasing block 2: 004:02
rejonaddr: 0x0005F00004:02
rejonblock 3 unlocked04:02
rejonerasing block 3: 004:02
rejonaddr: 0x00078DD204:02
rejonverify skipped04:02
rejonManufacturer: Intel04:02
rejonChip: 28F256J3A04:02
rejongot to there and froze04:02
rejoni love information04:02
wolfspraulinstall the 2 binaries I sent you04:02
rejonok, i will reset my m1 and remove power04:03
wolfspraulyou may need to setup a liburjtag.so.0 symlink04:03
wolfspraulyou'll figure it out04:03
wolfspraulthen run /usr/local/bin/jtag --help, if that works it's setup04:03
wolfspraulin reflash_m1.sh, there is only 1 line where it invokes the jtag binary, lines 8804:05
wolfspraulline 8804:05
wolfspraulchange that to /usr/local/bin/jtag04:05
wolfspraulI'm still downloading, then I can tell you how your stdout is supposed to continue after you see the freezing (not sure this helps you much, but still)04:06
wolfspraulso try running reflash_m1.sh with my jtag binaries now04:07
wolfspraulmake sure it picks up the new liburjtag (check with ldd)04:07
rejoni'm running 64bit btw04:07
wolfspraulsame here04:07
wolfspraulcheck with ldd /usr/local/bin/jtag which liburjtag it takes...04:08
wolfspraulthis is how it continues for me (flashing now):04:09
wolfsprauladdr: 0x00078DD204:09
wolfspraulverify skipped04:09
wolfspraulManufacturer: Intel04:09
wolfspraulChip: 28F256J3A04:09
wolfspraulblock 5 unlocked04:09
wolfspraulerasing block 5: 004:09
wolfsprauladdr: 0x000BF00004:09
wolfspraulblock 6 unlocked04:09
wolfspraulerasing block 6: 004:09
wolfsprauladdr: 0x000DF00004:09
wolfspraulso the first line that is missing for you is "block 5 unlocked"04:10
rejonUrJTAG 0.10 #190204:10
wolfspraulyou are only a few percent into the flashing04:10
wolfspraulin total the flashing should take about a minute, and work its way up to about block 100 (and erase some more up to 255)04:11
wolfspraulthere never is any freeze of more than 1 second or so, it should always move further and output stuff04:11
wolfspraulbasically just like at the beginning for you, but then continue all the way up to about 10004:12
wolfspraulok mine is reflashed now, I'm rebooting :-)04:12
rejonright, it worked before like that04:12
wolfspraulunfortunately since you are on fedora and a new kernel I guess, the problem could also come from any of the other libs or kernel04:13
wolfspraulwhat do you get now? (with my jtag binaries)04:13
rejonUrJTAG 0.10 #190204:13
rejonok trying now04:13
wolfsprauldon't paste everything again04:13
wolfsprauldoes your m1 still boot?04:13
wolfspraulthere are other ways to reflash (ftp), but I don't know them well/at all04:14
wolfspraulthat's assuming that you have at least something running on your m1, like rescue image or whatever (I don't know those things well)04:15
wolfsprauljtag should normally always work, it just pumps data directly into the nor flash chip04:15
wolfspraulah great04:16
wolfspraulmy m1 booted but into a totally broken update screen04:16
wolfspraulin compliance with the milkymist culture, I can say it's a ridiculously fucked up piece of crap I just booted into04:17
wolfspraulI can move the mouse, but I cannot click any of the fuckingly stupid buttons04:17
wolfspraulmaybe I wait a little :-)04:17
rejonshould i go back an image?04:18
wolfspraulI was joking04:18
wolfspraulhow does your flashing go?04:18
rejongetting errors04:19
rejonUnable to open file '/usr/local/share/urjtag/MANUFACTURERS'04:19
rejon  Unknown manufacturer! (00001001001) (/usr/local/share/urjtag/MANUFACTURERS)04:19
rejonthink i need more files from you04:19
wolfspraulok one sec04:19
rejoni get more errors04:19
wolfspraulok the 07-01 image does indeed boot me into a completely hung screen04:22
wolfspraulrejon: I sent you a /usr/local/share/urjtag tarball, got it?04:24
wolfspraulmaybe you should not attempt any update, it looks like we have nothing that is actually better than what was on your m1 before :-)04:25
rejonoh great04:26
rejoni can't believe i updated this04:26
rejonmine was perfectly fine from lgm04:26
rejonmany hours and things missed, but most importantly, brazilian girls asking me to go to a bar04:26
rejon(i blame myself)04:27
rejonno, my mm1 doesn't boot at all now04:27
wolfspraulmaybe we are lucky and can fix it quickly now?04:27
wolfsprauldid you get my new tarball?04:27
wolfspraulunpack, try again04:27
rejontryign now04:27
wolfspraulin your reflash_m1.sh, line 7, where it says VERSION="latest", change that to VERSION="2011-05-09"04:29
wolfspraulI'll try that here too04:29
wolfspraulunfortunately my gut feeling tells me the issue comes from lower parts of the stack04:31
wolfspraullibftdi, libusb, or the kernel itself04:31
rejonyeah, it froze up again04:32
rejongetting very similar looking issues on the jtag you provided me04:33
rejonfroze, one more time04:35
rejonlekernel, kristianpaul any other ways to flash my mm1?04:35
wolfspraulwhen you boot your m1, do you see anything? 'm' logo?04:36
rejonyou mean on a screen?04:37
wolfspraulon the vga output, yes?04:37
wolfspraulthere are other ways over tftp, over memcard, maybe even more04:37
wolfspraulbut 10 ways that all don't work won't help you now :-)04:37
wolfspraulI'm wondering whether there is a Linux command to reduce the usb speed to the lowest possible04:38
wolfspraulrejon: do you have another Linux box somewhere?04:41
rejonon road04:41
rejonno botting04:43
rejonno booting04:43
rejonno M logo04:43
rejonno signal on my amazingly small projector04:43
rejonthat works04:43
rejonok, this is not going anywhere04:44
rejonnot sure what else to do04:44
rejonother than hope that werner and i can get to work on his computer04:44
rejonin the morning04:45
rejonseems to be something with my setup04:45
wolfspraulok good news for myself - I went back to 05-09 and it boots into render mode :-)04:45
wolfspraulwait let's try to reduce the usb speed maybe04:45
wolfsprauldo you have other usb ports?04:45
rejoni installed 05-09 on my m1 before and it worked well04:45
wolfspraulcan you put it behind a hub?04:45
rejonwhen i was running ubuntu04:45
rejoni switched to fedora1504:45
rejonand now not working04:45
wolfsprauldo you have other usb ports?04:45
wolfspraulcan you put it behind a hub?04:45
rejoni tried the other ones previously04:45
rejoni don't have a hub04:46
wolfspraulwe can also try to rmmod the high-speed kernel drivers, maybe that will auto-fallback to lower speeds then?04:46
wolfspraulwhat do you get with 'lsmod|grep hcd'?04:46
wolfspraulI'm wondering how we can force the usb subsystem to run 20b7:0713 at a lower speed04:47
wolfspraulnot sure whether that helps, but worth a try imo04:47
rejonok, not sure what else to do04:50
rejonseems like my/our best bet is to try to get werner to try on his system04:50
wolfspraulwhen you insert the usb cable, can you see what messages you get in dmesg?04:51
wolfspraulI'm wondering whether it shows up as full speed or high speed04:51
wolfspraulyour jtag-serial board may still be the one with the high-speed bug we fixed at some point04:51
wolfspraulor did I replace it already?04:51
rejonwolfspraul, no idea04:52
wolfspraulhigh-speed, it's fixed already04:53
wolfspraullet me try to find a way to force this down to full speed04:53
wolfspraulthere must be a way...04:53
rejonok msg me rejon if you think of way...i'm plowing on my slides04:54
wolfspraulrejon: can you go to /sys/bus/usb and run "find . -name '*companion*'"?05:04
rejonno results05:05
wolfspraulsame here, too bad05:06
wolfspraulthat is supposedly a way to force a high-speed device down to full-speed05:06
wolfspraulit looks like your only hope now is that the jtag update works from Werner's machine05:06
wolfspraulI email the jtag binaries to his account, just in case05:09
wolfspraulhe may still need to install libftdi if he doesn't have it already, I would think libusb is already there05:09
rejoni should have known better to have tried this before presentation05:10
rejonwe held off on the other updates to the m1 becuase of, but decided that flashing it to latest was a good idea05:10
rejonok, i focus on the smoke and mirrors presentation then05:11
rejonhope we can fix in the morning05:11
rejonits 2 am now05:11
wolfsprauland the 07-01 image is even broken :-)05:11
wolfspraula lot of things I have to sort out before I can sell this to normal users and not drown in support calls05:11
rejonwell, i guess that is good to find out05:12
rejoni'll just sell dreams i guess, for now05:12
wolfspraulI'm optimistic we get it to work in the morning05:12
wolfspraulwhat's the timeline?05:13
wolfspraulyou get up, meet werner, then you will try to reflash?05:13
wolfspraulgo back to the 05-09 version right away05:13
rejonyeah, i already put him on alert before05:13
wolfsprauledit reflash_m1.sh like I told you, to 2011-05-0905:14
rejonsaying that if can';t get tonite, then i really need his help until it works05:14
wolfspraulat least that worked well for me :-)05:14
rejonyes, i have that05:14
wolfspraulwhen is this roughly?05:14
rejonits just something here on this system05:14
rejonno time to analzye05:14
wolfspraulso I can be online...05:14
rejoni can meet him at 9:30 am hopefully for breakfast05:14
wolfspraulin 7 hours? or when?05:14
rejonyeah 7/7.5 hours05:14
wolfspraulif I can get hold of xiangfu I will try to fix the 07-01 problem too05:15
rejonthat gives another 3-4 hours b4 presentation to get this to work05:15
wolfspraulbut unfortunately, as it is, he may be traveling today05:15
wolfspraulwith I think nothing left on your nor flash, jtag is the only way I think05:15
lekernelrejon, try rescue mode06:55
rejonlekernel, how? is there wiki url for this?06:56
lekernelpress and hold pushbutton #1 (right) while you press pushbutton #2 (middle) to power up06:57
lekernelalso, try to reduce the JTAG clock when flashing (the line which says frequency 60..... in the urjtag batch file)06:57
rejonok trying06:58
lekernelah, yes, but of course xiangfu's script rewrites the rescue images as well... nice06:58
lekernelmh, wait, no06:58
lekernelyes, it does ....06:59
lekernelso try to reduce clock, maybe06:59
rejonok rescue mode doesnt seem to work07:00
lekernelno ofc the first thing this script does is rewrite the rescue images ....07:01
kristianpaulwhat's the minimun jtag clock then?07:03
lekernelwolfspraul, and xiangfu should work on the web update, not fix or just make development snapshots that have very little use07:03
lekernelthere's no minimum07:03
lekernelbut slower clock means slower flashing ofc07:04
rejonslowed down to 100000007:06
rejonstill getting freezes on the flashing07:06
rejonbut looked promising07:06
rejongot at least the fjmem.bit07:06
rejontrying to flash each section07:09
rejonand comment out once one part of memory has been flashed07:09
rejonjust trying to get it usable07:09
rejonok, as i'm lowering the clock, reliability getting better07:12
rejondown to 50000 now07:12
wolfspraulgreat! clock, maybe that helps07:14
rejonyes, this is getting better07:15
rejonslower, but more reliablie07:15
wolfspraulhow far do you get?07:15
rejonits going slower, but not failing07:15
rejonstill going (slowing)07:15
rejonmeanwhile, i have a pretty good slide deck no tech shit07:15
wolfspraulyou use 500,000 now?07:15
rejondown to 100,00007:16
wolfspraulwe should reduce the clock to the lowest common denominator in reflash_m1.sh07:16
wolfspraulthen people can uptick it if they use it a lot etc.07:16
rejonmakes sense07:17
wolfspraulbut of course, as lekernel said, we will move to update-over-ethernet asap. no more jtag at all then, except for devs07:17
rejonwe need a lot more data on installation and reflashing07:17
rejonand more documentation07:17
wolfspraulit all comes down to so few actual users07:17
wolfspraula whole platform with 5 users07:17
rejonneed more data07:17
wolfspraulof course there are loose ends everywhere07:17
rejonyes, but it improves07:17
wolfspraulit does, I agree07:18
rejoni was telling some hackers tonite, in this instance, i can't complain, but have to work through it or it won't get better07:18
wolfspraulhopefully unstoppable :-)07:18
rejonin free software, its my problem if it doesn't fix07:18
rejonof course, end-user, would never stand for it07:18
wolfspraulstill flashing? where are you now?07:18
rejonits still going07:18
wolfspraulwhich block #?07:18
rejonblock 1507:19
wolfsprauloh my07:19
wolfspraulthat's slow indeed07:19
rejondef. improving07:19
wolfspraulyou need to go up to about 10007:19
rejonok, cool07:19
rejononto the third flash line07:20
rejonok, this is working, taking shower....i think its working07:20
rejonblock 1807:20
wolfspraulcrazy slow, but ok07:20
rejonbetter than nothing07:20
wolfsprauli'm out for 20min, keep us posted unless you go sleep07:20
rejonslowpan or slowfi07:21
rejonfor my slowtop07:21
rejon(my computers name)07:21
rejoni have to get this working so wpwrak doesn't think i just talk too much ;)07:21
rejonblock 2207:22
rejongreat, 3rd set07:22
rejonmy slides, i'm trying to link the history of video synth to where we are07:23
rejonto ambient displays07:23
rejon(in a few slides)07:23
rejonalso important to link in: http://www.evl.uic.edu/core.php?mod=4&type=1&indi=33707:23
rejonvasulkas, etc07:24
rejonshit froze at block 6307:45
wolfspraulthe urjtag software should automatically retry and lower the clock, or there should be a way to tell it to do so07:53
wolfspraulall just should unfortunately07:54
wolfspraulrejon lekernel I was thinking about changing the URL on the product label and the box to twitter.com/milkymistvj07:54
wolfspraulgood idea or bad?07:54
wolfspraulI want to get people talking07:54
wolfspraultwitter has a clean interface and we have enough ways to link from there to a shop or other material07:55
wolfsprauljust thinking...07:55
lekernelrejon, issue the commands manually... flash each file in turn08:04
lekernelso when it fails you can retry at that file08:04
lekernelyour jtag cable probably has a problem, it should work at 6MHz. all other cables do.08:05
lekernelwolfspraul, project URL is milkymist.org. and there is a twitter box right on it...08:06
wolfspraullekernel: you mean the usb cable?08:07
wolfspraulhe should try another usb cable?08:08
lekernelyeah, i think so08:08
wolfspraulabout the url, my personal estimate is with every redirect you loose 80% of people08:08
wolfspraulso writing twitter.com/milkymistvj on the box, for example, may make someone write it down when seeing the box, or typing it into his android/iphone twitter client on the spot08:09
lekernelwrite both URLs if you want08:09
wolfspraulI'm not sure, just thinking08:10
wolfspraullekernel: you sign off the final artwork (at least that's the plan, unless something even bypasses me :-))08:10
wolfspraulbut I've seen dramatic losses over redirects, it's amazing08:10
wolfspraulbut then when you think about your own behavior when running into new things, maybe it's not so amazing after all08:10
wolfspraulI'm just not willing to follow link after link to something new08:11
wolfsprauland a twitter link may really kick people to ask a question or note it down... (that's the theory)08:11
wolfspraullet's see what rejon thinks about it08:11
lekerneloh, I won't be picky about the artwork you know... my main concern atm is reducing delays.08:12
lekernelso as long as it's reasonably good, fine08:12
wolfspraulwell, I mean which url is there etc.08:12
wolfspraullekernel: how did okcon go? anybody interested in milkymist, or good leads?08:54
lekernelnot really, well, I didn't have high hopes about it and only went because it was only a few blocks away09:11
lekernelthere were some very interesting talks though, e.g. http://okcon.org/2011/programme/when-free-software-isnt-better09:11
lekerneland some very uninteresting ones as well, like the ohanda panel... omg... they embarked on several hour long discussions mixing the process of a process (yeah right), design, patents, with a good bureaucracy seasoning... WTF09:19
wolfspraulhmm, OK I see.09:20
lekernelah, and I watched my first rms talk *g*09:21
wolfspraulI feel pretty good moving with m1 just to music and video lovers, so I will not try that much more in outreach to core foss guys, for now09:21
wolfspraultime is limited, I will try my luck with music and video folks first :-)09:21
lekernelyeah way to go09:22
wolfspraulso far reactions there are very positive, I need to find a way to sell on the spot09:22
wolfspraulmaybe I always carry a boxed m1 with me :-)09:22
lekernelI always get good feedback from these people :)09:22
lekerneleven within the busy production companies of the world's biggest bands09:23
lekernelthat being said - Mako's talk was enlightening. I think we aren't bad either as a FLOSS project, it's just that FLOSS itself is bad in general.09:25
lekernelwolfspraul, carry a brochure instead. it's much easier to explain when you can show figures etc.09:26
lekernelxiangfu, hi11:10
xiangfulekernel: Hi11:10
lekernelI'm taking care of the web update, you can check the medium/low priority tasks on https://github.com/milkymist/bugs/issues11:11
xiangfuok. I ask some days off, will full back to work on Sunday evening.11:12
wolfspraulhas anybody heard from hadez again, with the freezing problem?11:19
wolfspraulhmm, OK11:28
wolfspraulI need to come up with a good idea to really make people go crazy about our video synthesizer :-) so they finally jump in and enjoy and give feedback, if only to make it work better for themselves...11:28
wolfspraulseems hard to keep people attracted, but we will find the magic sauce eventually11:29
lekernelbtw, since I fixed the video chip my M1 never crashed again in dozens of hours of operation11:30
wolfspraulfixed video chip?11:30
lekernelyeah, the ferrite bead problem11:30
wolfspraulwait which problem is this? not the L19 one, right? the L9/L10 we fixed at some point earlier?11:31
wolfspraulhmm, no11:33
wolfspraullekernel: you mean shorting L19?11:33
wolfspraulI want to start a way to document the patches we have on m1, each patch with a little description, maybe a video of the patch in action with different types of music (don't have a vga grabber yet)11:35
wolfspraulwhere would you want to do this?11:35
wolfspraulin the milkymist wiki?11:35
wolfspraulsame I want to start working on an illustrated patch programming guide, basically explaining the commands and showing what the effects are. is there some milkdrop stuff we can use as a starting point? and where would you do that? milkymist wiki?11:36
wolfspraulI'm just wondering where you would put such things, or whether there are starting points already...11:37
lekernelwolfspraul, L19 yes11:38
lekernelfor milkdrop there are two "preset authoring guides" around11:38
lekernelboth are largely relevant to flickernoise patches11:39
lekernelbtw, you should see Mako's hard numbers about how little people contribute to free software :)11:40
lekernelin terms of contribs, we definitely are in the top 5% projects today11:41
wolfspraulyes sure I read the article12:07
wolfspraulmy strategy for new contributors now is not via the gpl & 'free cpu' angle. instead, I want to make this a truly fantastic video synthesizer, whose usefulness as just that immediately comes across12:10
wolfspraulthen we can go back to core hackers and see whether that motivates them to do more on this box, and out of this box12:10
wolfspraulso instead of the moral angle, let's try the fun angle :-)12:11
wpwrakargh. the mother of all hangovers is just shaping up12:15
wpwrakrejon_: how's life today ?12:15
wolfspraulwpwrak: he had a rough night12:15
wolfspraulnightmares about jtag clock frequencies12:16
wpwrakdid he wake up happy, though ?12:16
wolfspraulprobably still sleeping12:16
wpwrakstill time left until his talk :)12:17
wpwrakis his m1 working now ?12:18
wpwrakah, there are mails. checking ...12:18
wpwrakkewl. he solved it :)12:20
wpwraki wouldn't have trusted myself today to be of much help ;-)12:21
wpwrak4 am. not bad :) that must be around the time i returned from drinking :)12:21
wolfspraulreally he solved it? checking mail...12:23
wolfspraulwpwrak: where is the mail that he solved it? are you sure?12:25
wolfspraullast he was tryign to reduce the jtag speed to crazy slow, but it will still failing after some percentage12:25
wpwrakwell, whatever "mm1 working" and "i have a solution"-means :) he didn't copy you12:29
wpwrakoff to the bathroom now12:30
wolfspraulah ok12:31
rejon_i thought solved, but woke up and the flashing froze12:36
rejon_morning wpwrak wolfspraul12:37
rejon_wpwrak, yes, would be great to try flashing from your system12:42
rejon_mine is freezing12:43
wolfspraulsebastien had the idea of trying another usb cable12:43
wolfspraulnot a very likely root cause but why not, if you have another one try switching12:44
wolfspraultry flashing from werner's machine, yes12:44
rejon_i already swapped that12:44
wpwrakrejon_: argh12:47
rejon_wpwrak, must be my system12:47
rejon_i got my setup here in this room if you want to pop over with your machine12:47
rejon_i was really trying to do this without your help ;)12:48
wpwrakrejon_: i'll be presentable in ~40'12:48
rejon_ok, cool12:48
rejon_sorry dude12:48
wpwrakrejon_: do you want to do the experiments here or at the conference ?12:49
rejon_i have it setup, ready, projector12:50
wpwrakok. room #?12:50
Action: wpwrak wonders if we'll even be able to build the toolchain on my gentoo12:51
wpwrakan old gentoo, i have to add12:52
rejon_i'm confident12:53
wpwrakmeanwhile, i'm almost certain it won't work :)12:54
wpwrakbut there ought to be many people with debian/ubuntu at the venue. so there's a plan B12:55
wolfspraulwpwrak: do you have libusb and libftdi?12:55
rejon_wpwrak, yes12:56
rejon_wolfspraul, lekernel what do the 3 buttons do on mm1 again?13:04
rejon_from left to right?13:04
rejon_next, on, random13:04
wolfspraulnext, on, update13:08
wolfspraulor update, on, next13:08
wolfspraulI'm out for about 30 min, xiangfu will also try to help if there are problems on werner's machine13:10
wolfspraulhave to rush buy a few things13:10
wolfspraulgood luck!13:10
rejon_ok thanks wolfspraul13:11
lekernelrejon_, flash the files one by one13:12
lekernelat maximum speed that doesn't outright fail13:12
rejon_lekernel, yes, was doing that13:12
lekerneland you can skip the rescue images, they are normally not needed13:12
lekernelin fact the script should never have touched them, just to avoid the situation you are in right now ...13:13
rejon_lekernel, i successfully flashed the rescue images13:14
lekerneloh, and flashing stuff just before demos is generally a bad idea :p13:14
rejon_would that help?13:14
lekernelok, so just boot in rescue mode now13:14
rejon_lekernel, yeah, we started this yesterday, 24 hours before13:14
lekernelif you have standby + *rescue flashed13:14
lekernelbooting in rescue mode should work13:15
lekernelthen use FTP (not flash) to send the patches13:15
lekernelgenerally you can always use FTP and the GUI to flash anyway... often simpler than using the cable13:15
lekernel(and it won't break the rescue partitions)13:15
lekernelrejon_, does rescue mode work?13:16
lekernelok, from now you can 1) upload some patches to the filesystem 2) flash the main partitions from the GUI13:17
lekernel2) is optional13:17
lekerneljust set a login/password and IP address in system settings and this enables a FTP server13:18
rejon_shit my keyboard not working, wpwrak you have a mouse? i forgot my mouse, arg13:21
lekernelwhat version are you running?13:22
rejon_the rescue images are from 5-9-201113:23
lekernelmh, ok. the latest images (not those) have keyboard shortcuts to emulate the mouse.13:23
lekernelif you are lucky, the filesystem will not have been damaged by your failed flashing attempts and you'll still have the patch files ...13:25
rejon_can you run patches in rescue mode?13:26
rejon_(waiting to get a keyboard13:26
rejon_ok cool13:26
rejon_what do i need to flash a microsd chip to?13:26
Action: wpwrak has rodent13:29
wpwrakalmost ready13:29
rejon_lekernel, so i have sd card, i put patches onto it13:33
lekernelyeah and you hope the sd card will be recognized13:33
lekernelif you have only a mouse, you should be able to run patches13:34
lekernelkeyboard is not needed for this13:34
rejon_ok, i will try this first13:34
rejon_(once wpwrak comes over)13:34
lekernelby the way, have you shorted L19 on your board?13:35
rejon_no we decided to not do, because was too dangerous ;)13:36
rejon_lekernel, so if i have to flash from sd, what files are needed on the sd card?13:36
rejon_ok, already have those13:37
rejon_on there13:37
rejon_on the sd13:37
lekerneltry not to use folders on the SD cards as this increase the likeliness of tickling bugs in the crappy rtems filesystem code13:37
wpwrakcoming over13:39
wpwrak(l19) yeah, i think rejon is having enough fun already :) no need to increase murphy's window of opportunity13:43
rejon_ok cool13:45
rejon_we got images!13:45
rejon_won't tempt fate and flash more13:45
rejon_patches already installed13:45
rejon_ok, great!13:45
rejon_ok works in rescue, but getting crashes13:53
rejon_we will try to flash now13:55
rejon_lekernel, is this best way to update image? http://lekernel.net/blog/2010/12/upgrading-from-flickernoise-0-1-without-a-jtag-cable/13:55
lekernelwith the image you have yes13:55
lekerneluse a ftp or the memory card to throw the images from latest xiangfu's snapshot then select the files in the gui13:56
rejon_ok, so i don't need to do: dd if=flickernoise.fbi of=boot.bin bs=1 skip=813:56
lekernelno, you don't13:56
lekerneljust use images as they are on the sd card or via ftp13:56
lekernelthe gui will shout at you if you don't have the fbi header anyway13:57
lekernelit's much safer than jtag...13:57
rejon_how does the sd card go in?14:02
rejon_its tricky14:03
lekernelopen the connector14:04
lekernelthen _drop_ (not slide) the sd card in14:04
rejon_ok we got14:04
rejon_will rc3 ship with jtag?14:04
lekernelwolfspraul wants to, but I disagree14:05
rejon_from werner: congratulations to the clever design of JTAG vs. uSD sharing air space (-:C14:05
wolfspraulrejon_: of course rc3 ships with jtag14:08
wolfspraulthe reasons are:14:09
rejon_i don't want to hear right now14:09
wolfspraul1) just earlier lekernel pointed out that he is still in the 95th percentile of 1-man projects14:09
rejon_ok, we flashed it14:09
rejon_all is well!14:09
rejon_which is camera input again?14:09
wolfspraul2) I do not have enough feedback from people saying they don't need it14:09
rejon_does it work on 2010-05-0914:10
wolfspraulthat's because we have pretty much zero feedback from rc2, and the few people that use it mostly need jtag14:10
rejon_makes sense wolfspraul14:10
rejon_can't talk now14:10
rejon_which color for video in ?14:10
wolfspraulthere is absolutely no basis to remove jtag from rc3, zero14:10
lekernelwolfspraul, flickernoise is, but the whole project isn't14:10
rejon_green ?14:10
wolfspraulit will be removed once we have enough data to justify removing it. of cours it costs me money...14:10
rejon_pink ?14:10
wolfspraullekernel: I was joking14:10
wolfsprauljtag is a developer tool14:10
wolfspraulmilkymist needs more developers14:11
wolfspraulI do not have enough data to justify removing it14:11
wolfspraulhopefully we can collect that data with rc3 and then make an educated decision for rc414:11
wolfspraulright now I mostly have silence. and the few active people we have all need it, for now14:11
rejon_wolfspraul, shut up and tell us which is the video in :)14:11
wolfspraulgreen one14:12
rejon_thanks. is it working in the latest build ?14:12
wolfspraulrejon_: the new jtag-serial are not sharing memcard airspace anymore14:12
rejon_this is 05-0914:12
lekernelthe only things that do not work with the latest build are14:12
lekernel1) web update (but i'm on it)14:13
lekernel2) german translation14:13
rejon_note, wpwrak and i are rejon14:13
lekernelall the rest is supposed to work fine14:13
rejon_so should we flash to latest?14:13
rejon_from sd?14:13
wolfsprauldon't flash to xiangfu's 07-0114:13
rejon_so will keep at 05-0914:13
wolfspraulmaybe sebastien has something that is better than 05-09?14:13
rejon_not getting camera to work with14:13
wolfspraulwhy not?14:13
wolfspraulcamera will work14:13
lekernelxiangfu 07-01 is supposed to have only those two features missing and no bugs, unless xiangfu made a mistake14:14
rejon_wolfspraul, you're a smart one. we should use you for breeding :)14:14
lekernelrejon_, if the camera doesn't work, reboot14:15
lekernelwith the video signal present14:15
lekernelor better, short L1914:15
rejon_oh great, my little button glue came off14:15
rejon_broken button14:15
rejon_those buttons have to change14:15
rejon_realtime death14:15
wolfspraulbut roh is working on a much better gluing solution, and that will be in rc314:17
rejon_no glue14:17
rejon_wears out14:17
wolfspraulhe will use a chemical glue14:17
wolfspraulthat will not wear out :-)14:17
wolfspraulit will bond the pieces together for life (supposedly)14:17
wolfspraulbut that doesn't help you now, sorry to hear about the broken button14:18
wolfspraulnot much I can do, and not surprised14:18
wolfspraulit's extremely fiddly to get them back together, just use a tool to push the button :-)14:18
lekerneli seem particularly lucky here, my buttons were the first milkymist buttons to be assembled, i'm probably the one who uses them most, and they still hold...14:19
lekernelglued with cyanoacrylate14:19
wolfspraullekernel: xiangfu's 07-01 boots my m1 into a big update window with several buttons (update from file, update from web, check versions, etc), but it's completely stuck. can move mouse but not click on anything.14:19
lekernelhuh? wtf...14:20
lekerneli've never seen anything like that14:20
xiangfuwolfspraul: if you don't connect the network cable. it will exit in 180 seconds.14:20
lekernelso i'll try breaking mine as well....14:21
rejon_focusing on the camera not working14:21
rejon_ok packing up14:21
wolfspraulxiangfu: ahh, ok. I wasn't patient enough, just flashed back to 05-0914:21
lekernelwolfspraul, are you holding the auto update button or ...?14:21
wolfspraulwhy does it go to that window at all? shouldn't it boot into simple mode?14:21
wolfspraulno way, I'm just pressing the middle button14:21
wolfspraulrejon_: camera should work14:21
wolfspraulinsert it before booting your m1, that will always work14:21
wolfspraulor have werner short L19, should be really easy actually14:22
wolfspraulgood luck!!! You are making it to the finish line with your last men, I guess :-)14:22
lekernelwolfspraul, sounds like the auto update shortcut is triggered at boot, for some reason14:22
lekernelthen you run into the "freeze without network connectivity" bug I've bothered xiangfu with14:22
rejon_yes, we got it14:22
rejon_presentation rockin14:22
rejon_all will be on video ifyou want to watch me fail out ;)14:23
wolfspraulall small details, I just wrote it so rejon_ doesn't fall into those 07-01 issues now14:23
wolfspraulok I google14:23
lekernelwolfspraul, yeah but this is super pesky. i'm tired of endlessly fixing trivial crap like that.14:23
lekernelrejon_, gluck14:23
lekernelwolfspraul, have you found a streaming url?14:25
wolfspraulmaybe this http://tv.softwarelivre.org/aovivo/sala-40t-teatro14:27
wolfspraulyou try, very slow for me here...14:27
wolfspraulthat's the link gbraad-china posted14:28
lekernelthis video stream causes mplayer and ffplay mega-bugs, but I should be able to record the stream ...14:30
wolfspraulmaybe it's not on yet14:32
wolfspraulhere are other channels http://tv.softwarelivre.org/category/tags/fisl1214:32
lekernelheh, schedule says 13:00 ??14:33
lekerneland it's 11:30 in Brazil now, no?14:33
wolfspraulmaybe Jon is a little nervous :-)14:33
lekernelif you check the schedule http://fisl.org.br/12/papers_ng/public/fast_grid?event_id=114:33
lekernelit's the right stream14:33
lekernelit's the zappix lecture atm14:34
lekernelin room 40t14:34
lekernelso milkymist talk is in 1:3014:34
wolfspraulgood that we were able to patch his unit together14:35
lekernelwolfspraul, we should look at this bug you have with the latest image14:36
lekernelcan you flash back the latest snapshot and try to see if the update button isn't by accident pressed?14:36
lekernele.g. you could have too tight mechanical tolerances on the case and it stays pressed14:37
wolfspraulthat is possible14:38
wolfspraulthe buttons are one of my biggest sources of concern14:38
wolfspraulmy hopes are resting on the new glue roh will be using, it should be very thin too, better than the hand-glued stuff various people have14:39
wolfspraulI will reflash in a moment and let you know14:45
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wolfspraulrejon_: I think this is where you will be http://tv.softwarelivre.org/aovivo/sala-40t-teatro14:57
rejon_we met ppl who wrote that software14:58
rejon_another good use case14:58
rejon_longer term mm114:58
wolfspraullekernel: reflashed 07-01, pretty sure no button is pressed, still got to the update screen15:00
lekernelworks for me... as always15:00
lekernelsee why software needs to speed up as well? unexpected pesky problems15:00
lekernelthe boards go through SMT on 11th (hopefully)15:01
lekernelthen they will be ready for flashing15:01
wolfspraulyou asked me to test this again, now what? I'm not surprised the bug is still there, that's why I went back to 05-09 :-) but this is a small thing, I'm not worried about it.15:03
wolfspraulxiangfu is currently traveling because of an emergency and doesn't have his m1 with him. he probably released the 07-01 image in a rush, without testing much, if at all.15:03
wolfspraulI think no need to worry about this tiny bug.15:03
wolfspraulI wait 180 seconds now :-)15:04
wolfspraulactually I already waited 180 seconds, I doubt that's enough...15:04
wolfspraulthe last msg I get is "Failed to download bitstream.", then it's stuck15:06
lekernelthe current web update code has tons of bugs, that's why I insisted it be fixed. but in your case this is a new and unexpected problem - the code shouldn't be run at all15:07
wolfspraulbut it's very minor, it shouldn't distract you15:08
wolfspraulI will just go back to 05-09 now, and when xiangfu is back with his m1 he will get to the bottom of this small bug15:08
wolfspraulI just rebooted again, still the same (no buttons pressed for sure)15:09
wolfspraulalso no 180 seconds delay, it's either longer or permanently stuck15:09
wolfspraullekernel: so xiangfu's 07-01 image boots into simple mode on your m1?15:09
lekerneli haven't tested this particular image yet, but the one I have compiled theoretically from the same source does15:10
wolfspraulwell maybe you test the 07-01 image15:11
wolfspraulif you are interested in this bug15:11
wolfspraulbut I suggest you to not do that, and let xiangfu get back to his m1 and in control first15:11
wolfspraulhe sent this image out in a hurry, I think while traveling, without access to his m1. maybe even without any testing.15:12
wolfspraulthis will be cleared up soon.15:12
wolfspraulit's a good reminder for me that once we have products on the market, we need a test plan and regression tests before pushing updates out15:12
wolfspraulso that was a welcome wakeup call :-)15:12
wolfspraullekernel: ?15:22
wolfspraulwhat's the solution?15:23
lekernellet xiangfu have a look?15:23
wolfspraulwe wait for xiangfu to fix it? I go back to 05-09?15:23
wolfspraulok good15:23
wolfspraulI agree15:23
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kristianpaulwolfspraul: roh , for my home made buttons those are are glued with silicone, no problem so as i reboot and poweron a lot15:51
lekernelmilkymist talk now16:03
lekernelin a few minutes I think16:04
lekernelit's still openleaks16:04
kristianpaulah, yeah i was about to said16:05
kristianpaulyes same link here16:05
lekernelaargh the video is so buggy for me16:07
kristianpaulsame here16:08
kristianpauli think the cutoff for switching/room preparation16:08
lekerneli can't get it to work at all atm16:09
kristianpaul"inherent ethical advantage over proprietary competitors" yeah, thats free software,16:09
lekernelah, working now!16:13
Action: kristianpaul swichted it cvlc to make it work16:14
lekernelhaha rejon rocks at talking :)16:15
lekernelargh. plug in time :)16:34
kristianpaulphew.. !16:34
kristianpaulvideo in os not the best for ppt16:35
kristianpaulhe should move patches demos..16:35
kristianpauls/os/ is16:35
lekernelsome dancers on the stage16:36
kristianpaulor demoing OSC for next time16:36
kristianpauland let people try out16:36
kristianpaulman i need to get a portable mini projector so i can demo mm1 at parties more esilly16:37
kristianpaulpretty smooth he :)16:38
kristianpaulha, thats wernet16:39
lekernelwerner :))16:40
lekernelah, the "milkymist kills VJs" argument. I heard that one before too :)16:50
kristianpaulwow is this man is worried for now more for jobs VJs. well got impresed right? :)16:50
kristianpaulmilkymist make more VJs, any one for easy :)16:51
lekernelgood answer Jon :)16:51
lekernelnice talk. uploading to vimeo ...17:00
kristianpaulinteresting concept http://lamiam.fr/ but this guys should aware of milkymist for sure17:07
lekernelthey are, but they probably need being talked to before they jump into it17:33
lekerneldoes it work for anyone? http://www.vimeo.com/2590558217:56
lekernel"Uh oh! There was a problem loading this video" for me17:56
lekernelwhat video format from hell is fisl using? tickles bugs in ffmpeg, mplayer and vimeo ...18:03
kristianpaulogv no?18:03
kristianpaulsame Uh oh here18:04
lekernelwhat a mess18:12
lekerneli'm trying to convert to mp4 ...18:13
lekernelhttp://vimeo.com/25905582 working now19:06
lekernel[{#{[~!!!! audio isn't in sync19:17
lekernelthis FISL stream format looks like VHS's macrovision protection ...19:18
lekernelit creates bugs *everywhere*19:18
wpwraksounds lovely19:22
wpwrakthe audience really liked the demo19:23
lekernelcool :)19:24
lekernelthanks for the talk!19:24
lekernelfor my next demos, I should try to bring some kind of ghetto-blaster and put on music19:27
wpwrakyeah :) blast them away !19:28
lekernelbest would be a blaster with MP3 playback capability, a decent sound quality, and simultaneous minijack output to feed into the M119:28
lekerneli did some demos with my diy tube amp, but it's a bit inconvenient to put in place quickly ;)19:31
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--- Sun Jul 3 201100:00

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