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xiangfuI got 'Milkymist Wiki has a problem' when open 'http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/'05:00
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topi`lekernel: it's a good observation - the whole academic world seems to be going towards payments in every aspect, from publishing to reading the articles06:00
topi`the whole model doesn't make sense if looked from a nordic point of view (where universities are (still) free)06:01
lekernelxiangfu, http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/06:08
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wpwrakare there any "typical" problems that manifest themselves with jtag flashing getting stuck after "unlock block 0" ?19:20
wpwrakrejon is struggling with updating his m1 ...19:21
rejonthis sucks19:21
kristianpaulcan you paste full log?19:21
rejonok, i'm trying reflash script19:21
rejonit freezes19:21
rejonand then i try the urjag method19:22
kristianpaulyou managed to load fjmem?19:22
kristianpaulwhat happen when ran detect (in the urjtag console) ?19:23
rejonok, just got to running this19:24
rejon[rejon@slowtop latest]$ sudo /usr/local/bin/jtag pld load fjmem.bit19:24
rejon?=}: unknown command19:24
rejonCA: unknown command19:24
rejon: unknown command19:24
rejon0ý: unknown command19:24
Last message repeated 1 time(s).19:24
rejoni compiled jtag from latest git19:24
rejonand built it and installed19:24
kristianpaulhow you could !19:25
rejonkristianpaul, what do you mean?19:25
kristianpaulwell i guess urjtag from last commit should work19:25
rejonwhat to do next?19:25
kristianpaulwhy no from a urjtag console?19:26
kristianpaulcable milkymist19:26
kristianpaulis the _first_ thing to do19:27
rejoni ran all the commands up to:19:27
rejoncable milkymist19:27
rejoninstruction CFG_OUT  000100 BYPASS19:27
rejoninstruction CFG_IN   000101 BYPASS19:27
rejonpld load fjmem.bit                # LED D2 flashs19:27
rejonok, i just compared my configure options for compiling urjag and they match19:27
rejonwhat is listed on the wiki19:27
kristianpaulyou got the error that wpwrak pointed from wich flashmem command?19:28
kristianpaulor was from reflash script?19:28
rejonkristianpaul, that is from reflash script19:28
rejonthis could be a urjag issue19:28
kristianpaulyou got your reflash script from here http://milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/reflash_m1.sh ?19:31
rejoni got from what xiangfu just sent out19:31
rejoni'm running commands manually right now19:31
kristianpaulwhat happened?19:33
rejonblocked on the fjmem.bit19:33
rejonon wiki says: $ git check -b m1 778242ef9fd00a8825dced9dc8c289515ecaeea019:33
rejontry that if urjag not working19:33
rejonthere is some basic problem here communicating with my mm119:33
rejonthat checkout just changes po files19:34
kristianpaulif help in something my local working urjtag repo last commit is19:35
rejonyah, its not that19:36
rejonthe latest checkout changes compared to yours are only PO files19:36
rejoni'm using fedora1519:37
kristianpaulthere is no ujtag in fedora 15?19:37
kristianpaulwhy no jsut install it from repo? or may be too old..19:37
kristianpaulyou had same unlock block 0 with flashing from comands?19:38
rejoni can't get to that19:38
rejonfrom running from commands19:38
rejoni think that indicates earlier problem19:39
kristianpaulin wich part you get stuck?19:39
rejonat the19:39
rejonpld load fjmem.bit19:39
rejonsudo /usr/loca/bin/jtag pld load fjmem.bit19:40
kristianpaulbut, well i never ran jtag that way, but how you tell wich cable are you using when ruuning that pld load out from the jtag console19:41
kristianpaulbut i guess that method worked for you in the past..19:41
rejoni just used the reflash script, but was running on ubuntu then19:41
kristianpaulwhy not just you save all the urjtag in a file and run19:42
kristianpaul sudo /usr/loca/bin/jtag -n file_with_commands19:43
kristianpaulall the urjtag commands i meant19:43
kristianpaulcable milkymist19:43
rejon1 sec, brb19:46
rejonok back20:01
rejonkristianpaul, yes, tried with commands20:01
rejonstill appears to be freezing20:01
rejonam i here?20:01
kristianpaulyes you are rejon20:04
rejonok cool20:04
kristianpaultried commands inside a file with jtag -n file ?20:04
kristianpaulrejon: ?20:05
rejonyes, i was going one by one20:05
rejonline by line20:05
rejoni get errors20:05
rejonon the fjmem.bit20:05
rejonwell, its spews unknown20:05
kristianpaulno, but you put _all_ comands in file and run jtag for reading that file with -n ?20:05
kristianpaulsorry is not clear your answer to me yet20:06
rejonyes kristianpaul20:07
rejonwhen i do that20:07
rejoni don't see the errors from running the commands20:07
rejonbut get to the writing portion and the process freezes20:08
rejonit is not a specific freeze20:08
rejonit makes it sometimes further, sometimess less20:08
kristianpaulrejon: the detect command (running it from a urjtag console) never fails?20:09
rejonok, cool20:10
rejonnow running jtag in interactive mode20:10
rejonjtag> detect20:10
rejonIR length: 620:10
rejonChain length: 120:10
rejonDevice Id: 00100100000000001000000010010011 (0x24008093)20:10
rejon  Manufacturer: Xilinx (0x093)20:10
rejon  Part(0):      xc6slx45 (0x4008)20:10
rejon  Stepping:     220:10
rejon  Filename:     /usr/local/share/urjtag/xilinx/xc6slx45/xc6slx4520:11
rejonis output when running detect20:11
rejoni will continue20:11
kristianpaulinstruction CFG_OUT 000100 BYPASS20:11
kristianpaulinstruction CFG_IN 000101 BYPASS20:11
kristianpaulpld load fjmem.bit20:11
kristianpaulyes please20:11
rejonjtag> pld load fjmem.bit20:11
rejonBitstream information:20:11
rejonDesign: system-routed.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFF20:11
rejonPart name: 6slx45fgg48420:11
rejonDate: 2011/02/2420:11
rejonTime: 22:33:2620:11
rejonBitstream length: 148440420:11
rejonok cool20:11
rejonthat ran20:11
kristianpaulhurry 120:12
rejonjtag> initbus fjmem opcode=00001020:12
rejonjtag> frequency 600000020:12
rejonSetting TCK frequency to 6000000 Hz20:12
rejonjtag> detectflash 020:12
rejonQuery identification string:20:12
rejonPrimary Algorithm Command Set and Control Interface ID Code: 0x0001 (Intel/Sharp Extended Command Set)20:12
rejonAlternate Algorithm Command Set and Control Interface ID Code: 0x0000 (null)20:12
rejonQuery system interface information:20:12
rejonVcc Logic Supply Minimum Write/Erase or Write voltage: 2700 mV20:12
rejonVcc Logic Supply Maximum Write/Erase or Write voltage: 3600 mV20:12
rejonVpp [Programming] Supply Minimum Write/Erase voltage: 0 mV20:12
rejonVpp [Programming] Supply Maximum Write/Erase voltage: 0 mV20:12
rejonTypical timeout per single byte/word program: 512 us20:12
rejonTypical timeout for maximum-size multi-byte program: 1024 us20:12
rejonTypical timeout per individual block erase: 1024 ms20:12
rejonTypical timeout for full chip erase: 0 ms20:12
rejonMaximum timeout for byte/word program: 1024 us20:12
rejonMaximum timeout for multi-byte program: 4096 us20:12
rejonMaximum timeout per individual block erase: 4096 ms20:12
rejonMaximum timeout for chip erase: 0 ms20:12
rejonDevice geometry definition:20:12
rejonDevice Size: 33554432 B (32768 KiB, 32 MiB)20:12
rejonFlash Device Interface Code description: 0x0002 (x8/x16)20:12
rejonMaximum number of bytes in multi-byte program: 102420:13
rejonNumber of Erase Block Regions within device: 120:13
rejonErase Block Region Information:20:13
rejonRegion 0:20:13
rejonErase Block Size: 131072 B (128 KiB)20:13
rejonNumber of Erase Blocks: 25620:13
rejonok cool20:13
rejonjtag> flashmem 0 standby.fpg noverify20:13
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:13
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:13
rejonblock 0 unlocked20:13
rejonerasing block 0: 020:13
rejonaddr: 0x0001F00020:13
rejonblock 1 unlocked20:13
rejonerasing block 1: 020:13
rejonaddr: 0x0003F00020:13
rejonblock 2 unlocked20:13
rejonerasing block 2: 020:13
rejonaddr: 0x0005F00020:13
rejonblock 3 unlocked20:13
rejonerasing block 3: 020:13
rejonaddr: 0x00078DD220:13
rejonverify skipped20:13
rejonlooks like writing is working from interactive mode20:13
kristianpaulas i should ;)20:14
rejonok at this step, waiting for:20:14
kristianpaulwhat happen?20:14
rejonjtag> flashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:14
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:14
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:14
rejonblock 55 unlocked20:14
rejonerasing block 55: 020:14
rejonaddr: 0x006FF00020:14
rejonblock 56 unlocked20:14
rejonerasing block 56: 020:14
rejonaddr: 0x0071F00020:14
rejonblock 57 unlocked20:14
rejonerasing block 57: 020:14
rejonaddr: 0x0073F00020:14
rejonblock 58 unlocked20:14
rejonerasing block 58: 020:14
rejonaddr: 0x0074000020:14
rejonwaiting now for > 1 min20:14
kristianpaulsure sure20:14
rejonshould it take this long?20:14
rejonerasing block 58: 020:14
rejonaddr: 0x0074000020:14
rejonstill waiting20:15
kristianpaulif is doing soemthing yes20:15
kristianpaulit take a minute or so20:15
rejonhow can i tell?20:15
rejonits just sitting there20:15
rejonmm1 d2 led is still flashing20:15
kristianpaulyeah leds blinks a lot good sign :-)20:15
rejon(maybe i am not patient which be a horrible bug ;)20:15
rejonman, my english is getting worse20:16
kristianpaulif you want faster flashing times you can try later tftpboot20:16
rejon(maybe i am not patient, which could be a horrible bug ;)20:16
rejoni remember before, it flashed really quickly20:16
rejonstill waiting20:16
kristianpaulcold down, if the led is active is doint something20:17
rejonits a regular pulse, not changing with activity20:17
kristianpaulthe urjtag console still with activity?20:17
rejonstill on: erasing block 58: 020:18
rejonaddr: 0x0074000020:18
kristianpaulit shuld have finish by now i think20:18
rejonkill it and try again?20:18
kristianpaulsure, make sure just in case there are not other urjtag running too20:19
rejonthere is only 120:19
rejonshould i start the whole process again20:19
rejonor just pick up where left off?20:19
rejonok i had to restart jtag -i20:20
rejonshould i start with cable milkymist20:20
rejonor just20:20
kristianpaulbut in flash mem from soc.fpg20:20
rejonflashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:20
kristianpaulbut cable detect and bellow is a must20:20
rejonso now will do: pld load fjmem.bit                # LED D2 flashs20:21
rejoninitbus fjmem opcode=000010       # Tells UrJTAG that a FJMEM core is present and how to address it.20:21
rejonfrequency 600000020:21
rejondetectflash 020:21
rejonendian big20:21
rejonthe next two commands then would be: flashmem 0 standby.fpg noverify   # during flash, D3 flashs20:22
rejonflashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:22
rejonoh was i supposed to powercycle mm1 b4 this?20:22
rejoni think so20:23
rejonnow, should i skip this? flashmem 0 standby.fpg noverify20:24
rejonsince that worked the first time?20:24
kristianpaulyes skiU20:25
rejonok, ran: flashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:26
rejonjtag> flashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:27
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:27
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:27
rejonblock 55 unlocked20:27
rejonerasing block 55: 020:27
rejonaddr: 0x006F300020:27
rejonseems stuck here20:27
rejonbefore went past this quick20:27
rejonmm1 d2 led still flashin20:27
rejonwhat is the problem20:28
rejonstill waiting20:28
kristianpaulfllashing = blinking fast ? (just to confirm)20:29
rejonok definiltey stuck on this step: flashmem 0 standby.fpg noverify20:30
rejonbut in different block20:30
rejonshall i kill and try again?20:30
rejonor can we analyze the problem20:30
kristianpaulled stoped flashing then?20:30
kristianpaulurjtag still stuck on addr: 0x006F3000 ?20:33
rejonwpwrak, just told me to power down and make sure connections are good on m120:34
kristianpaulyes, also usb cable20:34
kristianpaulall should work once that is verified to be ok20:35
kristianpaulyou havent retired the serial/jtag pod from the m1 latelly isnt?20:35
rejonno, original serial/jtag pod20:39
rejonok, got further, but stuck20:40
rejontrying to isolate power sources on same line20:40
rejonunplugged other things20:40
rejonnow retrying20:40
kristianpaulalso let m1 disconnected for about a m1 just in case20:41
kristianpaulrejon: further in soc.fpg?20:41
kristianpaulcan you try  flickernoise.fbi or bios.bin?20:42
rejonok now it froze here: instruction CFG_OUT  000100 BYPASS20:42
rejonjtag> flashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:42
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:42
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:42
rejonok, unplugged power and usb to computer...letting sit for a moment20:43
kristianpaulnot seems a issue just with flash  memory20:43
rejonok, reconnecting power20:43
kristianpauli tought jsut was getting stuck when writing to m1 memory20:44
rejonyes, that is what it seems like20:44
rejoncould that be my jtag?20:44
rejonok, so we got this to write completely before: flashmem 0 standby.fpg noverify20:45
kristianpaulfirst case reported if it where.. but, that remenber me to ask you this jtag is fixed right?20:45
rejonso now you want me to try and flash:20:46
rejonflashmem 0x6E0000 soc.fpg noverify20:46
rejonflashmem 0x860000 bios.bin noverify20:46
rejonflashmem 0x220000 bios-rescue.bin noverify20:46
rejonflashmem 0x880000 splash.raw noverify20:46
rejonflashmem 0x920000 flickernoise.fbi noverify20:46
rejonwhich one next?20:46
kristianpaulall those already done?20:46
rejonno i mean, which one should i try to flash next?20:46
rejonthose have not been flashed20:46
kristianpaultry bios20:47
rejonjtag> flashmem 0x860000 bios.bin noverify20:48
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:48
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:48
rejonblock 67 unlocked20:48
rejonok, this appears to be a more generalized issue20:48
rejonwith the writing20:48
rejonok, what shall i try now???20:49
kristianpaulalredy tried other usb port?20:49
rejonaha, i will try another usb port on my computer20:49
kristianpaultry flickernoise.fbi20:49
kristianpaulyou have soc-rescue.fpg btw?20:50
kristianpaulnot needed here asking just in case20:50
kristianpaulrejon: may i ask you from wher you get the soc.fpg file?20:51
rejonits what the reflash script downloaded20:51
kristianpaulif all this fail now, please get it from here http://milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/soc.fpg20:52
rejonjtag> flashmem 0x920000 flickernoise.fbi noverify20:52
rejonManufacturer: Intel20:52
rejonChip: 28F256J3A20:52
rejonblock 73 unlocked20:52
rejonerasing block 73: 020:52
rejonaddr: 0x0093F00020:52
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon     543 Jul  1 16:20 batchfile20:52
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon   73816 Jul  1 02:02 bios.bin20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon   73816 Jul  1 02:02 bios-rescue.bin20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon  131072 Jul  1 02:04 data.flash5.bin20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon 1484503 Jul  1 02:04 fjmem.bit20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon 1885580 Jul  1 02:10 flickernoise.fbi20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon 1484404 Jul  1 02:13 soc.fpg20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon 1484404 Jul  1 02:13 soc-rescue.fpg20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon  614400 Jul  1 02:13 splash.raw20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon  614400 Jul  1 02:13 splash-rescue.raw20:53
kristianpaulokay move to another usb port20:53
rejon-rw-rw-r--. 1 rejon rejon  495060 Jul  1 02:14 standby.fpg20:53
rejonall from today20:53
rejonkristianpaul, i just moved from one usb port to another one20:53
rejoni'm on my laptop, no power plugged in20:53
rejonrunning x201 thinkpad on battery20:53
kristianpaultried another usb cable?20:53
rejonthis is solid one from werner20:53
rejonaha, soc-rescue.fpg20:54
rejonis in that folder20:54
rejonok, what next?20:54
kristianpaullet me think20:54
rejoni'm thinking too20:57
kristianpaulunplug and plug usb cable and pastebin dmesg please20:57
rejonwithout powering off the milkymist?20:58
rejonahhh lekernel20:59
wpwrakyes !-:)20:59
rejonlekernel, i'm having troubles flashing my m121:00
rejonkristianpaul, has been handling me well ;)21:00
lekernelchedking log...21:01
lekernelis your cable well plugged into the M1 socket?21:01
lekernelthis might look like JTAG communication issues21:01
lekernelhave you cut the pins of the serial connector? they are too long if you didn't21:01
kristianpaulbtw you jtag pod is fixed? i mean there was an issue with first jtag/pod run about full speed, i dont remenber if without this fix there is  chance for other issues in the long term21:02
Action: kristianpaul checks is backlog21:02
rejoni have not touched my jtag21:02
kristianpaulwell, so i guess is fixed from facotry :)21:02
rejonwpwrak, is looking at the connection21:02
kristianpaulwpwrak: look for this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:M1_jtagserial_run1_C27_ground_rework3.png21:03
rejonkristianpaul, is the output from plugin, unplug, and plugin usb connection to m1 jtag21:03
kristianpaullooks ok21:04
kristianpaulnew high speed..21:04
kristianpaulmay be jtag/pod is not well pluged?21:04
rejonkristianpaul, what is this C27?21:05
rejonis this related?21:05
kristianpaulno no21:05
kristianpaulis not, i just want to check you had a good jtag pod21:05
kristianpaulfrom pastebin looks no problem on USB speed21:06
rejonshit, we have to head to hotel...we are getting kicked out21:06
kristianpaulresist ! :)21:06
wpwrakbak in ~1-1.5 h21:06
rejonok, i have to pack up...i will be back online in 30 min21:06
kristianpaulrejon: who plug you jtag pod?21:07
rejonlooked at21:07
rejonsaid it looks fine21:07
rejoni flashed my mm1 by myself before, but was running ubuntu21:07
rejonnow i'm running fedora1521:07
rejoni will keep working on21:07
rejonwhen i get back21:07
rejonobviously, m1 doesn't work right now21:08
rejonmy presentation is in 19 hours21:08
rejonon main keynote stage21:08
rejonlots of ppl21:08
rejonok, bbiab21:08
kristianpaullekernel: i think the pins cutting was done adam for all pods21:10
roh 21:32
rejonok, i have 30 min to get my mm1 flashed22:35
rejonb4 next conf. interruption22:36
kristianpaulwget https://raw.github.com/milkymist/milkymist/master/boards/milkymist-one/flash/flashall.batch22:41
kristianpaulchmod +x flashall.batch22:41
kristianpaulsudo jtag -n flashall.batch22:41
kristianpauland cross your fingers :)22:41
rejonok, majorly distracted22:52
rejondoing now22:52
rejonits freezing sooner23:01
rejoncrap, i have to go to stupid conf. dinner23:01
rejonback in a bit23:01
rejonwill not go samba with amazingly attractive ladies and come back and work on this23:01
rejoni have had many great conversations here already about mm1 and qi stuff though, so this has been successful trip already23:02
rejonthanks for help kristianpaul23:02
--- Sat Jul 2 201100:00

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