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topi`a noob question, but are there any good open source tools for programming the Xilinx fpga out there? or do we have to use some proprietary (albeit free) tools?09:02
topi`I would like to use an ARM machine as the host machine, and ARMs are not very good at running i386 binaries...09:02
topi`(I have a Toshiba AC100 based on the Nvidia Tegra2)09:03
wpwrakhmm. no lekernel here either10:29
wolfspraulmaybe still on a trip, he was about to demo m1 to some artists touring in Europe right now...10:30
wpwrakah, cool. i'm drppping the M1 objective from my slides then. better to treat M1 as "gesamtkunstwerk" ;-)10:37
wolfspraulhow's that related to Sebastien's trip? ah, I got it - no feedback :-)10:41
wolfspraulsure don't worry, talk about what you feel comfortable with. Jon will push Milkymist anyway, I think.10:42
wpwrakyeah, jon's is the main marketing campaign :)10:43
kristianpaultopi`: hi11:46
kristianpaultopi`: we use urjtag for programing themilkymist one11:47
topi`ok, i'll check that out11:47
kristianpauli had used irjtag to program my mm1 using my mipsel laptop11:47
kristianpaulso i dont see why i cant run on arm as well11:48
topi`does anyone want to sell me one Milkymist-1 ? I want to test it out :)11:48
topi`mipsel laptop? cool :)11:48
kristianpaulwhere are you?11:48
topi`Finland now11:48
topi`I attended lekernel's "show" in Amsterdam a while back11:48
kristianpaulwhat was you impresion with the talk?11:49
kristianpaultopi`: http://milkymist.org/buy.html11:50
kristianpaulithink tuxbrain should ship to finland or h:D11:50
kristianpaulyou all near in europe :)11:51
kristianpaultopi`: http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One11:51
kristianpaultopi`: urjtag + fjmem (this load a bitstream on the fpga so you can write to flash as well)11:51
Fallenoubut to synthetize the bitstream you need ISE that runs on Linux x86 or Windows11:52
Fallenouif you want to modify the FPGA design11:52
kristianpaulwill be nice to test llhdl in arm, i had bad experience with llvm in mipel..11:55
kristianpaulmay be i can tell cmake use gcc ;)11:55
topi`so how does the FPGA programming happen? via a JTAG-like interface, pushing the bits to different LUTs and flipflops?12:07
topi`but first you need to compile the VHDL code into functional blocks, right?12:07
Fallenouwell you have a binary file called a bitstream12:07
Fallenouwhich describes the fpga design12:07
Fallenouthe behaviour of the fpga12:07
Fallenouyou push the bitstream into the fpga using one of the several means to do it12:08
topi`so the bitstream has all the info how to program the FPGA?12:08
Fallenouand the fpga configures itself12:08
Fallenouyou can push the bitstream via SPI, JTAG etc12:08
topi`I've only programmed Flash or EEPROM chips so far ;)12:08
topi`so the bitstream is akin to a firmware12:08
Fallenoubitstream is often stored in a flash or an eeprom12:08
Fallenoufpga is able to retrieve the bitstream at bootup12:09
topi`I find the milkymist a tad expensive (since I can get a student discount to Altera devkits) but anyways, itwould be nice to support the project :)12:10
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lekernelaltera student boards are probably sold at a loss. we are not altera.16:29
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mwallelarsc: with as the main linux console too?18:16
mwalleor just from userspace?18:19
lekernelit's been working for quite a while... http://lekernel.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/milkymist_linux.jpg18:20
lekernelthe code is/was rather dirty though18:21
mwalleoh hi lekernel ;)18:27
mwallei'm trying to convert it to the of framework, to get rid of all hardcoded base addresses/irqs etc18:28
lekernelyeah, makes sense18:28
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larsclekernel: i did some cleanups some time ago19:02
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