#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-06-28

larscmwalle: yes00:15
larsclast time i tested it it worked fine00:15
kasbahwhat has happend to your github lekernel?14:20
methril_workkasbah, has been renamed to https://github.com/sbourdeauducq17:09
carlobarhi, im trying to compile the kernel following instructions in the wiki, but i have an error executing "ARCH=lm32 make ml401_defconfig". can someone help me? The error is:17:49
carlobar*** Can't find default configuration "arch/lm32/configs/ml401_defconfig"!17:49
kristianpaulcarlobar: http://git.serverraum.org/?p=mw/uclibc-lm32.git;a=summary18:04
kristianpauli bet is more update18:04
kristianpaulbsides, i remenber rtems toolchain can be used too..18:06
carlobarim using rtems toolchain to compile the kernel.. but i dont know if it works for user applications18:09
methril_workit should not work properly18:10
methril_workrtems uses newlib18:10
methril_worknot uclibc one18:11
methril_workyou have to recompile the toolchain18:11
carlobarok thank you, i will recompile the toolchain following the mwalle wiki18:16
methril_workcarlobar, yw18:17
carlobarmethril_work, yw?18:19
methril_workyou are wellcome18:20
carlobarhehe, ok18:20
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