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drubin hw/milkymist-pfpu.c I had to add  =0; to line 166   uint32_t r=0; before it would compile03:32
drubfor qemu03:32
drubI compiled qemu-lm32 but when I try and run it as described in the wiki I get cannot load mmone-bios.bin03:46
drubis located in another binary package?03:46
drubsorry meant is it located in another binary package?03:47
kristianpauldrub: last bins here http://milkymist.org/msd/msd-may2011.tar.bz203:49
drubdo I just rename the bios-1.0RC1.bin to mmone-bios.bin?03:51
kristianpaulwhy rename?04:06
drubit looked like the code was hard coded to look for mmone-bios.bin04:23
kristianpaullekernel: there is a way to speed up minimac2 trasnfer rate (no matter how rx rate will slow down)05:22
kristianpauli remenber the old minimac  buggy driver was 1 Mbyte/s as fast to TX,05:22
kristianpaulthis is something i really want to do, so any spots on the subject are more than wellcome :-)05:23
kristianpaulcurrently i cant transfer more that 500Kbytes/s wich is not bad, but i already know could be better ;)05:24
lekerneldma, hw crc, etc.07:42
lekernelwolfspraul, https://github.com/milkymist/extras-m1/blob/master/leaflets/brochure/ddv.svg10:11
lekernelfor the box10:11
wolfspraullekernel: ha! cool!10:30
wolfspraulI will finish my draft first10:30
wolfspraulthen we have a baseline10:30
wolfspraulbut yes, of course, I like that svg. very nice!10:30
wolfspraulI read up a bit on retail box design10:31
wolfspraulwe'll keep it simple this time, but some knowledge cannot hurt...10:31
wolfspraulso the most important seems to be to take lots of pictures of packaging of competitors10:31
wolfspraulthe environment where our box will appear10:31
wolfspraulwithout that - no design at all (normally)10:31
wolfspraulafter that, one goal is to find a _color_ that Milkymist can occupy10:32
wolfspraulso we need to find a gap in the colors of the competitors, and then we can occupy that color10:32
lekernelflashy pink10:32
wolfspraulafter that, we would need to make multiple designs, and gather reactions from typical potential buyers10:32
wolfsprauland then we have a professional retail box :-)10:32
wolfspraulwe will do none of those things this time :-)10:33
wolfspraulI read that the most common mistake of new box designers is to either copy the box design of some other product, or to not look at the box design of other products at all10:35
wolfspraulit looks like we will happily go with option #2 :-)10:35
wolfspraullekernel: your .svg has a lot of objects with transparency10:42
wolfspraulthat's a problem because neither .ps nor .eps support transparency so at some point of the printing process it'll be a headache10:43
lekernelatm i've converted it to .eps and put it on a white background, works just fine10:44
wolfspraulon your screen maybe, but in the printing process it's a headache10:48
wolfspraulbut no worries, worst case I export it to a large jpg and use it like that...10:48
wolfspraulall just drafts right now anyway10:49
lekerneltuxbrain_HxxHhzo, hi10:55
lekernelsend me your logo as hi-res or svg please :)10:55
GitHub1[extras-m1] shiyele pushed 2 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/jCxISH11:17
GitHub1[extras-m1/master] box update - Wolfgang Spraul11:17
GitHub1[extras-m1/master] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:milkymist/extras-m1 - Wolfgang Spraul11:17
wolfspraullekernel: I just dropped ddv.svg on the bottom side now, you can check out the rest a little11:28
wolfspraulthat's just one idea, using the photos we have11:28
wolfspraulmaybe you can do a completely different design? only if you like... I'll work a bit more on details like text, logos, and make it more compatible with the printing process (that'll most likely be a headache on my side, I'll see)11:29
wolfspraulsometimes the requiments of the printshops suddenly change a lot of our plans... I will not battle with them, I am trying to find the shortest path to a box, any box (at first).11:29
GitHub156[extras-m1] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/mlqvcH11:34
GitHub156[extras-m1/master] brochure: draft complete - Sebastien Bourdeauducq11:34
wpwraklekernel: hmm, don't you want to let the poor girl stand on the ground ? :) maybe give her slightly lighlier-colored boots too, so they don't vanish in the black11:36
wpwraklekernel: the outlines of the keyboard and the mixer look very thin - almost invisible. this makes the keyboard look more like a bar code11:36
wpwraklekernel: the 3rd page looks weird. no text at the end of the lines. maybe you're using some unusual font ?11:38
wpwraklekernel: also, is it intentional that the "No computer needed" bubble is much closer to "Ready in seconds" than to "Lightweight" ?11:39
lekernelno text at the end of the lines?11:39
lekernelyou mean text is not justified?11:39
wpwraklekernel: i don't see any text at all. lemme check if xpdf complains about anything specific ...11:39
wpwraklekernel: nope. just lines ending in nowhere. also, "What others are saying" only has a few empty boxes. no text.11:40
lekernelha. works for me.11:40
wpwraklekernel: same thing with acrobat reader11:41
lekernelit works with google chrome and gnome document viewer11:41
wpwrakwhat's the gnome viewer called ?11:41
lekerneland doesn't work with my xpdf either11:41
lekernelactually most of the text doesn't work with xpdf, not only on the last page11:42
wpwrak(evince) oh ! a lot of text just appeared ;-)11:44
wpwrakyeah, on the other pages it looked as if you had chosen a minimalistic style ;-)11:45
wpwrakhmm, page 2, the "Connect a camera ..." after the title looks a bit odd. would be better if you could put it on a new line.11:48
wpwrakhere's how you can save a bit of space :)  s/a dozen seconds/seconds/11:49
wpwraks/can be configured to/can/11:50
wpwrakthere seems to be a large space between "simple" and "visual".11:50
wpwrakah, question: does it do USB-midi ?11:51
lekerneldid I mention USB was horrible and painful shit? so no, unless someone does it11:51
wpwraklet's hope someone gets linux to run properly soon. then a lot of your driver worries will just vanish ;-)11:52
lekernelanyway, thanks for your feedback.11:58
wolfspraulI want usb-storage so people can have their still or moving pictures picked up automatically and added into the rendering :-)12:00
wolfspraul(just kidding...)12:00
GitHub61[scripts] xiangfu pushed 2 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/iHokff12:01
GitHub61[scripts/master] small cleanup - Xiangfu Liu12:01
GitHub61[scripts/master] script file for reflash jtag/serial board - Xiangfu Liu12:01
lekernelunfortunately i understand little of this stuff12:12
wpwrakmore leaflet, page 3: s/a very low/very low/; s/so what/so that/12:32
wpwrakoops. forget the 2nd bit12:33
Action: wpwrak shouldn't multitask12:33
wpwrakmay be: s/when in perf/in perf/; s/to the keys/to keys/12:39
wpwraklekernel: very nice, overall. congratulations to the marketing and design team ! ;-)12:40
kristianpaullekernel: you should clarify that wireless conectivity for OSC is not out of the bos, i mean you need an accessory15:30
kristianpaulacess point* whatever15:31
kristianpauland no usb wifi dongles supported ;)15:31
kristianpaulwhen you said connect a camera you should quoute a link or something for wich cameras are compatible, i think is good to close open windows to endless questions what i can plug15:32
kristianpaulindeed, the girl looks kinda still look15:32
kristianpaulkida poor*15:33
lekernelI take your point about OSC. regarding the camera 1) we'll ship one in the boxes 2) video standards are listed on the next page 3) ADI engineers apparently have worked hard to support many of those pesky incompatible standards so it should be OK with all analogue cameras15:37
kristianpaulso, "out of the box experience with included accesories, be aware of third party produtcs ;)"15:39
lekernelnah, all video cameras should work15:41
lekernelcvbs, s-video, rgb, in all major standards (pal/secam/ntsc)15:41
lekernelit's not really my problem anyway - the adv7181 conveniently abstracts out the underlying video standards :-)15:43
lekernelthere are quite some brains into that chip15:43
kristianpaulhe, sure just kidding (cameras)15:47
kristianpaulwpwrak: (linux and drivers) oh yes :)15:48
kristianpaulmay be mwalle and larsc have something new to tell soon about this topic15:48
kristianpaullekernel: (dma) i see, well this is new for me, ,may be i take a look first to ac97 driver to find out how implement it propertly15:49
wpwrakkristianpaul: (poor girl) it's interesting how the visual language misleads there. she's drawn in manga style, so you assume that context. then she's floating in the air. that's okay in some manga universes. she's some superhero with the ability to fly. this also reinforces the impression, already planted by manga style, that the scenario is very far from reality.16:04
wpwrakkristianpaul: so what the picture basically does is give an ambiguous hint and then reinforces the wrong interpretation :)16:04
wpwrakbecause the wrong interpretation isn't useful, people who know manga would probably look for some specific message related to attributes of a character similar to the one depicted, probably adding even more incorrect symbolism to the scene. people who don't know much about manga will just assume there's message they don't get. the only ones who can figure it out quickly are those who already know the feature this is meant to illustrate ;16:07
drubgetting  qemu: fatal: fetching nop sequence when launching   qemu  is there a newer build, thought I readt that those were being removed21:18
drubI set export QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none  as I was having difficulty with /dev/dsp21:20
drubso now I just get the fatal :-(21:20
juliusbyou guys have a qemu port of lm32?21:31
juliusbor, rather, qemu supports lm32?21:31
mumptaihey, great, look google just told me: "Thanks to Michael Walle, we can now emulate the Milkymist system-on-chip with QEMU."21:33
drubyeah but I am having issues getting that to work :-(  it compiles no prob but the nop sequence error is keeping it from starting21:34
mwalledrub: whats your commandline?21:35
juliusbdid you guys do it?21:35
mwallejuliusb: yes21:35
mumptaimwalle is the right men21:35
mumptaigtg, bye21:36
mwalledrub: regarding that mmone-bios.bin it isnt supplied with qemu (yet?), you can use -bios to specify your own file21:36
drubqemu-system-lm32 -M milkymist -kernel flikernoise-0.4.fbi21:36
mwallebut you wont need a bios if you use -kernel21:36
juliusbawesome, does it run as fast as the board, or faster?21:36
drubis that the correct command line ?21:38
kristianpaulfbi? hum...21:38
mwalledrub: iirc is the fbi the binary with a header21:39
drubthought that was the kernel in msd-may201121:39
kristianpaulcheck that^21:40
drubis there no binary for flickernoise on qemu-system-lm32?21:41
mwalledd if=flickernoise-0.4.fbi of=flickernoise-0.4.bin bs=8 skip=121:42
mwallebut the binary isnt working for me21:44
drubhaha I think it worked21:44
drubhowever the mouse is crazy21:44
mwalleah there seems to be a timeout21:45
mwallemouse works for me21:45
drubwell flickernoise comes up but I cannot control the mouse nor use keys it seems, gonna have to play around with it21:48
mwalledrub: is the qemu window your active one? (eg clicking into the window)21:49
mwalleyou can release it with ctrl+alt again21:50
drubyeah I can release with CTRL-ALT but making the window active makes the mouse go nuts21:50
mwalledrub: you could try some dos application and see if the mouse behaves the same21:59
drublooking for a way to use the keyboard for the mouse22:02
drubahh if I use -show-cursor I can run it fine22:05
mwallewhatever that option is good for :)22:06
drubthat option shows the real mouse cursor as well as the one in qemu so unfortunatley I am seeing double but works fine if someone cant control the mouse :-)22:09
drubnow to figure out how to do something cool with this(or even get it started) no patches found :-)22:10
mwalledrub: you can use -pflash to set a file backend for the flash device (the size must exactly match the mm flash size)22:14
mwalledunno if the flash has to be preformatted, lekernel ?22:14
mwallebut i guess it has to be, so you have to figure out the flash partitions map too22:15
mwalleor just use the ramdisk, and transfer file via ftp22:15
mwallebtw pausing the vm should work too, so you wont loose the ramdisk content22:16
drubhow can I get files into the ramdisk that qemu uses? does it exist in VM and qemu?22:18
mwalledrub: activate networking (the wiki should have some instructions on that)22:20
mwalleconfigure an IP via the flickernoise config window22:21
mwalleuse ftp to transfer a patch22:21
mwallethe ramdisk is only within the emulated system ram (there is no magic to access that from the host, like vmware shared folders)22:22
mwallejuliusb: depends on your cpu :) ususally it runs faster (at least for the main cpu), the pfpu (and maybe the tmu2) is rather slow22:27
drubis there a way to get a console in the flickernoise emu? I cant get an IP to route the the VM :-(22:28
lekernelfor YAFFS the flash should contain 0xfffff.... for a blank disk22:30
lekernelfor the console you can use -serial stdio22:32
mwalledrub: strg+alt+322:32
drubahh worked tnx22:32
drubfunny it says minimac022:33
drubis it normal for the mac address to be all zeros in ifconfig22:37
mwalledrub: on the real board the mac comes from the flash22:38
drubyeah figures emulation would still need a mac in order for route tables to know what to do with the packets :-)22:38
mwallelekernel: imho there should be a sane fallback22:38
drubthere is nothing sane about this project :-) thats why I think it so cool :-)22:39
mwalledrub: atm i dont know if you really need a valid mac address22:43
mwallehave to go to bed now22:43
drubtnx for the help22:43
mwallethere are some options to set the macaddress for the emulated nic, dunno if that helps :)22:44
drubtried been a long time since I dealt with routing/networking for a living, I set a macaddr but saying vlan0 not connected etc22:45
drubbootp doesnt seem to work either22:45
lekerneldrub, mh, the mac address should be patched into the rtems driver. right now it just tries to read it from the flash.22:54
lekernelnetworking can't work if the mac address is all zeros22:55
drubso does anyone else here run this qemu-system-lm32 under a VM and have network access?22:55
drubyeah that is what I figured :-(22:55
lekernelI tried it, but that was before the "mac address in flash" scheme22:56
drubis that possible to do in emulation under qemu?22:56
lekernelthat's where rtems gets its mac address from22:57
lekernelit's plain stupid22:57
lekernelyeah you should be able to map a flash image to the right address... or just implement a fallback in the rtems driver ;)22:58
drubreally is a geeks paradise :-)  I am pretty new to dealing with embedded systems in this manner so sorry if I sound like a n00b, kinda am :-)  I think my partner is going to just order a couple MM1 then I can play with the real hardware23:00
drubso you think if I hard code a MAC in there and recompile I might get it up and running in qemu?23:03
lekernelyeah sure... it worked like that before23:03
lekernelor better, test if the mac address in flash is all 0's (or all 1's) and in that case use the hardcoded address23:04
lekernelsend me a patch if you do :)23:04
drubI'll give it a shot23:04
lekerneluse 10-E2-D5-00-00-00 for fallback23:08
drubwill do23:11
lekernelbtw are you using QEMU from mwalle's repo, or from the official QEMU repo?23:13
lekernelmilkymist support is upstream, would be nice to see if it still works *g*23:14
drubnot sure I got it from the milkymist wiki23:15
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