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kristianpaulfinally, ramdisk implemented00:25
kristianpaullol what i tought MM1 had 256Mb of ram :p00:34
kristianpaulpuh, malloc is no fun anymore when you have a 90Mb ramdisk around ;)00:44
lekernelwolfspraul, I just ran my M1 continuously for some 44 hours of rendering now... no problem08:40
lekerneldid Adam get the PCBs back?08:50
wolfspraullekernel: sorry disconnect.09:22
wolfspraul[44h] sounds great, I'm not doing any testing now but when I get back to it I will definitely report back09:23
wolfspraul[adam] don't know, I don't check with everybody every day, that itself would take too much time and distract people too much09:23
wolfspraulif I hear nothing, that means no problem and things are moving forward :-)09:24
wolfspraullekernel: I'm thinking what to write on the box about the VGA resolution14:40
wolfspraulin general I like what we have on the Wikipedia page, it's very clear and well structured14:40
wolfspraulhowever, under Display, it says "SVGA up to 140MHz pixel clock (1280x1024)"14:41
wolfspraulthat's pretty cheesy on the box I think14:41
wolfspraulof course "up to" is correct, but...14:41
lekernelyeah, the actual limit is 140MHz pixel clock (comes from the adv7125)14:41
wolfspraulon the other hand I don't want to write 640x480, that's not so good either14:41
wolfspraulsure sure, I'm just thinking what to write on the box14:41
lekernelhow this translates to a resolution depends on the refresh rates the monitor supports14:42
wolfspraulsomewhere on the side, where the specs are14:42
wolfspraulthe brutal option is to just say VGA 640x48014:42
lekernelyou can just write 'high resolution vga output'14:42
lekernelthat's what i'm putting on the brochure14:42
lekernellater FPGA designs will probably support 1280x1024 including render mode14:43
wolfspraulok we don't need to make a final decision now14:43
wolfspraulyes sure, I know all that, what's possible etc. But I'm asking what we print on the box now :-)14:43
wolfspraul"up to 1280x1024" is not good I think14:43
lekernelfor software dependent stuff, try to highlight only the main features... not details.. .they WILL change14:44
wolfspraulthat's another option, no resolution at all14:44
lekernel"high resolution" is fine imo14:44
wolfspraulhas there ever been a vga/svga resolution lower than 640x480?14:44
wolfspraulI mean I remember EGA and stuff, but I think VGA started at 640x480, no?14:45
lekernelyes, it's still higher resolution than CVBS which is what a lot of VJs use even today14:45
kristianpaulif render is done  at 640x480 (and how many bits?) thats the fair i think14:45
wolfspraulI don't like to say 'high resolution' when it is the lowest vga resolution many people will ever have heard of, if lower ones even exist14:45
lekernelthere's 320x200 :)14:45
lekerneland the hw definitely can do 1280x102414:46
wolfspraulok, thanks for the input. no need to decide now, easily changed...14:46
lekerneljust so you know, a lot of VJ equipment is PAL14:47
wolfspraulI will fiddle a bit more with the box design, then I have my draft an people can review it or propose alternatives or whatever.14:47
lekernelVGA is seen as "luxury" by many people14:47
lekerneleven most of the professional roland stuff is PAL/CVBS14:47
wolfspraulbut what we write there is a careful exercise in expectation management14:48
wolfspraulpeople will read this, and from reading it they may draw conclusions, they develop expectations, etc.14:48
wolfspraulso ideally you want to get people excited, but you also want to keep their expectation at a level that will still leave some room up once they discover more details over time...14:49
lekernelkristianpaul, i'm sure you want to integrate this in mm bios :-p16:44
drubHello, I am very new to milkymist and am wondering if there is a way to run an emulation of milymist on my PC?17:03
kristianpaulyes it is drub17:10
kristianpaulyou can use qemu17:10
drubahh I just saw the wimi listing qemu :-)17:10
drubin the hardware MM1 can the inputs be switched via software?17:11
kristianpaulyou can do lots of things using verilog or bitbanging if you wich i think17:12
drubDo you know, does RTEMS have a webserver, or can one be installed and flashed to MM1?17:29
drubmy goal to to create a tablet interface to control MM117:30
lekerneldrub, hi17:30
lekernelyes, that would be very cool. atm we can use opensoundcontrol to control MM1 from tablets17:30
drubhey lekernel17:30
lekernelbut that's a bit limited (both by the opensoundcontrol protocol and by the lack of time to implement tons of functionality through it)17:31
lekernelthe webserver approach is very interesting, especially given all the things you can do with javascript those days17:31
lekernelfor RTEMS there is http://www.rtems.com/wiki/index.php/Simple_HTTPD but I don't know what it's worth17:32
drubyes, and since it could be written using Phonegap it would run on all tablet/smartphone platforms17:32
lekernelI've never tried it or even had a look at the code17:32
lekernelI also have friends who develop http://www.ape-project.org/17:33
drubI will have to take a look17:33
lekerneland who would be interested in porting it to MM1, btw17:33
drubI use a port of APE with haXe now :-)17:34
drubhaXe would be really cool on tablets if they had fully working android/ios ports17:34
lekernelhaxe... hmm17:35
lekernelwe'd need to get the C++ compiler to work17:36
lekernelatm it's crippled with bugs...17:36
drubI am just getting started so I am going to have to get the qemu running on my local machine, my partner is ordering two MM1 boxes17:36
drubyeah haxe is only usable in very few places atm17:36
drubbut phongap would work perfect, write once and run on all platforms17:37
lekernelwe also hopefully have a LLVM port coming soon, so this can potentially solve more programming language related problems17:37
drubI think the winning answer would be to make it run a webserver with an API to control every aspect of the device17:38
drubI am a dreamer :-)17:38
lekernelyeah, I think the same17:38
lekernelwith ajax and all similar modern bling-bling :-)17:38
drubyeah!  :-)17:39
lekernelfor QEMU, you should just take the upstream git version and compile it17:40
lekernelit didn't make it way into the releases (yet)17:40
lekernelthen for toolchain and software just use the build script17:40
drubdo you have a location for that?17:40
lekerneland QEMU... it's regular QEMU, just enable the "lm32-softmmu" target17:41
druboh ok cool17:41
drubI hate windows, I am stuck with it at the moment, and my virtualbox is being a B!#ch17:45
lekernelall our devtools (including fpga stuff) run on linux...17:51
lekernelif you are stuck on windows you might have luck with cygwin17:51
lekernelbut afaik no one tried it yet17:51
drubI am installing linux on virtualbox17:59
drubso I am going to run emulation in emulation in emulation :-)  should be quite the slow experience :-)18:00
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drubI cant get git clone http://git.serverraum.org/git/mw/qemu-lm32.git  to work :-(19:28
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