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awhave anyone followed this wiki before?  http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Build_the_libftdi-1.0_and_new_ftdi_eeprom01:57
awi didn't see the branch "remotes/origin/eeprom-new" after "git branch -a". is that ok?01:59
awgot "E: Couldn't find package libusb-1.0" after "./configure". but my Synaptic package shows a package of "libusb1.0-0" installed already. what's next step i have to do?, tks!02:02
awi just missed to install libusb-1.0.dev :)06:32
lekernel"Milkymist, VJ Platform built around MIOS II"09:05
Fallenouahah mios II09:16
carlobarhi, im learning how to use flterm. i made a simple application that prints two numbers. i compiled that app setting "flash : ORIGIN = 0x41000000" in the linker script. Now im loading the binary image at address 0x41000000 (with flterm), but the output is: g4ýýý[iýýýýý[iýýýý. I dont know whats wrong, can someone help me?09:29
Fallenoucarlobar: is the hardware configured to fetch the good address from flash ?09:43
carlobardo you mean read and write at 0x41000000? if thats so, yes. Sdram is at 0x40000000. From 0x40000000 to 0x40ffffff is assigned to bios, and from 0x41000000 to 0x41ffffff is assigned to the app09:51
Fallenouoh yes you are flashing an application, not a bios, sorry09:51
carlobarthat "flash" label refers to a sdram09:52
carlobarbut is that procedure ok? im trying to learn that before starting compiling the kernel09:54
GitHub162[extras-m1] shiyele pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/lfQxss09:57
GitHub162[extras-m1/master] a few label updates - Wolfgang Spraul09:57
Fallenoucarlobar: seems ok to me09:57
Fallenouas long as you tell flterm to put the binary image at the right address09:59
Fallenouit should jump on it09:59
Fallenoube sure to have your "main" function at 0x41000000 btw09:59
carlobarthe disassembler code seems ok10:04
Fallenouso if you have a call 0x41000000 from the bios it should be working ?10:07
carlobaryes, inned after loading the image, some characters are printed10:11
Fallenoucheck the uart baud rate ?10:11
Fallenoucarlobar: is your code available somewhere ?10:13
carlobarThe output  is:10:14
carlobarAttempting serial firmware loading10:14
carlobar[FLTERM] Received firmware download request from the device.10:14
carlobar[FLTERM] Uploading kernel (6308 bytes)...10:14
carlobar[FLTERM] Upload complete (9.6KB/s).10:14
carlobar[FLTERM] Booting the device.10:14
carlobar[FLTERM] Done.10:14
carlobarInitial comunication is made ok10:14
carlobarim going to update the repo10:15
carlobarhere is the application: https://github.com/carlobar/milkymist/tree/master/software/app10:37
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GitHub0[extras-m1/master] more label updates - Wolfgang Spraul11:21
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GitHub26[flickernoise/master] filemanager: fix directory renaming - Sebastien Bourdeauducq12:12
GitHub26[flickernoise/master] filemanager: do not attempt to translate directory names - Sebastien Bourdeauducq12:12
GitHub26[flickernoise/master] Minor translation and layout improvements - Sebastien Bourdeauducq12:12
sh4rm4they state the thing runs an amiga with "Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA with 16k gates"13:31
sh4rm4i wonder if thats possible13:31
Fallenouwell why not, amiga is pretty old :)13:32
Fallenouit wouldn't surprise me if it could fit into 16k gates13:32
sh4rm4yeah, but is a motorola 16 bit cpu with a lot of custom chips13:32
sh4rm4at least the 500...13:33
sh4rm4they do not state though which amiga they emulate13:33
sh4rm4on this site here http://members.optushome.com.au/jekent/system09/index.html they state the 6809 barely fits into 200K13:35
Fallenoudepends on the FPGA13:36
Fallenouif they have hard multipliers etc etc13:37
Fallenouand "gate" does not mean much13:37
Fallenoudepends too of the vendor and what they mean by gate13:37
Fallenouif it's LUT or CLB or another arch13:37
Fallenouor "logic cell"13:38
sh4rm4ok, thanks for info :)13:40
sh4rm4lekernel, i saw your atari st commit to mtk13:52
sh4rm4i wonder what it is used for ?13:52
lekernelM1 been running for 3 hours straight in simple mode... no crash14:59
lekernelI've run it for longer than that at parties already so I don't really understand why hadez has problems14:59
kristianpaulFallenou: do you remenber a rtems exmple that writes a file in a tftp server?16:15
Fallenounop I don't16:16
FallenouI did a tftp client, but it was only receiving16:16
Fallenounot sending16:16
FallenouIn theory you should be able to read AND write to a tftpserver16:17
Fallenouusing their "tftp" stuff16:17
Fallenoubut I never got it to work16:17
kristianpauldo you remenber wich nfs server is compatible with rtems?16:17
Fallenoutheir /TFTP/host/16:17
FallenouI guess basic debian nfs16:18
kristianpauldid you tried with ti?16:18
Fallenouhummmm I remember trying16:18
FallenouI don't remember succeeding :)16:18
Fallenoubut lekernel did succed16:18
Fallenouyes he is using NFS16:19
kristianpaulwhat was the difference?16:19
Fallenouno idea16:19
FallenouHe is mounting the nfs via the RTEMS shell16:19
Fallenouwhich is in flickernoise16:19
kristianpaullekernel: what NFS server are you using with rtems?16:19
kristianpauli wonder if i need to enble some compatibllity,  i will check that too..16:21
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GitHub79[mtk/master] Font utilities - Sebastien Bourdeauducq16:54
lekernelkristianpaul, I don't remember... just used a somewhat default debian install16:56
lekernelstill not crashed ...19:49
mwalleso wtf is mios2?!22:50
mwallenios2? double fail :)22:50
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