#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-06-22

wpwraklekernel: hehe, in your posting about register allocation, the use of "patch" gets really confusing ;-)07:01
Laurencebwhat is milkymist?09:37
lekernelhttp://www.milkymist.org ?09:41
lekernelhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkymist ?09:41
lekernelany further questions Laurenceb ?10:38
GitHub73[clang-lm32] sbourdeauducq pushed 79 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/iNr2H211:21
GitHub73[clang-lm32/master] tools/arcmt-test: Don't attempt to link redundant libclang (clang-c). - NAKAMURA Takumi11:21
GitHub73[clang-lm32/master] Remove more unnecessary dependencies now that the Frontend -> ARCMigrate - Chandler Carruth11:21
GitHub73[clang-lm32/master] 80 cols. - Benjamin Kramer11:21
kristianpaulhi Laurenceb :)11:34
Martonii just read the article on milkymist under elektor12:01
lekernelhi Martoni12:04
nats`hi folks :)13:49
GitHub14[extras-m1] shiyele pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/krLd1C14:15
GitHub14[extras-m1/master] add some box related files - Wolfgang Spraul14:15
Action: lekernel is enjoying converting prehistoric atari-ware fonts to iso885914:17
lekernelwolfspraul, how do you open the .sla files? scribus won't grok them14:26
lekernelmh, header says "1.4.0.rc3" but I have 1.314:28
lekernelnice bottom label :)14:30
wolfspraulupdate your scribus?14:32
lekernelI edited the header with vi (couldn't find an updated scribus package) and it works14:33
lekernelmaybe some bells and whistles are missing, but I get the idea14:33
wolfspraulit's still empty anyway :-)14:35
wolfspraulI think Scribus should work, it's pretty good for rotating text and images, and it can contain CMYK color information so hopefully we can create print-ready PDFs directly out of Scribus14:35
lekerneloh, sure...14:36
wolfspraulthe m1 itself will probably sit in a foam rubber bed, called EVA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethylene-vinyl_acetate14:37
wolfsprauland then the accessories around it just held in place with simple paper dividers14:37
lekernelbut if you are aiming for a perfect match of the colors, this can get very complicated. needs calibration of the screen etc.14:39
wolfspraulmatch of what? no worries, no perfectionism here14:39
wolfspraulas soon as we have a box that fulfills its utalitarian purpose and doesn't look outright ugly we are done14:39
lekernelgetting the exact same colors on print and on screen14:39
wolfspraulthat's not really possible anyway14:39
wolfspraulbut we are not Apple, we are not aiming for some very specific shades of color etc.14:40
wolfspraulI still like to embed CMYK data in our files, rather than letting the printshop do it. that can be quite a surprise sometimes14:40
wolfspraulthat's not just a slightly different shade, it can be an entirely different color suddenly :-)14:40
GitHub148[mtk] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/juxnCS15:46
GitHub148[mtk/master] fnt: (partially) convert Atari codepage to ISO8859 - Sebastien Bourdeauducq15:46
GitHub159[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/jY7hi515:57
GitHub159[flickernoise/master] Test German characters - Sebastien Bourdeauducq15:57
GitHub116[llvm-lm32] jpbonn pushed 32 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/jU5W2w21:13
GitHub116[llvm-lm32/master] Reorg. No functionality change. - Evan Cheng21:13
GitHub116[llvm-lm32/master] Merge branch 'master' of http://llvm.org/git/llvm into mico32 - JP Bonn21:13
GitHub116[llvm-lm32/master] Remove r130409, as requested by Chris. - Devang Patel21:13
GitHub7[clang-lm32] sbourdeauducq pushed 19 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/iYOT1s22:43
GitHub7[clang-lm32/master] Fix typo in comment - Douglas Gregor22:43
GitHub7[clang-lm32/master] Give MaterializeTemporaryExpr the exact type of the lvalue it binds - Douglas Gregor22:43
GitHub7[clang-lm32/master] When binding a reference to an Automatic Reference Counting temporary, - Douglas Gregor22:43
Action: lekernel just compiled the whole libmath with clang23:16
lekernelthe days of gcc are counted :)23:16
--- Thu Jun 23 201100:00

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