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GitHub117[extras-m1] adamwang pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/kS3B7N07:46
GitHub117[extras-m1/master] lengthen one side of board edge to 1.6mm to let J6's housing on M1 not collide U1's body, U1, R1, R2, R12, R13 are all moved down 1.6mm. - adamwang07:46
lekernelxiangfu`, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some bug in the RTEMS gethostbyname()09:57
lekernelI've digged out nice gems already in the network code...09:57
lekernelxiangfu`, how does libcurl set the timeout? with alarm()?10:04
nats`i never worked with a software crappy as mentor graphics dx designer12:30
nats`i prefer kicad oO12:30
nats`let's kill some mentor graphics software engineer12:31
nats`hi lekernel how are you12:31
wpwraknats`: just keep on using kicad and tell all your friends to do the same. then the mentor engineer will simply starve - problem solved :)14:30
GitHub7[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/iz7uVE16:57
GitHub7[flickernoise/master] Add shortcut keys F5-8 to reconfigure video in brightness and contrast while rendering - Sebastien Bourdeauducq16:57
GitHub188[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/jgyDah17:13
GitHub188[flickernoise/master] Use button clack event to prevent incorrect keys from starting patch in editor - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:13
GitHub34[mtk] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/mvXxYW17:14
GitHub34[mtk/master] Simplify button click code a bit - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:14
lekernelthat lenovo t61p laptop (and the way linux handles overheating) is a true piece of crap. now i can't even run a synthesis of mm soc without the entire machine shutting down17:50
kristianpaulcan you just underclock the procesor some Mhz?17:53
lekernelit doesn't seem doable easily... and that's what linux should do (or suspend) instead of brutally trashing what I was working on17:53
lekernelthat crap is teh frustration17:54
lekernelit's poorly designed at best, replacing thermal paste works for ~2 months before I have to do it again17:56
kristianpaulbuy a mac ;-)17:59
rohif fitting new paste (not too much) doesnt help, replace the fan (its called thermal unit)18:02
rohthe bearings of the fans survive about 2 years nonstop use max18:02
rohthe complete thermal unit costs about 40 euros and is still available easily18:03
lekernelaccording to lm-sensors my fan is running at 3214 RPM18:05
lekernelis that too little?18:05
rohyour acpi should report 2 sensor values for temperature. it should be <50° idle and <80° on max load. if its more than these limits the fan is just broken, regardless of its speed.18:05
rohspeed is varied depending on temperature. atleast on my t60p18:05
kristianpaulwow yes it is18:06
kristianpauli think18:06
lekernelhow can a fan be broken if the blades are not totally damaged and they are running at the correct speed?18:06
kristianpaulmay be just dust18:06
rohlekernel: bearings. dust. heat.18:07
rohthey are 'verschleissartikel'18:07
lekernelI removed dust; and what can bad bearings do except reduce speed?18:07
rohalso the heat-exchangers have quite fine slots (the ones you see from the outside). they clogg with dust18:07
lekernelyeah, those are clean atm18:08
lekernelbut that piece of crap laptop still overheats18:08
kristianpaulmore than 70 C ?18:08
lekernel98C atm18:08
lekernelor maybe the sensor is just broken... dunno18:09
rohlekernel: there is nothing which throttles really in the hw. there are thermal trip points. and you are 2 deg C away from it.18:09
rohlekernel: nope.18:09
rohmaybe you have too much thermal grease on it?18:09
lekernelso why does it work for ~2 months (i.e. keep the temperature at less than 85C under load) and then overheats again?18:10
rohthese heat exchanges are dirty really fast18:10
rohi usually replace the fan even earlier than that because its getting noisy and i like my computers quiet18:12
kristianpaulseems indeed you need a new thermal unit as roh pointed18:12
rohsee it that way... a T61 is about 4-5 years old. you are already 2 times over the mtbf and atleast you can still buy spareparts. try buying some for a macbook that old ;)18:13
larscmy old R61 sounds like an airplane these days18:24
lekerneltalk accepted for ccc camp :)21:24
GitHub164[llvm-lm32] jpbonn pushed 6 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/mwSntl21:35
GitHub164[llvm-lm32/master] Revert 133010. Self-hosted buildbot unhappy.... - Jim Grosbach21:35
GitHub164[llvm-lm32/master] Test case for x86 MMX inline asm.  rdar://problem/8886707... - Stuart Hastings21:35
GitHub164[llvm-lm32/master] Merge branch 'master' of http://llvm.org/git/llvm into mico32 - JP Bonn21:35
GitHub54[milkymist] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/j6w9cs21:53
GitHub54[milkymist/master] BIOS: reset ethernet PHY a second time - Sebastien Bourdeauducq21:53
lekernel...one pesky problem less21:54
GitHub81[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://bit.ly/jLIlRQ22:05
GitHub81[flickernoise/master] Correct default value for contrast - Sebastien Bourdeauducq22:05
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