#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2011-06-13

awxiangfu, jus tested your images on rc-5. :-) see email.06:34
awthe one by one test procedure is good idea on passing through all '0' ~ '9' keys forwardly, can't be backwardly, great.06:37
lekernelroh, ping08:23
GitHub152[scripts] xiangfu pushed 2 new commits to master: http://bit.ly/lzZmNA12:27
GitHub152[scripts/master] build: include autotest boot.bin,, rename patches to patchpool, build SDK - Xiangfu Liu12:27
GitHub152[scripts/master] new script: format memcard - Xiangfu Liu12:27
rohlekernel: pong18:56
lekernelah :)18:56
lekernelgot my email?18:56
lekernelroh, ?19:00
rohhm.. mail *checking*19:03
rohah. sorry.. the laser isnt workable yet.19:04
rohcooling isnt working yet (again) .. i just completed the air-ducts for exhaust air19:05
rohlekernel: ah.. you know we moved to wedding?19:06
lekernelI've heard of you moving quite a while ago, but I don't know about the details19:06
lekernelhow's it going there?19:07
rohgreat. but its also a lot of work19:08
rohand for some shitty reason i need to make money in between ;)19:08
roh .oO(too bad we ca'nt print it like the ezb other central banks)19:09
rohlekernel: did gismo reach you? he is in france with betty.19:09
lekernel(money) well, you have some M1 cases to ship, don't you? :)19:10
lekernelno, he did not19:10
rohlekernel: i sent him you gsm number19:14
lekernelyeah, I saw your message from yesterday19:14
lekernelany idea when the laser is ready?19:21
lekernelbtw you are not cutting this series of cases yourself, are you?19:22
rohi hope within the week.19:22
rohnope.. i hoped to do it on a bigger machine, but since modulor moved and other stuff delayed it everything shifted a bit19:22
rohlekernel: but i got a new source for acryllic now and i hope it moves forward withhin the next week or so19:44
lekernelmodulor was expensive anyway, no?19:45
rohmodulor is nice for low volume and single pieces. no question. but when you want kilos of stuff...it makes sense to redo the sourceing loop19:46
rohalso the company is down the street from our new location. i can walk there and pick up stuff19:46
rohwill ride to the agency now19:52
lekernelmwalle, ah, I didn't know the rtems lm32 gdb stub was yours :)20:55
lekerneladmittedly I haven't looked much at the rtems gdb stubs...20:56
mwallelekernel: np ;)20:57
mwalleit was for the original soc-lm3220:58
mwallefrom joerg20:58
lekernelis it still developed btw? looks dead...21:00
mwallei dont think so21:01
kristianpaulbtw what happened with jtag support in lm32?21:12
kristianpaulah, nv is on the list :-)21:14
mwallethere is still the jtag patch from terpstra i have to test and merge :)22:29
mwalleno the verilog jtag module22:34
mwallei dont think i'll maintain the openocd port any longer..22:35
mwalleit sucks :)22:35
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