#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-06-11

GitHub112flickernoise: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * e0e921c (9 files in 1 dirs): All main French translations - http://bit.ly/kPHkin08:51
GitHub194flickernoise-handbook: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * 2f641e7 (0 files in 0 dirs): Initial import - http://bit.ly/inETkT09:03
GitHub33flickernoise: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * 8f6cb46 (1 files in 1 dirs): Update README09:08
GitHub33flickernoise: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * 28b4618 (0 files in 0 dirs): Move handbook to another repository09:08
GitHub33flickernoise: master commits e0e921c...28b4618 - http://bit.ly/legS2O09:08
wolfspraullekernel: did you see Xiangfu's rc-5 fix? is that any good?09:32
wolfspraulhe was asking around some Chinese IC designers who had done rc-5 implementations and someone suggested that and it worked at least on the one remote from Adam...09:33
lekernelit just changes the time at which each bit is sampled09:33
lekernelif it works yeah sure it's good :)09:33
wolfspraulok we'll do more testing09:34
lekernelroh, ping10:56
GitHub69mtk: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * e19d02d (1 files in 1 dirs): Fix out of screen windows bug - http://bit.ly/lLhIwL11:18
GitHub54mtk: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * 0190a3a (4 files in 1 dirs): Change language live (buggy) - http://bit.ly/jZNCoS16:37
GitHub196mtk: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * ac48d56 (1 files in 1 dirs): Dynamic language change working correctly - http://bit.ly/lcY5It17:04
GitHub181flickernoise: master Sebastien Bourdeauducq * d2b206b (1 files in 1 dirs): Translation fixes - http://bit.ly/lZ2ekD17:05
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