#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-06-05

lekernelwolfspraul, hi, any news regarding rc3?09:17
wolfspraullekernel: he :-) it's a Sunday today...09:30
wolfspraulno news, it's moving forward as before. I don't think anything unexpected/unusual happened that you wouldn't know about.09:30
wolfsprauleven if the small Sharism crew would work on a Sunday (which they mostly don't and which is good), I cannot make the whole rest of the world work on a Sunday...09:31
wolfspraullekernel: do you have any new potential sales or marketing leads?09:32
wolfspraulI am collecting those... http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_marketing09:32
wolfsprauljust any URLs of stores or publications or whatever could help us on the sales side09:33
wolfspraulalso I am thinking whether/where I can find a journalist who wants to work on a really nice launch review article09:33
wolfspraulI have journalists I can distribute press releases to, but I am thinking of someone who has a reputation for writing reviews, and we will send a review unit that he/she will write a good review article for09:35
wolfspraulneeds to be an established journalist though, so the article will appear somewhere, maybe a column or so09:35
wolfspraulI haven't found that yet...09:35
lekernelnah, but I wasn't asking about today, more like the last few weeks09:37
lekernel[lekernel@localhost llvm-2.9]$ ./autoconf/AutoRegen.sh11:16
lekernelYour autoconf was not detected as being 2.6011:16
lekernelwhy, why, why ...11:16
lekernelah, they have cmake :)11:17
lekernelterpstra, do you happen to know if the lm32 has some form of carry flag? can't find it easily in lattice docs17:03
lekernelhow do you do a 64-bit addition?17:03
scrtseh.. why altium doesn't update the document table on the right down side when I update those parameters :\17:13
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