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wpwraklekernel: nice !13:34
lekernelthere will be rms, so I can tell him my opinion about autocrap, gcc, etc.13:35
lekernel(just kidding :p)13:35
wolfspraulhe will ignore what you say and remind you that you need to say "gnu automake" not just "automake"13:36
lekernelI already usually refer to that junk as "GNU/Autocrap" :)13:37
wolfspraulhe will say he has never heard of such a GNU project13:38
lekernelanyway, i'm not going to waste time on that13:38
wpwrakpity. winning the war aginst autocrap through single combat against rms would be quite something ;-)13:39
kristianpaullekernel: just take a pictures of rms holding a mm1, we need that markerting stuff ;)13:53
wpwrakkristianpaul: or if rms turns out to be too stubborn, take a picture of rms, one of the mm1, then let gimp make the happy union ;-)13:55
kristianpauloh, is a Workshop13:57
lekernelno, it's not... I don't know why they have put it (and other talks apparently) on the workshop track13:58
lekernelI hope it's not going to be a 27C3-like fuckup13:58
kristianpauli was reading the programme13:59
kristianpauland lekernel's workshop II :-)14:04
lekernelah, yeah, OHANDA stuff14:04
lekernelthey haven't got much done14:05
lekerneland they started _before_ milkymist iirc14:05
kristianpaulhardware is becoming a must talk, but hardware is no just electronics of course14:07
Action: kristianpaul found http://www.ohanda.org/products/magh-3g-good-stove14:07
wolfspraullekernel: how many keys do you think are on the perfect m1 remote control?15:29
wolfspraulI mean 'buttons', not keys...15:30
lekernelthose thinkpad laptops definitely do not deserve their reputation for quality. recompile gcc, and they overheat and shutdown ...15:39
lekernelplus broken bluetooth, broken touchpad keys, and I had to replace the hard disk and the battery too15:40
lekernelwolfspraul, 15-20 i'd say15:40
wolfspraulprobably lenovo thinkpad already?15:42
wolfspraulI don't think there is much quality difference between any of the OEMs, maybe except for Apple and some Japanese ones15:43
wolfspraulthe rest is all the same, even made in the same factories :-)15:43
roh *hint* ..T60/T61 devices are >4/5 years now.16:51
rohmeans all other devices from that time are long gone and broken. but you still get spareparts. it shuts off if your fan is defective and doesnt cool enough.16:52
rohwolfspraul: all thinkpads were lenovo, even years before ibm let them take over.16:53
lekerneli've always had that problem16:54
lekernelfrom the beginning16:54
rohwell.. then maybe your fan is broken or badly mounted. sometimes one badly trained one leaves the protective film on the fan unit (which includes a heatpipe and 2 more copper blocks with heat-transfer pads16:55
lekernelI fixed that crap 3 times already, adding more thermal paste16:56
lekernelit works for a couple of months then overheats again16:56
rohthe point is: there is a manual, there are spareparts. that also differs them from others16:56
rohif you ADD paste it propably iss too much.16:56
lekernelwell, scraping the old one ofc16:57
rohyou shouldnt need any thermal paste beyond the cpu16:57
rohthe gpu and soc ones should be fine with these pads16:57
lekernelthey also have some pads which are getting old16:57
rohalso the fan wears. if its getting loud and idle the machine has >50.0°C, its broken.16:57
lekernelnevertheless this is crap hardware16:58
rohbuy a new one. costs about 40E .. i do the same all year or  so.16:58
rohlekernel: well.. if you believe so. i haven found anything better yet. lenovo got worse a tiny bit, and all other manufs havent got anything compareable mechanically anyhow.16:59
lekernelbluetooth breaking intermittently, battery dead after 1 yr, hard disk dead after 3 yrs, mouse button broken after 6 months, overheating all the time... well...17:00
lekernelthe others are worse?17:00
rohi will swap my t60p fan soon also. (again) my machine still works and anything faster doesnt have faster io, so i dont care17:00
rohlekernel: overheating sounds like a 'badly manufactured/broken fan'thing, not a conceptual proble, (i have also such a machine which doesnt do that)17:01
rohall the rest is wear.17:02
rohbeyond the battery. mine is 4 years old and still got 80%. panasonic cells. the sanyo are worse17:02
rohmy guess is: your machine is dirty. bt is a module with a very small connector. its pressed on the pcb and should be held by 1 or 2 screws. if its loose  maybe. if not, there is some pcb breakage17:03
rohwhich means, your machine wasnt serviced properly or had endured some evil mechanic stress.17:04
rohmaking sure all screws sit tight is an important part of service. makes them live longer for years17:04
rohtry removing the br module and check for dust in the conn.17:06
CIA-29rtems-milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r2559487 / cpukit/libfs/src/imfs/imfs_stat.c : imfs: use configured block size - http://bit.ly/lc4F8U17:18
lekernelroh, i'm looking for people to fill my car and go to www.hacknight.se20:22
lekernelhopefully the copenhagen suborbital guys will be there20:23
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