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yizhanghi everyone, i'm trying to compile urjtag following http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#compile_urjtag, but got compilation error01:43
yizhangIn file included from vhdl_bison.y:133:01:43
yizhangbsdl_sysdep.h:29: fatal error: bsdl_config.h: No such file or directory01:43
yizhangcould anybody help me on identify what I'm missing?01:44
xiangfuyizhang: Hi02:02
yizhangxiangfu: hi02:03
yizhangxiangfu: see my compilation error? any ideas?02:04
xiangfuyizhang: please send me the config.log under urjtag.git/urjtag/config.log02:06
yizhangxiangfu: k, will do.02:06
xiangfuI found the bsdl_config.h is here: urjtag/src/bsdl/bsdl_config.h02:09
yizhangxiangfu: hmm ... i don't have that file there02:11
xiangfuyizhang: are you sure you have run "git clone git://urjtag.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/urjtag/urjtag"02:12
xiangfusorry,I mean maybe just delete the whole urjtag folder, re-execute it02:12
yizhangxiangfu: yes, i did02:13
yizhangxiangfu: alright, let me redo it.02:13
yizhangxiangfu: will let you know. thanks!02:15
xiangfuI found the bsdl_config.h is create by 'grep' the config.h. it shoudl be always there.02:21
yizhangxiangfu: okay, after i run git clone and checked the urjtag/src/bsdl folder, bsdl_config.h is not there.02:31
xiangfuyes. you have to run '$ ./autogen.sh02:32
xiangfu$ ./configure --with-libusb --with-libftdi"02:32
xiangfuthen it should create that file02:32
yizhangxiangfu: then i went on to the sourceforge and i didn't see it in the tree either02:32
yizhangxiangfu: maybe it is generated with autogen02:32
yizhangxiangfu: yes, running autogen.sh right now02:36
kristianpaulHi yizhang !02:36
yizhangkristianpaul: hi :)02:57
yizhangxiangfu: after running those 2 commands, still don't see the bsdl_config.h file.03:03
yizhangxiangfu: when running ./configure i got a warning 'configure: WARNING: *** libftd2xx not found. No support for FTDI-based USB JTAG cables via libftd2xx.'03:04
xiangfuok. send me your config.log03:04
yizhangxiangfu: does this warning matters?03:04
yizhangxiangfu: my config.log sent03:10
xiangfuthe warning is doesn't matter.03:16
yizhangxiangfu: i saw 'conftest.c:12: fatal error: ac_nonexistent.h: No such file or directory'03:16
yizhangxiangfu: in my config.log03:16
xiangfusorry. the bsdl_config.h create by 'make'03:32
yizhangxiangfu: okay, let me run make then03:43
yizhangxiangfu: 'make' gave me the same error04:07
kristianpaulyizhang: are you trying to compile urjtag in wich arch?10:55
kristianpauland distro10:55
kristianpaulyeah, batter not use last commit as10:57
kristianpaulxianfgu fixed it milkymist wiki :-)10:58
yizhangkristianpaul: yeah. ended up using the old version11:12
yizhangkristianpaul: now i hit a new problem11:12
yizhangkristianpaul:  i have gone through the compilation, but when install i got11:14
yizhangmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/yi/urjtag/urjtag/po'11:14
yizhangmake[1]: *** [install-data-yes] Error 12711:14
yizhangmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/yi/urjtag/urjtag/po'11:15
yizhangmake[1]: *** [install-data-yes] Error 12711:15
yizhangkristianpaul: /bin/sh 'MKINSTALLDIRS' /usr/local/share11:17
yizhangkristianpaul: /bin/sh Can't open @MKINSTALLDIRS@11:17
CIA-51rtems-milkymist: Xiangfu Liu master * re25a1ff / cpukit/libfs/src/imfs/imfs_stat.c : imfs: give a default value to st_blksize - http://bit.ly/lNlLfj15:22
yizhangkristianpaul: hi15:33
yizhangkristianpaul: have you tried to install urjtag lately, or you always used the old one?15:34
yizhangkristianpaul: after compilation problem resolved, i ran into install problem15:35
yizhangkristianpaul: '/bin/sh Can't open @MKINSTALLDIRS@'15:36
lekernelterpstra, see how much autocrap sucks? :-)15:39
lekernelyizhang, is that gettext related?15:40
yizhangi searched internet and found this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78334315:40
lekernelin what folder do you run into this?15:40
lekernelI usually "fix" pesky gettext problems like that with "echo install: > po/Makefile"15:41
lekernelyeah, just trash the makefile... unless you really need the translations15:41
yizhangalright, i try it15:42
yizhanglekernel: alright! install went through!15:45
yizhanglekernel: thanks! i'll update wiki page. let me reflash M1 and see how it goes.15:47
kristianpaulyizhang: latelly made me back to old one ;)15:48
yizhangkristianpaul: yeah, we all did ;)15:51
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