#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-05-31

scrtsFallenou : did You succeed calculating IP header checksum?08:50
Fallenouoh IP08:52
FallenouI didn't do the function myself08:52
Fallenousince there was a function for that in libdumbnet08:52
scrtsheh :))08:53
scrtsI've done UDP checksum in hardware08:53
scrtsnow thinking if it is useful to do IP checksum in hardware too08:54
Fallenouwell it's always usefull :p08:54
Fallenoucongratz for the udp checksum in hardware08:54
Fallenouis your hdl code up on the web somewhere ?08:54
scrtseh, no08:55
scrtsat least it won't be opensource for some time08:55
Fallenouoh ok08:56
Fallenoutoo bad I would have had a look :)08:56
scrtswell, wait a few days, I might help You then :)08:58
scrtstoo many eyes @ work now08:59
Fallenouwell it was just out of curiosity09:00
Fallenouto see how it's looking in hdl09:01
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