#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-05-27

awroh, http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/adam/m1/pic/rc3_MK1_coordinate.jpg09:16
awdoes this help you out on placing MiC?09:16
wolfspraulaw: how high (above the pcb) is the centerpoint of the mic?09:18
aw4.5mm height from pcb09:20
awsorry that, please used 9.6 / 2 = 4.85mm09:22
wolfspraulaw: ok thanks, I think that should be enough for roh09:45
wolfspraulhorizontal and vertical centerpoint for the hole... let's see what he says.09:45
awxiangfu, the auto flash script file, it works via internet. while testing rc3 brds, I'd like to offline auto reflash, how can i do?10:12
lekernelrtems_unsigned8, rtems_unsigned16, rtems_signed32? WTF!13:57
kristianpaulprogram head free of bad pointer!! :/22:32
kristianpaulYES i'm using free, should not? :P22:42
kristianpauland freeze..22:42
kristianpauloh wel22:42
wpwrakkristianpaul: do i hear someone who wants an MMU ? ;-)23:03
kristianpaulnah, i made a mistake on the code, thats all23:07
kristianpaulhe.. just forgot a constant in the malloc :p23:31
kristianpaulso no MMU wpwrak  :-)23:31
kristianpaulreally, i even ignore how it can help me,.. well mmap, but i dint used that much yet.. or hum..23:32
wpwrakkristianpaul: ah, i thought the whole box froze on you23:37
kristianpaulwell it did, but thats other issue, i'm solving one bye one23:40
kristianpaulnow i jsut noticed i lost my ftp user from last reflash..23:40
Action: kristianpaul looks for the vga monitor23:40
--- Sat May 28 201100:00

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