#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-05-24

awxiangfu, doesn't this exist more? http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Milkymist_One/latest/03:06
awor transferred to milkymist url?03:07
awxiangfu, sorry that, i think that i found it http://www.milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/03:10
xiangfuyes. alwasy http://www.milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/ :)03:10
xiangfutry to keep software stuff under milkymist.org :)03:11
kristianpaulokay time germans to wake up and me to sleep some hours.. :-)06:05
azonenberglekernel: well this is nice - i'm pretty close to convincing the guy who runs one of the SEM labs at my school09:04
azonenbergto let me image a couple of dies for free09:04
xiangfuhow about laser engrave milkymist logo on case, is that hard or expensive ?09:46
FallenouI think it has already been talked about09:49
Fallenoucheck on the mailing list maybe09:49
Fallenouor maybe it was on IRC09:49
xiangfuok. got it.09:51
guyzmoI'm about to flash the MM1 with msd may14:35
guyzmobut there is standby.fpg and soc.fpg14:36
guyzmowhich one shall I use ?14:36
guyzmo(I'm trying with soc :)14:38
kristianpaulguyzmo: there is a easy way with a script14:38
guyzmoI'm doing the ftp method14:38
kristianpaulmsd? is not that xilinxs way?14:38
guyzmoI don't have fpga14:38
kristianpaulso why you need soc.fpg and standby.fpg if there is no fpga?14:39
kristianpauli think thats on lekernel blog,but sorry i dint tried that way yet..14:40
guyzmoit works14:41
guyzmoit's updated14:41
guyzmobut... I don't have kbd+mouse anymore14:41
kristianpaulthat should not happen14:41
kristianpaultry reboot14:41
guyzmoalready done14:42
guyzmoI have kbd in bios14:42
kristianpaulbut not in rtemes/flicerknoise?14:42
guyzmobios v1.0rc414:44
kristianpauli'm aware of some changes about kbd in rtems latelly... dunno if related14:44
guyzmoworking now14:45
kristianpaulhow is that?14:45
guyzmodunno, I randomly tried things in the bios14:45
guyzmodoing fpga reconf14:45
kristianpaulcold boot?14:45
kristianpauli think after you did about->flash and no cold reboot, the old bitstream was still loading on fgpa14:48
kristianpauluntil you did fpga reconf or cold boot14:48
guyzmoit is said to cold reboot14:49
guyzmomy bad14:49
kristianpaulshit, the clk was in data and sync in clk, what a mess i did..14:51
guyzmoworks like a charm15:14
mwallegood evening21:26
lekernelhi mwalle22:02
lekernelhow are you?22:02
mwallelittle stressed ;)22:08
mwalletoo many birthdays in May and a new car ;)22:08
mwallelekernel: any you?22:08
kristianpaulcar with built-in radar? :-)22:09
mwallebuilt in radar? nope :)22:10
lekernelmwalle: fine... busy traveling, trying to find ways to sell M1s *g*22:35
lekerneland going to http://thsf.tetalab.org/ this week (quite unrelated to M1 sales, but fun :-)22:38
Action: lekernel still driving his peugeot 10622:39
Action: lekernel is the shame of germany :-)22:39
Action: kristianpaul want an electric motorcyle22:41
lekernelkristianpaul: the raumfahrtagentur people (and others) are making nice electric bicycles22:42
Action: kristianpaul look at roh 22:43
kristianpaulhe is from raumfahrtagentur rihgt?22:43
lekernelwhen I have some 1-2k¬ to spare, i'll probably convert a good foldable bike to electric :)22:43
lekernelit's a must have for cities with crap transport like paris22:43
kristianpauloh i can magine22:44
kristianpaulhere all people is getting cars.. in five years this will be chaos..22:44
lekernelcars aren't the only problem in paris, the shitty public transport is one as well22:45
lekernelseriously trains just do not work22:45
Action: mwalle drove his opel corsa a for almost 8 years22:48
kristianpaulwell, here still implementing a bus rapid system kinda like in brazil.. but i'm not hoping too much improvements if the invest is getting low..22:48
kristianpaulstill few buses, still delays in peak hours..22:50
Action: kristianpaul reads about the elektronenrad projekt22:51
lekernelhow fast is 'rapid'? here they tout average speeds of some 20 kph in advertisements for the least slow bus line in the paris region22:51
lekernelthere is really a problem22:51
kristianpaul60kph is max allowed, i remenber22:52
kristianpaulbut those buses have own/exlcusive ways22:52
lekernelwhen you have to go to some suburbs 40 km away and back ... you do the math ... and 4 hours of your day are gone22:53
lekernelI hate it22:53
mwalleim tired, going to bed22:53
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