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CIA-51flickernoise: Xiangfu Liu master * rc12d6e2 / src/flash.c : flash upgrade: disable opendialog when flashing - http://bit.ly/k2wKLV06:12
xiangfuMartoni: hi08:54
CIA-51flickernoise: Xiangfu Liu master * rc2a7a49 / src/flash.c :09:14
CIA-51flickernoise: flash update: add webupdate function09:14
CIA-51flickernoise:  * donwload images from http://www.milkymist.org/snapshots/latest/09:14
CIA-51flickernoise:  * TODO: add version check, now it always download and flash.09:14
CIA-51flickernoise: Signed-off-by: Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu@sharism.cc> - http://bit.ly/k3vs1F09:14
xiangfulekernel: Hi09:36
xiangfuis the input.c is ok? hope I don't mis-understand your thinking.09:36
xiangfuI put them here:http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/milkymist-one/09:37
lekernelyeah, moment09:39
lekernelbeen traveling all around for 2 days :-)09:40
xiangfuoh. cool. :)09:40
xiangfuI will offline for awhile. back on line later. see you.09:40
xiangfu(dinner time, in Beijing)09:40
wpwraklekernel: how's the milkymist world tour going ? :)09:46
lekernelxiangfu: see my comments on https://github.com/milkymist/flickernoise/commit/c2a7a49df710dcd43a9ab69d5202f11c341ec26e14:11
xiangfuthanks. I also get some emails from github.com about comments14:11
xiangfuline comments, cool. :)14:14
xiangfuhi lekernel  what is the layout of http://milkymist.org/msd/ in future. is that also same with snapshots/ ?14:32
lekernelI don't know. right now I was using simple tarballs, but we'll have to change it14:33
lekernelmaybe we can have a file VERSIONS at the root14:33
lekernelwhich gives the latest version of flickernoise and soc+bios14:34
lekerneland add the corresponding binaries in msd/ as well14:34
lekernelthat the device will download if it's running a different version (which it can check quickly with the VERSIONS file)14:34
xiangfuI will working on those issues tomorrow. a little bit late today.15:11
xiangfuI found the soc and bios usinig same head file for detect version: software/include/base/version.h:#define VERSION "1.0RC4"15:11
lekernelyeah I know15:11
lekernelboth are supposed to be the same15:11
lekerneljust upgrade both at the same time15:12
lekernelsoc/bios upgrades should be relatively rare anyway15:12
xiangfulekernel some small things: 1. how about change the folder name from /flash to /system?15:18
lekerneli'd say //ssd15:19
lekernelactually non-tech people mistake it for macromedia flash ... lol15:19
xiangfu  /flash is a little bit 'technique', code stuff.15:19
lekernelssd is not trademarked, is it?15:20
lekernel(for 'solid state disk')15:20
xiangfuyes. also macromedia flash. /ssd sounds good.15:25
lekernelit's not trademarked?15:27
xiangfudon't know where we can sure if ssd is trademarded.15:27
xiangfujust googling and wikipedia. not found it's trademarked. but I don't know where we can make sure of this.15:28
lekernelSsdĀ® is a registered trademark used for Material For Use As a Substitute For Natural Bone and To Encourage Growth and Regeneration of Natural Bone For Use In Dental and Other Applications and owned by Kerr Corporation, Bioplant Inc..15:31
lekernelso, doesn't seem trademarked for anything computer related. go for it.15:32
xiangfuanother two small things. add /ssd/patches/, put all patches to it.15:33
xiangfuadd /ssd/etc, put 'sysconfig.bin' and 'versions' to it.15:33
lekernelread the versions as the "about" dialog does15:34
lekerneland this code should be shared between the about dialog and the upgrade box, and put in a separate file15:34
xiangfuoh. yes. that is much better.15:35
xiangfuI only notice teh MTK and OS version. :(15:36
xiangfuok. all small things. I will finish them.15:36
lekerneland do not create /etc if there's only sysconfig.bin in it15:37
xiangfugot it.15:38
lekernelthx kristianpaul :)22:31
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