#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-05-18

wolfspraulaw_: you there?08:07
aw_wolfspraul, hi08:21
wolfspraulaw_: hi! roh needs the coordinates for the MIC hole, in http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/d/d4/M1_vga.jpg08:24
wolfspraulso basically our plan is - we will have a label 'MIC' on the VGA..LINE level (in between those two)08:24
wolfspraulthere will be a hole, maybe 2 mm (?), and roh needs to know the location of that hole08:24
wolfsprauldo you understand what I mean, and do you know when you will have the coordinates?08:25
wolfspraulalso which size do you think the hole should have? roh proposed 2mm as a starting point...08:25
aw_I'll provide that coordinates for it...not received a newest routing file though. probably within these two days.08:27
wolfspraulthat's totally fine. roh did you see that?08:27
wolfspraulaw_: so you understand what roh needs, right? do you have a proposed size for the hole?08:28
aw_roh, the placement of 90 degree for MIC will be the centeral coordinates between VGA edge and LINE IN connectors.08:29
wolfspraulsorry got disconnected...08:32
aw_roh, the size of MIC case hole should not bigger than diameter of MIC. meanwhile the MIC doesn't be exactly and proposedly placed at the board edge. It's a small 0.5mm far away from edge to suffer from collision case to make noises.08:34
wolfspraulwhat's the diameter of the mic? I think it's like 5mm or so now, right? quite big I think08:35
rohi think of making a 2mm hole08:35
rohshould be big enough08:35
aw_roh, diameter size of 2mm?08:36
rohfor the hole08:37
rohthe mic behind it can be bigger. it also has only tiny holes in the front08:37
wolfspraul2mm sounds good to me.08:40
aw_do you means that there have only one 2mm hole in case for MIC? the diameter of MIC is 9.7mm08:40
wolfspraulaw_: yes, he is planning only one, 2mm diameter hole08:40
wolfspraulunless you say maybe we should make it 3 or 4mm? :-)08:41
aw_so i think that you can make a bigger one and just less than 7~8mm. how do you think?08:41
aw_wolfspraul, there's no 'unless' situation that shows up if we will have good sounds wave goes without interferences since now there's no one doing on drilling a small hole 2 mm or bigger holes experiments, or we just don't need it. :-)08:44
rohi just dont want to make it too big since then people will poke into it with stuff like plugs (the line plug e.g.)08:44
rohon my notebook there are 2 small 1mm holes for the mic08:45
aw_it's true that this MIC seems that won't absolutely influence major functionality compared to this minor MIC thing. :-)08:45
aw_roh, be cared that at least you know your notebook's MIC is the same diameter to the same of us. :-)08:46
wolfspraulgood point about people accidentally plugging the audio cable into the mic hole!08:47
aw_or its reciptance of Sensitivity is the same with notbook, so what i know is that i don't know now. :-)08:48
wolfspraulaw_: let's keep things practical.08:48
wolfspraulIt's obvious to me, even without tests, that a hole will improve the mic's reception08:48
wolfspraulif I'm wrong, well, I take that chance :-)08:48
wolfspraulwe have no time and resources, and it's not worth it either, to compare different hole sizes08:49
wolfspraulso we guess!08:49
aw_wolfspraul, with 2mm, yeap...avoid of accdentally plugging. :-)08:49
wolfsprauland roh's argument seems very solid08:49
wolfspraulgood choice08:49
rohok. will do so.08:49
wolfspraulit's better than rc2 (I think), and in rc4 we can improve even more...08:49
aw_surely better than rc2. :-)08:50
rohi will check back with you for last wishes before doing the full run, but i'll order the spacers and rest of the stuff asap then.08:50
wolfspraulroh: aside from the exact mic coordinates that ADam will give you, the next and probably last open thing are the button labels08:50
wolfspraullet's see what Sebastien says about that when he's back08:50
wolfspraultotally unlabeled is not good imo08:50
rohsure. thats why i will check back with you.08:50
wolfsprauloh now I remember08:51
wolfspraulwe discussed the button labels before!08:51
wolfsprauland I think back then our best idea was L ON R08:51
wolfspraull for left, r for right08:51
wolfspraulmaybe on the same height and font size like the IR ... USB? or smaller and closer to the buttons? right above them maybe?08:52
rohanyhow.. that still has a few days to get finally decided ;)08:52
wolfspraulanyway let's see about that one when lekernel is back08:52
wolfspraulI think L ON R would not be too bad, that's my first proposal unless something better comes in...08:53
rohneed to sleep a bit now ;) and do some it-leftovers from the last 4 weeks of building afterwards. we were really down to 'security only' on a lot of systems. need to do some maintainance and work down stuff.08:54
wolfspraulsure, cya, and n808:54
kristianpaulshit, is me or iverilog have problems with FSM... always @(*)19:18
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