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lekerneljuliam_c: I might be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that this lattice sdram controller had a more restrictive license09:25
lekernelroh: http://events.ccc.de/camp/2011/space.html no mention of AMSAT ?10:20
rohthink of it as examples.10:38
rohits a list which cannot be complete. if you know amsat-people.. invite them10:38
lekernelwell, AMSAT is by far the most advanced 'amateur/hacker' satellite project10:43
lekernelthey had dozens of successful satellites, and the first one was only a couple of years after Sputnik10:43
lekernelit feels really weird that they're not even mentioned after these achievements10:43
lekernelI don't know anyone at AMSAT, at least not directly10:45
lekernelplease do not make the CCC like boingboing and take care of quality projects instead of hyped projects :-)10:49
awlekernel, did the NO LOAD condition on 2A fuse & 5.6V Zener, you can check the results http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Protection_of_Reversed_Polarity_on_DC_plug-in#Sch._D-112:52
awlekernel, tomorrow I'll do LOAD condition.12:53
lekerneljuliam_c: actually what I read was about the DDR controller. for the SDR, I don't know.19:09
juliam_cI think that for my purpose that SDR ctrl is useful, but now im trying to run linux and i had to change the address space of CSR in /arch/lm32/include/asm/hw to 0x80000000 and the interrputs order in the vector, but its actually not working. ill be trying to make it run with the lattice's sdr-controller... i now trying to identify why its having problems with "ret" instruction....19:15
lekernelomg http://koders.com/c/fidE6A14168FAC673EF95A12C9471BBCFC8FDAF6351.aspx?s=route.c#L10222:19
lekernel(openbsd netstat command)22:19
rohhorrormovies at bedtime. n822:22
wpwraki've seen much worse :)23:11
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