#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-04-24

kristianpaulhmm with cti we could do burst cyles00:20
kristianpaulha!, just cti 001 :D00:21
mwallelekernel: (yeah but for what simulator?) the first one is for gdb sim and the second one for qemu (evr bsp), but you cant remove it, because then the scripts used at OAR wont terminate anymore10:35
mwalleis lekernel reading the logs? :)10:35
kristianpaulwow https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Milkymist, thanks wpwrak wich poit it at qi-harware12:34
wpwrakkristianpaul: no, that wasn't me12:37
wpwrakkristianpaul: (checking my logs ....) yes, wolfgang12:38
kristianpaulyes checking, i just wake up :-)12:39
wpwraki agree that the article looks very nice, though12:39
kristianpauland very updated !12:39
kristianpaulthat soc diagram was commited just a week ago, no more than two :-)12:39
kristianpauloh yes, was wolfgang but my brain asociated with you first :/, i need bette got for some morning juice12:40
wolfspraulI have no idea who wrote the article12:50
wolfspraulI added the sales number (32), a few categories, enlarged the soc diagram a little12:51
wolfspraulbut the text was someon else12:51
wolfspraulit's a solid start though, for sure12:51
wolfspraulkristianpaul: I read the backlogs sometimes, not always12:51
kristianpaulme too12:55
kristianpaulwishbone to ram, finally !!13:52
kristianpaulwith this i'll migrate pratically with near-zero effort :D13:52
kristianpaulall is about memory :D14:01
wolfspraulhey after the Milkymist fragrance there now is another Milkymist14:32
wolfspraulan Indian curry or so14:32
wolfspraulI think we are in good company.14:33
wolfspraulfragrance, tasty food, and... the computing revolution14:33
lekernelyeah... milkymist.in has already been there for couple of years actually14:35
kristianpauland whatever  the .net is as well14:36
lekernelah, that one is new14:36
kristianpauland .com ..14:36
lekernelCreation Date:   2010-07-0714:37
lekernel.com is mine14:37
kristianpaulah ;)14:37
kristianpaulput something there ! :-)14:37
lekernelit redirects to the .org, no?14:37
kristianpaultest looks good :-)14:37
lekerneldoesn't work for you?14:37
kristianpauli got a root dir with a test.php file..14:37
lekernelwhat IP do you have for www.milkymist.com ?14:38
lekernelshould be
kristianpaulhell with my isp..14:39
kristianpaullekernel: are of aware if some of the current mm1 soc cores uses block transfer cycles?14:46
lekernelwhat is a block transfer cycle?14:47
kristianpaulwell, thats explained in the wishbone B4 spec doc14:47
lekernelwell probably not then14:48
lekernelah, burst14:48
lekernelyeah the cpu does it14:48
lekernelit was called burst before, no?14:48
kristianpauldunno, it not burst when using cti?14:49
lekernelcti is used for bursts yes14:49
kristianpaulBtw why you decied to move the mimimac DMA to a wishbone slave connected to a dual ported ram?14:54
kristianpaulthere is a know or posible bug around that? or.. just to keep simplicity?14:55
kristianpauls/that/memory/ram system memory..14:56
lekernelthere were those overflow problems... I don't really know if they were due to a lack of bus bandwidth or to a simple bug, but I had already spent too much time on ethernet14:56
lekernelit just had to work14:56
kristianpaulyeah, may be this issue just get noticed when working with data need to be verified, process that obviouslly is not needed with audio and video14:59
Action: kristianpaul will not try DMA neither for now15:00
kristianpaulhmm, pipeline traffic mode is just in revision B415:05
kristianpaulha, is me or there is no wishbone switch implementation at opencores.. :o15:09
lekerneljust don't bother with opencores... I never found anything worthy there15:13
lekernelopencores is for bachelor degree projects, period15:14
kristianpaulwell, lets start a milkymist cores repository.., if a core got running on the mm1, and lekernel dont complaint about it is a good sign for that design ;)15:18
scrtsare there any alternatives for opencores?15:18
lekernelscrts: yeah, github15:19
lekernelit's better in every aspect, except it doesn't link HDL projects together15:20
scrtsyeah... damn hard to find ANYTHING there :\15:21
lekernelotoh a repository of links to HDL projects hosted on github/bitbucket/whatever shouldn't be too hard to come with15:22
lekernelwhich opencores should just be, but instead of that they're being anal retentive about the files needing to be hosted on their server15:23
kristianpaulgitorious !15:23
scrtsat least that jpeg encoder on opencores works fine15:24
lekernelreally? wow15:24
kristianpaulphew, 3 days reading from time to time the wishbone spec doc, after all is not so complicated how it works15:24
kristianpaulscrts: there is no zlib enconder to?15:24
kristianpaulbooting mm1 became a bit slow this days ;)15:25
lekernelhow many JPEGs have you encoded with it? sometimes, opencores stuff works on a case or two, but breaks randomly like shit in real use cases, and trying to fix the messy code is like opening a massive can of worms15:25
kristianpaulthats nasty btw15:25
scrtswell that wasn't mine project, but I've seen it realized and working fine15:25
scrtscapturing rgb image from camera -> encode -> send via wireless lan15:26
lekernelif it works as fine as you say that's interesting15:26
kristianpaulscrts: and you are happy? isnt?, thats the goal ;-)15:26
lekernelwe could use that for MJPEG streaming out of the MM115:26
lekernelbut I don't hold my breath ...15:26
scrtsI suppose the cores uploaded by You guys to opencores are working too?15:27
Action: kristianpaul uses git15:27
kristianpaullol it exits http://opencores.org/project,deflatecore15:27
kristianpaulbut vhdl..15:28
lekernelscrts: got a link to this 'working fine' JPEG encoder?15:28
kristianpaulah is lzma wat bios uses..15:29
scrtscontacr the author, he will tell You all the worms if there are any :)15:30
scrtsI suppose many of "FPGA proven" projects there should be working15:30
Action: kristianpaul thinking how link customs cores to current source code15:31
kristianpaulie a lzm boosts core15:32
lekernelyeah... we should have a 'partial reconfiguration' interface to load 'plugins'15:32
lekernelwould be useful as well for dubious code like this JPEG thing15:32
lekerneland to cut down synthesis times15:32
kristianpauland not mess/hack the original source lib in the process. or..15:32
kristianpauloh please (cut down synthesis times)15:33
scrtsbtw.. is there any graphical linker to LM32 like SOPC builder for Nios or EDK for MIcroBlaze?15:33
kristianpaulmux mux, he not so complicated15:47
kristianpaulwishbone specs is a MUST read doc15:49
lekernelyeah there's the lattice micosystem builder15:52
lekernelI have never used it15:53
kristianpaulah that one is wrriten with eclipse i remenber..15:55
kristianpaulone guy joined this channel asking support about it, now i remenber :-)15:55
lekernelthere's also someone who praised it on the list...15:56
scrtsbtw, who did mm pcb?16:12
scrtsI mean the routing itself, not manufacturing16:12
kristianpaulask on the list, but i think you can find PCB manufacturing name on qi-wiki there is a directory like page for that16:19
scrtsnah, I am searching for the pcb image itself, I am interested how DDR memory is traced on the board16:20
scrtsah, found it @ milkymist one page16:21
kristianpaulscrts: btw if you can export milkymist pcb layout layer by layer and send the pdf to the ML i will be gratefull16:23
scrtshmm, I will try16:28
scrtsI see that wire lengths are not equal16:28
scrtsthere was no problems with that?16:28
scrtskristianpaul where do You want me to put the pdfs?16:33
kristianpaulscrts: how big those are to send to the list?16:39
kristianpaulscrts: may be lekernel can host it with the other schmatics on the milkymist web page?16:39
scrtsits actually one pdf 1,5MB16:39
scrtsI am not on the list yet16:39
scrtsmaybe You want it sent by email?16:40
kristianpaulor wikisend :_)16:40
kristianpaulis prety easy16:40
scrtsjust give me a link where to send :)16:40
kristianpaulscrts: http://wikisend.com/16:41
scrtshttp://wikisend.com/download/413904/Final Artwork Prints.pdf16:41
scrtsshould work16:42
kristianpaulgot it16:42
scrtscheck if its ok16:42
kristianpaulhe well  i dont know the layout for all layers..16:44
kristianpaullet me see16:44
kristianpauli dont see the botton...16:51
kristianpaulah wai not16:52
kristianpaullooks okay, thanks scrts16:52
kristianpaulhe, just matter of search and i found this too http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/index.php?title=File:MM1_RC1_PCB_DESIGNs.pdf&page=116:54
scrtsthis pdf is made of rc216:55
kristianpaulwich is much better :-)16:55
Action: kristianpaul miss some colors16:55
mwallelekernel: (yeah but for what simulator?) the first one is for gdb sim and the second one for qemu (evr bsp), but you cant remove it, because then the scripts used at OAR wont terminate anymore17:11
lekerneldid you write this?17:11
mwallethe second one, yes17:11
lekernelhm, ok17:12
mwallethat was before mm days ;)17:12
lekernelanyone uses the EVR anyway? :-)17:12
mwallethe lm32 coverage analysis, yes17:12
mwallebut you could talk joel into using the mm bsp :)17:13
lekerneloutdated uart driver api, outdated IRQ API, answer "just a toy project" from original developer when asked about those, etc.17:13
mwallethe problem is the couverture port for lm32.. i havent updated it for.. um.. 2 years?17:14
mwalle1 year17:14
mwalleU-Boot 2011.03-00168-g73e5476-dirty (Apr 23 2011 - 19:07:50)17:15
mwalleBuffalo Linkstation Pro (LS-XHL)17:15
mwalleyey :)17:15
lekernelwhy did you choose that obscure lm32 architecture for couverture? *g*17:16
mwalles/obscure/simple/ :)17:22
kristianpaul"the lowest two bits are always zero." ADR_O lm32, ahh that exp:aing a doubt i have related with csr adr decodin..18:03
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rb33b555 / src/fb.c : Fix autostart crash in 640x480 - http://bit.ly/gVieeY19:01
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r1230e7f / src/version.h : Bump version number - http://bit.ly/eIYheo19:04
CIA-48mtk: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r6b201c7 / lib/edit.c : Edit: show line numbers - http://bit.ly/gtHPrr20:37
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rd8c2954 / src/keyboard.c : Keyboard controls autobuild - http://bit.ly/hWT7la21:14
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf388ed2 / src/keyboard.c : Keyboard controls autobuild: take starting key into account - http://bit.ly/eyif1J21:16
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rea2d349 / src/keyboard.c : Keyboard controls autobuild: sort files before cutting - http://bit.ly/eOJpib21:22
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf8706f8 / (src/keyboard.c src/midi.c): MIDI controls autobuild - http://bit.ly/gjM3tg22:24
wpwrakhihi, "Divination" ;-)) someday, autocomplete will start a war somewhere :)22:33
wpwraklekernel: hmm, "Revision" (ex-"Breakpoint") might have been a place to showcase mm1: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Demo-Party-Revision-Gelungener-Einstand-1232297.html23:11
wpwraklekernel: there are similar events, e.g., one in switzerland in august: http://bnz19.buenz.li/   but probably a lot smaller23:12
mwallerevision 2011 was 200m away from my work ;)23:14
wpwrakmwalle: a cool, so you know of it. did you take an mm1 there ?23:15
mwallei couldnt convince my gf to spent 60 eur for visiting the party23:15
wpwrakmwalle: dump her ! :)23:15
mwallelol :b23:15
lekernelah yeah revision... actually I talked to those guys already but they weren't very welcoming23:22
wpwraklekernel: stupid of them :-( considering the one in .ch ? smaller may mean less of an attitude23:23
lekerneldunno if it has anything to do with size23:24
wpwraklekernel: you can just ping them and see how they react. i would consider mm1 extremely relevant for this kind of event. it may just be too radical for some to comprehend ;-)23:28
wpwrakhmm, thinking of it, someone should bring a ben with vga out and show something funny ;-)23:30
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