#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-04-22

kristianpaulhe, now learn how to use wishbone :)00:34
kristianpaulhmm, tricy, the minimac2 core, indeed uses conbus and seens to adress directly to a dual ported ram01:02
kristianpaulsame as usb.. i dont remenber01:02
kristianpauland CSR bus seems preferable to control cores01:03
kristianpaulnot use the wishbone directly of course, is non-sense01:03
wolfspraullekernel: what's the URL of that photographer in Cologne (?) that turned out to be too expensive? I cannot find it anymore...10:47
guyzmowhat's the feature used by lfterm to upload the kernel ?11:45
guyzmoI could recode it or find it in other console program11:45
wolfspraulexcellent, thanks [peterginter]11:54
lekernelguyzmo: it's a custom protocol, if you want to use it on OSX the easiest way is to find out why flterm doesn't work on that platform12:04
lekernelsince it apparently fails to receive any character from the serial port, it shouldn't be too hard to find out12:04
lekerneli'd guess it's a problem with poll()/select()12:05
guyzmowell, I'm testing it using a linux vm, so at least I'm sure the luam firmware works12:11
guyzmohad a prompt !12:11
guyzmokristianpaul - is there a lua function to reboot properly the milkymist ? :)12:26
guyzmocleanly I mean12:26
xiangfuwriting ChangeLog now...12:34
xiangfuguyzmo: I have a small question about lua running in milkymist, lua is a script language(http://www.lua.org/) then it should can not to access the hardware. only can running on milkymist right?12:41
xiangfuit can not write file to NOR flash. can not read NOR flash right? is the LUA linked RTEMS libs?12:42
guyzmoxiangfu - well, I didn't dig into the code, so I can't tell, but lua is indeed linked against rtems12:43
xiangfuguyzmo: (lua linked against rtems) got it. thanks.12:44
xiangfuguyzmo: I found the 'awesome windows manager' is using lua :)12:44
guyzmoxiangfu - and that's the point of my question, whether there is some abstraction to control some basic hardware features12:44
guyzmoxiangfu - as well as the sony PSP :p12:44
lekernelwhat do you want to control?13:01
guyzmolekernel - reboot, inputs/outputs...13:04
lekernelyou can try controlling DMX with the file I/O functions13:04
lekernelfor reboot just press the 3 buttons at the same time13:04
lekernelopen /dev/dmx_{in,out}, then seek/read/write13:05
lekernelif you don't have /dev/dmx*, you may need to recompile Lua with the DMX driver in the driver table ... (see how flickernoise does in main.c)13:06
guyzmolekernel - about flterm, it seems macosx treats POLLHUP as POLLIN...13:21
lekerneldid you get flterm to work?13:21
guyzmo(from what I've found)13:21
guyzmonot yet, I'm trying this out13:21
guyzmoI was googling over the mailing lists and the known poll() bugs on OSX13:22
guyzmobecause we can't be the firsts to encounter that kind of bug :)13:22
kristianpaulguyzmo: (lua prompt) nice13:23
kristianpaulguyzmo: reboot from lua? not implemented..13:24
kristianpaulxiangfu: (acess hardware with lua) not currently, well sdt input/output (uart) at least, but lua is not hard to custom :-)13:26
guyzmokristianpaul - but we indeed have /dev/* access as lekernel tells me ?13:28
kristianpaulbut not by default i think..13:31
guyzmoabout the poll() bug : http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-gnulib@gnu.org/msg00296.html13:32
kristianpaulgood there is a patch..13:34
guyzmoyup, but still m4 autofsck mess13:35
guyzmodamn gnu people13:35
xiangfuguyzmo: you decide debug flterm under MacOS :D13:39
guyzmoxiangfu - at least I'm trying13:39
guyzmobut I won't spent too much time on that, though13:40
xiangfuguyzmo: maybe you can create a new 'issue' at https://github.com/milkymist/bugs/issues ? just for other people who want try flterm in macos. we can point him to some URL :)13:41
guyzmoxiangfu - yup, but first I'm trying to point exactly what's wrong13:41
guyzmoand where it blocks13:42
lekernellol? you can't poll() /dev files on OSX?13:44
lekernelwhat to use instead? select()? hahaha13:45
guyzmoI hope not :)13:45
lekernelbtw that patch seems to be just an autocrap macro to detect whether poll() works with /dev/* or not13:46
guyzmoyup, but it talks about a poll replacement that is no where :-S13:46
lekerneland btw yes it seems one has to use select()13:47
kristianpaulbtw for shell and getting hardware support already well made in rtems, lua should no be linked stadalone anymore and luam should be added as rtems custom command13:47
kristianpaul(need to recompile Lua with the DMX driver in the driver table ) ya, too, but lua shell support a filesystem already?13:48
lekerneli think so13:55
guyzmo % man poll13:55
guyzmo     The poll() system call currently does not support devices.13:55
lekernelguyzmo: use linux :)13:56
guyzmolekernel - that's what I do :)13:56
guyzmoso I can open an issue in the tracker, and directly mark it as 'wontfix' ;)13:56
lekernelwell i guess you can replace it with select()13:56
guyzmoI just don't have the time to rollback to select()13:57
kristianpaulbootcamp support linux recently ;)13:57
guyzmoI got a linux vm running13:57
kristianpaulah, yes Yann do same i think..13:58
guyzmobut hell, a fscking community of FLOSS developers are able to write a working poll() implementation, and a private held company like next and then apple can't ?14:00
kristianpaulyup :_)14:01
lekernelwell there are things that FLOSS developers can't do but apple can. making a nice GUI without X, touchscreens that work, successful hardware products, ...14:02
kristianpaulhum.. i agree in the out-of-the-box/turnkey experience, (not gui, thats software, that doest matter if all works)14:04
kristianpaulha, wishbone and avalon control signals do almost same just have different less or more explicative names..14:05
lekernelxiangfu: how's it going with keymap and language support?14:49
lekerneldon't worry about the autostart problems, i'll fix those14:50
lekerneland add a register set by the BIOS to indicate rescue boot ...that's one's easy... what is less easy is how to properly read that value back in RTEMS14:51
lekernelthere's always the option of making the CRT store it into some global variable, then read that global variable in the app... one more thing that Ralf will hate I think :-)14:52
kristianpaulhe yeah, some guys are from lorea15:07
xiangfulekernel: I meet small bug about three keys. I bought germen/french keyboard today. will get them in next two days. I think I have to get the French keyboard that I can make it working.15:15
xiangfulekernel: first I will still using the keymap.c layout map. then next step will look into the input.c as you said only one key map in input.c is enough.15:15
xiangfulekernel: I am working on ben nanonote this week a little. so maybe a little slow.15:16
kristianpaullekernel: Do you still using distcc in order to do simultaneos map and par ?16:35
kristianpaulis the goal isnt? or..16:35
lekernelI use the "smartxplorer" xilinx script16:36
Action: lekernel is in "project promotion" mode today. submitting CFPs, funding applications, email advertising, and bothering people who didn't answer earlier emails.16:45
guyzmohum just had an idea of workaround for the poll thing.. I could create a pipe file to the chardev file and open flterm with the pipe :)17:43
kristianpaulnice workaround i think17:48
guyzmogonna test that tuesday18:05
lekernelaren't pipes unidirectional?18:57
lekernelalso you'd lose baudrate setting etc.18:58
kristianpaulbaudrate :/19:15
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