#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2011-04-21

lekernelno one mentioned thawte, shuttleworth or ubuntu yet. could make for nice discussion about how this crap funds free software.00:53
carlobarhi, im trying to run the bootloader with a HPDMC modified for 16bit ddr memories. i got this error:  Memory test failed, entering manual mode. can you give me some advice to find the error? thanks01:19
kristianpaulCycle Type Identifier02:21
Action: kristianpaul had read TFM 02:22
kristianpaulokay, support for 7th slave added,02:46
kristianpaullets try sintesis..02:46
kristianpaul1 2 3 4 5-6..02:55
kristianpaultoo many non usable memory between then..02:55
kristianpaulbut anyway02:55
kristianpaulha, i  just steal 128Mbytes of addresing to de the bug core ;-)02:56
kristianpaulhe, 3 typos, but finally doing sintesis03:17
kristianpaulcool http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/index.php?title=Milkymist_One_pictures !13:24
lekernelha, nice13:25
lekernelwho took that?13:25
kristianpaulask Yi13:27
kristianpauldam i break something in the conbus,, what looks bad on this diff http://paste.debian.net/114741/ ??¡13:32
lekernelcan't find it at a glimpse... are you sure it's a conbus problem?13:39
lekernelhave you updated the addresses correctly in system.v ?13:39
lekernelconbus (and system.v) is a pain... we should autogenerate it e.g. with a python script13:40
kristianpaulsystem.v main http://paste.debian.net/114742/13:40
kristianpaulhmm, script.. i may use lua and learn do scripts with that on the way :-)13:41
lekernelwhy use one extra bit?13:41
lekernelyou could put it after SDRAM or after CSR, no?13:41
kristianpaulahh well, i tought that13:42
kristianpaulbut according to your commits, you never changed something before SDRAM..13:42
kristianpaulhe, well13:42
kristianpauli'll do that way :-)13:42
kristianpaullekernel: may i broke software side putting it between debug and USB?13:43
kristianpaulokay, after SDRAM looks logical for me :-)13:44
guyzmooï !13:44
kristianpaul0 1 2 3 4 5 6 :D13:44
kristianpaulhola guyzmo :)13:44
guyzmokristianpaul - I think I've compiled everything needed for compiling lua13:45
guyzmoso I followed your blog post http://kristianpaul.org/comoblog/Hacked_port_of_Lua_for_the_Milkymist_One.html13:45
guyzmoand done make rtems, but it failed finding bsp_specs13:45
guyzmoso I've read the make file and found out I had a missing ENV13:45
lekernelhave you set your $RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH env?13:45
guyzmoso I did make rtems RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/milkymist13:45
kristianpaulmissing a shell variable?13:45
guyzmobut now, I got a linking mess13:46
lekerneljust use export RTEMS_ ...13:46
guyzmolm32-rtems4.11-gcc -o lua  lua.o liblua.a -lm -lm -B/opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/milkymist/lib -specs bsp_specs -qrtems13:46
guyzmolua.o: In function `report':13:46
guyzmolua.c:(.text+0xd4): undefined reference to `lua_type'13:46
guyzmolua.c:(.text+0xd4): relocation truncated to fit: R_LM32_CALL against undefined symbol `lua_type'13:46
guyzmo(of course there are a lot more after that)13:46
kristianpaulpastebin? :-)13:47
guyzmoso I think there's something else that is wrong13:47
lekernelI don't think this has anything to do with bsp_specs or rtems13:47
guyzmolekernel - so do I13:47
lekernelcan you upload the full message at pastebin.com?13:47
guyzmoI think it does not find a lib13:47
kristianpaulguyzmo: can you compile hello word for rtems gsoc?13:49
guyzmokristianpaul - where is that ?13:49
kristianpaulguyzmo: http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Run_RTEMS_sample_applications_on_the_Milkymist_One_board_and_on_Qemu#Run_the_sample_applications_on_the_Milkymist_One_board13:49
lekernelranlib: warning for library: liblua.a the table of contents is empty (no object file members in the library define global symbols)13:49
lekernelthen it doesn't find any of the lua symbols13:49
lekernelsounds linked :)13:49
guyzmolekernel - I just saw that too13:49
lekernelah, got it13:50
lekernelit's a Mac-specific bug :)13:50
lekernelFallenou ran into it too13:50
lekernelsee the command "ar rcu liblua.a lapi.o lcode.o ldebug.o ..."?13:50
lekernelthat should be "lm32-rtems4.11-ar rcu liblua.a lapi.o lcode.o ldebug.o ..."13:50
guyzmono challenge no fun :13:50
guyzmohm... that makes sense actually13:51
lekernelotherwise it builds a library archive with the Mac OSX format which for some weird reason has some differences with the 'regular' one13:51
guyzmothink different.13:51
kristianpaulha, mac !13:51
Action: kristianpaul happy with debian and a cheap amd computer13:52
guyzmoyou know what13:54
guyzmoI think it worked :)13:54
guyzmois there a scp-like feature to upload to milkymist ? :)13:54
lekernelif you press F8 on the splash screen it will boot from network13:55
lekernelbut you need a TFTP server13:55
lekernelor you can use the serial cable and flterm13:55
guyzmobut I just want to upload my lua binary to the milkymist, not boot from the network13:55
lekernelsince you'll need the serial console for lua anyway13:56
lekernelwell the binary you just compiled needs to be booted13:56
lekernelit contains the OS, libraries and everything13:56
guyzmoah ?13:56
kristianpaulyeah my blog post include that steps btw, last two13:56
kristianpaulguyzmo: he mean all is static linked13:56
lekernelthere's no dynamic loading of binaries with rtems13:57
guyzmohow do I connect to the MM1 with a serial connection ? TTL-USB cable ?13:58
lekernel3.3V (no 5V!)13:59
kristianpaulyou should get a jtag-serial pod with your mm1, isnt?13:59
kristianpaulguyzmo: a small board next to ethenet connector14:00
guyzmokristianpaul - I got a jtag connector, and a 4 pin serial connector14:01
lekernelyeah so use the serial connector14:01
lekernelit's a 3.3V port and the naming of the wires is relative to the board - i.e. the board will output voltage on the TX pin and receive on the RX pin14:02
lekernelif you're using a FTDI cable just connect GND, not 3.3V14:02
lekernelyou don't have the jtag-serial pod right?14:03
guyzmothat thing ? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:M1_jtagserialpod_run1_cannot_be_detected_by_FTDI_Prog_due_to_V-Cut_backside.png14:04
guyzmook I got to hack an adaptor between my USB-232C-3V3 and the serial pins14:05
lekernelguyzmo: you can remove the pins on the FTDI cable and rearrange them14:06
lekernelthey come out and back easily14:06
lekernelon the ftdi cable connector, for each cable lift a bit the little plastic holder with a knife and pull the cable14:07
lekernelif you look at one side of the ftdi connector, you see some exposed metal... the holders that block the pins are just above it14:07
guyzmolekernel - nice hint14:08
lekernelwell before we had the JTAG pods I used those modified FTDI cables :)14:08
guyzmoas it's h:D's cable, I was a bit afraid to break it14:08
lekerneljust don't lift the holders too much or they will break... less than a millimeter is enough14:09
lekernelif you have the same cable as me, only three wires should remain - black orange and yellow, in this order14:11
lekerneland black goes to GND14:11
guyzmoand why shall'nt I connect the 3.3V pin ?14:15
guyzmoare you sure about black/orange/yellow ?14:16
guyzmothe doc says orange == Tx and yellow == Rx14:16
guyzmoit's Tx (cable) on Rx (board) ?14:16
lekernelthe 3.3V pin is only for powering cables that do not have their own power, unlike the ftdi cable14:16
lekernelthe doc says orange == Tx and yellow == Rx <= so it should be ok14:16
lekernelblack is gnd?14:17
lekernelblack goes to the side of the connector14:17
wolfspraullekernel: we took some m1 product photos, what do you think? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_pictures14:18
wolfspraulof course there is more missing, especially shots in a 'use environment', but it's a start I think14:19
lekernelyeah I saw them14:19
lekernelvery cool :)14:19
wolfspraulwe can also use some of this raw shots to create something bigger later digitally14:19
wolfspraulthere are still many details we may improve, the angle is a bit too much tilted towards looking at the PCB14:20
wolfspraulthe screws should be black14:20
wolfspraulthe PCB is not very clean inside, some fingerprints too (ethernet connector)14:20
wolfsprauland so on14:20
wolfspraulfeedback welcome14:20
wolfspraulhow do you like that greenish effect on some of them?14:23
wolfspraulI am not sure whether we think that 'looks good', or whether we think it is 'misleading'14:24
guyzmoI don't have flterm14:24
guyzmowhere are the sources of flterm ?14:25
wolfspraulbetween #2 and #3, I like the perspective of #2 better14:26
wolfspraulwith DMX & video-in visible at the front14:26
guyzmo16:22 <wolfsprau> with DMX & video-in visible at the front14:27
wolfspraulwhen holding with hands, it seems to look better with 2 hands (I haven't seen the 1-hand version)14:27
lekernelah, yeah, dust and fingerprints... they can be quite noticeable on the hi res pics14:28
lekernelalso you left the label on the vga connector14:28
wolfspraulwhere did you see fingerprints?14:28
lekernelethernet connector14:28
wolfspraulforgotten :-)14:29
wolfspraulin general the pics are quite good14:29
wolfspraulthe case is very clean, although a few spots on the inside of the acrylic14:29
lekernelmuch better than what we have atm14:29
wolfspraulthe pcb is not very clean, and some fingerprints inside, hand-written label, etc.14:29
wolfspraulthe angle is too much towards the pcb, should be flatter imo14:30
wolfspraul#2 a little more to the left, so video-in rca jacks are better visible14:30
wolfsprauldepth is not perfect, I think it should be focused all the way from front of case to back of case14:30
wolfspraulneed to experiment a little more with depth14:30
wolfspraulof course a little softer may also look good, we can just judge the end result, which I think is not bad14:31
wolfspraulanyway we are not Apple, we don't need pictures that are spotless to the last pixel14:31
wolfsprauljsut good enough so any blog or print magazine can use them without our picture dragging down the visual quality of the publication14:31
wolfspraullekernel: how about that greenish effect?14:33
lekernelI don't know14:33
wolfspraulbetween #2 and #3, which one do you prefer?14:33
lekernelas a matter of fact I have not seen this case color in much detail14:33
wolfspraulif you had to pick the 'better' one of the two14:33
wolfspraulthe green definitely looks interesting I think, and m1 is a lot about colors and visual output14:34
kristianpaul(eenish effect) i personally liked it14:34
wolfspraulI think people will understand that it's a lighting effect of the photo, not from the case14:34
kristianpaulat least called my atention14:34
lekernel#2 shows video in, dmx and midi14:34
lekernelso i'd pick that one14:34
wolfspraulok, I agree14:35
wolfspraulthat also means that the upper side is lighter14:35
wolfspraulbecause otherwise the thick & dark dmx/midi connectors are on top14:35
lekernelthe first one with the hands is good as well, it gives a better idea of size14:35
wolfspraul(this only matters with the transparent case)14:35
wolfspraulyes, for sure [size]14:35
wolfspraulkristianpaul: do you think that greenish effect is misleading?14:36
wolfspraulthat's my only concern14:36
wolfspraulit's an effect from an additional light source, it has nothing to do with the case color itself14:36
wolfspraulnot that people say 'my case doesn't have this green, I return it' :-)14:37
kristianpaulwolfspraul: a bit, something like, "hey dont make sense why is green when case was blue", ah is an affect :-)14:39
wolfspraulit looks nice/mysterious14:40
wolfspraulI'm just trying to gather feedback14:40
wpwrak(green) it looks ... impure14:40
wolfspraulthe pictures cost ca. 250 USD btw, just fyi14:40
kristianpaulwell, is profesional stuff :-)14:41
wolfspraulstudio in shanghai14:42
wpwrakin the sense of apple aesthetics, #1 with the perspective of #2 might be closest. also gives you an additional idea of size.14:42
wolfspraulfor the next round maybe we try another studio, there are plenty in Shanghai14:42
wolfspraulin a city of 23 million that never sleeps :-)14:43
wpwrakas in "two hands" being an easier measure than "six times that large audio connector"14:43
wolfspraullekernel: if you can take more shots please go ahead. I remember there was this idea with a photographer in Cologne? something like that14:43
wolfspraulwe also need some 'm1 in use' shots14:43
lekernelyeah but he's extremely expensive14:43
lekernel2500E a day14:44
wolfspraulah well :-)14:44
wolfspraulI will probably make another round, but I have a good start now14:44
kristianpaulyeah, gree effect looks impurte thats true.14:45
wolfspraulI think it looks interesting14:45
guyzmoto boot with luam with the serial cable, what's the procedure ? I connect the cable, launch flterm and then boot the MM1 ?14:45
wpwrakkristianpaul: a bit like nicotine stains on a beige office pc14:45
lekernelguyzmo: yes14:45
wolfspraulwpwrak: check your monitor14:45
kristianpaulguyzmo: on bios press Esc and fo serialboot14:46
lekernelthen type ESC to get a BIOS prompt and enter 'serialboot'14:46
lekernelor maybe serial is attempted before flash? I don't remember...14:46
kristianpaulnot anymore !14:46
lekerneli'm using netboot only now...14:46
kristianpaulat least there is a Function key shortcut for serial?14:47
lekernelmore libs = more bloat :p14:47
lekernelserial takes ages14:47
lekernelno, only for netboot14:47
wpwrak(monitor) hmm, on some it looks a bit cleaner than on others. still ... dim yellow is a "dirt" color14:47
kristianpaullekernel: (netboot) i'll swich as soon migrate my router to pfsense so i can do specif dhcp tftp boots per mac addres :-D14:47
wpwrakwolfspraul: maybe try some selective red light ? like a spot or half-obscured14:48
kristianpaullekernel: are you using netboot to flash bitstream also?14:48
wpwrakblue + red = purple, a noble color14:48
lekernelit's fast with the jtag pod anyway14:49
wolfspraulok noted14:49
wolfspraulmixed feedback for greenish effect, try reddish14:49
wpwrakparticularly with the antiseptic look of the completely whited-out background, the yellow looks misplaced to me14:49
wolfspraulI am not sure whether/when I'll do another round. I want to think a bit what we can do with some of those raw shots too, like #214:50
kristianpaulno effects!14:50
wolfspraulmaybe we can digitally put them in front of something, light effects, night scene, whatever14:50
wolfspraulkristianpaul: the product is mostly used at night14:50
wolfspraulthat is not in any way coming across right now14:50
wolfspraulnot that it needs to come across in all pictures, but it's missing now14:50
kristianpaulwell, just turn off lights and iluminte it with a rain-bow like light source? :-)14:51
wolfspraulthe easiest way to do this may be digitally based on the shots we have now14:51
wpwrak(nocturnal) yeah, looks more like iMilk :)14:51
wolfspraulit's all about the most economic way14:51
wolfsprauleven in shanghai at such a studio time is money14:51
kristianpaulor take the mm1 to a bar put it on the bar, and carry the photografer with you ;-)14:51
wolfspraulso I may go back for another round, improve all those small details we are talking about now14:52
wolfspraulbut then we still need to think about digital enhancements, or digital settings14:52
kristianpaul"milkymist in the wild" :-)14:52
wolfspraulI will first focus on good raw material, some base shots.14:52
wolfspraulfor the rest I need feedback/ideas, or just people who try something digitally...14:53
kristianpaullater gimp? :-)14:53
kristianpaulokay i got the idea (raw)14:53
guyzmoI got timeout on serialboot :/14:53
wpwrak(mm in the wild) would need a dj environment, mm1 prominently in the foreground, people on the floor, and some nice image on a big screen behind the people. tricky.14:53
wolfspraulkristianpaul: we know the product best, so anything on the 'digitally enhanced' side is best done by us, not a studio14:53
lekernelguyzmo: pastebin14:53
wolfspraulunless we go to a studio to buy the whole artist and all, but that will take a lot of time and be super expensive14:54
kristianpaulguyzmo: you launch flterm first14:54
kristianpaulguyzmo: then serialboot later14:54
wolfspraulso I go to the studio to get good raw data I can quickly use14:54
wpwrakpov-ray it ;-)14:54
guyzmonothing more than : I: Attempting serial firmware loading \n E: Timeout14:54
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes correct [tricky]14:54
guyzmoI tried to switch Rx and Tx on the cable in case I've been wrong, but same thing :/14:54
wolfspraulprobably best is to just make it up digitally14:54
kristianpaulguyzmo: may be wrong rx-tx pin order?14:55
wolfspraulanyway no rush, those uploads are there14:55
lekernelguyzmo: full pastebin from flterm command line to timeout14:55
kristianpaulguyzmo: but is you got timeout and flterm was running, well14:55
wolfspraulwill continue to move14:55
kristianpaullooks hardware to me14:55
guyzmoflterm is just saying "[FLTERM] Starting..."14:55
wpwrakwolfspraul: you could also have a visibly artificial environment (e.g., cartoonish)14:55
kristianpaulguyzmo: it nevre show boot process?14:55
lekernelguyzmo: I want your fucking command line. to see if you typed it right.14:55
guyzmonothing to pastebin14:55
guyzmokristianpaul - nope14:55
guyzmoflterm --port /dev/tty.usbserial-FTEG7C6M --kernel luam14:55
guyzmo(yes, tty usb port in osx are pretty ugly)14:56
kristianpaulguyzmo: wrong seral port maybe?14:56
kristianpaulpermissions? :-)14:56
lekernelguyzmo: can I still have a look at the full log?14:56
guyzmolekernel - there is no log14:56
kristianpaulguyzmo: please respond to lekernel requirements, or he will got crazy ;)14:57
wpwrakwolfspraul: that way, you don't need the real-life setting. just get the dj instruments and the dance floor drawn, then put the mm1 real image and the demo. could also use black and white for the rest and color for the real pictures.14:57
kristianpauljust a  "[FLTERM] Starting..."14:57
kristianpaulthats the full log isnt?14:57
Action: kristianpaul looks at guyzmo 14:57
guyzmokristianpaul - indeed14:57
lekernelah, ok!14:57
lekernelwell then your serial cable doesn't work at all. simple as that.14:57
kristianpaulmay be rx/tx swap?14:58
guyzmolekernel - that's one I use with the cupcake makerbot14:58
lekerneldo you have another terminal program for osx? I'm not sure flterm has been tested on osx...14:58
guyzmokristianpaul - I'm reswaping it14:58
kristianpaulmakerbot cable is 5v?14:58
kristianpaulnot 3v3 or...14:58
guyzmono, 3v314:58
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes, sure. digitally there are many options, just needs ideas and execution power :-)14:58
kristianpaulhe, mine makerbot is 5v :p14:59
kristianpaulmay be sanguino is tolerant ;)14:59
kristianpaulanyway :-)14:59
wolfspraulI will probably not try to do this at a studio now (in use shots), so if someone wants to contribute something please do so.14:59
wolfspraulI added some other nice shots below on that page, like the glowing one and also kristian paul at that lab thing.15:00
guyzmoanyway, it's written "TTL-232R-3V3" on the cable, so I can't be mistaken :)15:00
kristianpaulsure :-)15:00
guyzmobut another solution is that I use a microsd to boot from15:00
lekernelwolfspraul: I was at Tacheles last night (they loved it btw) - hopefully I'll have a proper video of the output this time15:00
xiangfuguyzmo: you have to type the 'serialboot' on the usb keyboard that connect to m115:00
wpwrakwolfspraul: (in use at studio) probably way too complex to pull off. no idea how much it would cost to get dj desk and dancefloor drawn.15:00
lekernelwe used a vga->composite converter and then recorded it with an acquisition card15:01
guyzmoxiangfu - that's what I'm doing15:01
kristianpaulxiangfu: yes, but he dint get a boot log on flterm, so it is something else, posibly usb2ttl cable conection15:01
lekernelthe camera setup could have been better but well... :)15:01
kristianpaulha, i was not the only with that issues (camera setup)15:02
kristianpaulman i takes a bit to put the balck cloth, fix camera somwhere..15:02
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes, you need to know exactly what you really want from a studio or photographer.15:02
lekernelguyzmo: try with another terminal program. serial port APIs are such a mess on *nix that I wouldn't be surprised if flterm didn't work on mac15:02
guyzmokristianpaul - rx/tx switched, but no luck15:02
kristianpauland people wait you to do that15:02
wolfspraulthis shot went well I think, got some usable pics out of it, 250 USD, done.15:02
guyzmolekernel - what's the connection speed ?15:02
wpwrakah, the demo image should ideally include camera input, showing something that's recognizably part of the live scenery15:02
lekernelguyzmo: 115200 8-N-1 in any program should work15:02
guyzmook thanks15:02
kristianpaulguyzmo: try short circuit rx/tx and try use flterm or other serial console, type and wait for feedback15:03
wolfsprauljust go there to use their lights, cameras, they take the shots, have product experience etc.15:03
guyzmokristianpaul - shortcircuit them ?!15:03
lekernelI don't think it's an hardware problem15:03
kristianpaulof coutse discconet from mm1 first15:03
wolfspraulnot trying to setup a whole movie stage in their studio15:03
wpwrakwolfspraul: the pictures are nice if you want to go with the antiseptic look15:03
kristianpaulguyzmo: yeah, not better way of check if the cable is working well15:03
lekernelguyzmo: use black, orange yellow in this order and try another program15:03
wolfspraulis not "if I want to", it's the first step15:03
wolfspraulit can be used like this, or it can now be digitally merged into something not so antiseptic15:04
kristianpaulguyzmo: just rx and rx, so you loop/feedback the serial prot15:04
wolfspraulif we want to take a real-life shot of 'not antiseptic', then someone needs to explain to me how we set this up, where, how we take the pictures, etc.15:04
wolfspraulit sounds near impossible15:04
wolfspraulat night15:04
wolfspraullots of people15:04
wolfsprauleverything should be somehow in focus15:04
kristianpaulguyzmo: s/show circuit/join15:04
wolfspraulsome things shoudl be dark15:04
wolfspraulothers lit15:04
wolfspraulcome on15:04
kristianpauljoin sound less afressive ;)15:04
wolfspraulthis will never work15:04
guyzmoit works with screen15:05
wpwrakwolfspraul: (scenery) if you take something half-drawn, then you wouldn't need much more material. a good shot, possibly from the ones you already have, the drawings, then feed the part of the drawing you like into video in, add the effect, and you have the demo image. (or just fake it all, whatever is easier. doesn't have to be authentic.)15:05
lekernelwolfspraul: well, the native instruments people did it :p15:05
guyzmoso, there's 1 point for lekernel :)15:05
wolfspraullekernel: which url is your best example of their work?15:05
guyzmoit was not hardware15:05
wpwraklekernel: where ?15:05
guyzmoand it's black/orange/yellow15:06
wolfspraulI looked at that video, but it was mostly a software demo, all directly screengrabbed15:06
lekernelguyzmo: ok, then you have three options: 1) debug/fix flterm problems with osx 2) install a tftp server and use netboot 3) use linux with flterm15:06
kristianpaulguyzmo: ;)15:06
wolfspraulthere were some camera moves at a party, but mostly for introduction15:06
wolfspraulI can look again if you tell me what you like particularly...15:06
guyzmolekernel - boot from sdcard does not work ?15:06
lekernelit does, but it's a lot more hassle than netboot15:07
kristianpaulguyzmo: try15:07
kristianpaulguyzmo: it varies from sdcard and mmq1 owner ;)15:07
guyzmoahah ok :)15:07
wolfspraulI was thinking about some small video sequences too, like rotating the m1 around its own axis15:07
kristianpauls/sdcard/memory card15:07
guyzmofat formatted sdcard is ok ?15:07
wolfspraulcan be used in a commercial/video later15:07
lekernelguyzmo: netboot is easier really15:07
wolfspraulbut I will not do these things until I have a really good feeling how it will be processed later. don't want to create digital junk that nobody uses.15:07
kristianpaulxiangfu: did you ever tried boot from memory card?15:08
xiangfukristianpaul: no. always 'netboot'15:08
kristianpaulah, all you fancy net guys :-)15:08
xiangfukristianpaul: I do those everyday "Ctrl + Alt + Del" --> "Esc" --> "netboot" :)15:08
guyzmolekernel - but for the demo, it'll be easier to boot either from tty or from sdcard15:08
lekernelxiangfu: you can use F815:09
lekernelshortcut for netboot.. no need to use ESC15:09
kristianpaullekernel: does it look good for you http://paste.debian.net/114748/ ?15:10
lekernelwolfspraul: well the video I sent you http://www.youtube.com/user/NativeInstruments?v=xM6DaYyshyo&feature=pyv&ad=4890959023&kw=launchpad&gclid=CMOZ_bu6nKgCFQMu3wod8xQiHw#p/c/0/5l2LYrDRu4I15:10
lekernelkristianpaul: just use 2 bits for csr15:11
wolfspraulok I check again [video]15:11
wolfspraulI will read the backlog, n8 now15:11
xiangfulekernel: thanks. where is the document? I would like write another wiki page. "boot methods" :)15:11
wolfspraulif anybody has creative ideas for m1 marketing/advertisement/product shots, some good raw material is now there15:12
lekernelthere's this rather 'preliminary' page http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=BIOS_reference15:12
xiangfuor maybe "boot the milkymist one"15:12
kristianpaullekernel: (csr), ha yes i forgot the internal csr addressing width15:12
lekerneland http://www.milkymist.org/socdoc/bios.pdf15:12
xiangfulekernel: thanks.15:13
lekernelkristianpaul: as a general rule comparing more bits uses more hardware and slows things down15:13
kristianpaulhe, yeah15:13
wpwrakwolfspraul: regarding drawn images, i very much like the style of this artist: http://www.sinfest.net/ (today's comic isn't too good, there are better ones earlier) he mixes asian and western elements. semi-minimalistic. also sometimes varies styles.15:16
kristianpaulguyzmo: got it boot serial finally?16:29
lekernelhttp://www.livestream.com/cyper/video?clipId=pla_9c4240d4-54c8-4ae9-b69f-95fff1cec6ce ... hmm, video quality is crappier than I thought :(16:55
kristianpaulif people screen or make loud, that by default alter any running patch isnt?16:56
lekernelthat flash player is one great piece of a crap too16:57
kristianpaulindeed :-)16:58
guyzmoI had to move16:58
guyzmokristianpaul - nope, didn't try again16:58
guyzmowhat's the feature used to send the kernel through tty ?16:59
lekernelmore interesting stuff @ 14:00 ... with an awful quality16:59
guyzmoI mean, how is it called ? so I can see how it can be different in osx16:59
guyzmo(I could also try from a linux VM, but there's no challenge :) )17:00
lekernel(if you can scroll to 14:00 without the flash player crashing or being overwhelmed by ads)17:00
kristianpauli cant get load the video smoothly :/17:00
lekernelneither do I17:01
lekernellivestream is shit17:01
lekernelalso they use some retarded RTMP-based protocol which makes it hard to dump the stream and watch it with mplayer17:02
kristianpaulflash trap? :-)17:02
guyzmoapt-get install rstpdump ? :)17:03
kristianpaulnah, there no such us package17:04
guyzmoah ?17:05
guyzmoright :)17:05
kristianpaulwell i tought you mean it was one ;)17:05
lekernelkristianpaul: let me know if you can get streamdump to work :)17:05
Action: kristianpaul back to the hello word slave core task17:07
kristianpauldamn, still no boot..17:41
kristianpaullekernel: cant we use currently llhdl as it is to speed up sintesis of milkymist?17:44
Action: guyzmo off to gaîté lyrique17:45
lekernelkristianpaul: no17:45
guyzmomore fun to come tomorrow with the MM1 ;)17:45
lekernelat least not before a year or so, unless a team of 10 talented contributors suddenly joins in and sends daily patches of superior quality :-P17:46
kristianpauli tought at least ready for passing data to ngbuild...17:46
Action: lekernel replaced all m1 pictures on milkymist.org17:49
lekernelnow the main missing thing is a good quality video of patch rendering17:51
mwallelol morons at buffalo20:08
mwallethey place a 0805 resistor over two traces, so it looks like they cross the resistor underneath20:11
mwallebut they placed four pads under the resistor, so you can desolder the big one and short the two traces20:12
Action: lekernel has all the FAR values for the spartan 6 clb tiles20:12
Action: mwalle has serial output for his ls-xhl :)20:13
mwallelekernel: btw do you think a ac coupled uart is possible?20:13
lekernelyeah sure20:14
lekerneluse manchester coding20:14
mwalleno, normal uart symbols20:14
mwallethats another mistery about that linkstation(s) from buffalo, it seems that they place a C in series with TXD and RXD20:15
lekernelisn't it a resistor?20:15
kristianpaula C char?20:16
mwalleTXD pin --||-- uC20:16
lekernelare you sure it's uart?20:17
kristianpaulCapacitor, ok20:17
lekernelor at least rs232 uart20:17
mwallekristianpaul: capacitor20:17
mwallelekernel: yeah it is i shorted the Cs20:17
lekernelthis kind of AC coupling on digital systems is more common with high speed transceivers20:17
mwallemaybe its just another obfuscation20:18
mwallelekernel: yeah of course.. but im wondering if its possible20:18
mwallethe bias voltage (is it bias in this case?! :) ) is about 2.5V in the TXD path20:19
mwalleactually its a high pass, so if the cut off frequency is low enought for 115k uart..20:20
mwallenevertheless, shorting the Cs is working.. ;)20:21
mwallethey even has some uart enable strapping.. uboot skips uart initialization if its not asserted20:22
mwallehttp://www.walle.cc/ls-xhl/IMG_0732.JPG  R253 hid the TXD/RXD vias..20:35
mwallehttp://www.walle.cc/ls-xhl/IMG_0737.JPG R254 hid the ripped JTAG TDI/TCK traces20:37
mwalleconsecutive reference designators, intersting :)20:38
lekernelwe need milkymist soc based routers :p20:38
mwalleits a nas box :)20:38
lekernelwhat does that do? file server?20:39
lekernelsorry I'm not familiar with network gadgets :p20:39
mwalleyes file server20:40
kristianpaulrouter/swich/ap and the rest is software :-)20:40
lekernelmwalle: what do R253/R254 do?20:45
lekernelnothing? just obfuscation?20:45
mwallelekernel: nothing, bridge gnd to gnd ;)20:46
lekernelso the capacitors probably have a similar 'purpose'20:47
mwalleyeah but the difference is that there is no proper way to short them.. eg there are no pads20:47
mwallei placed the 0R on top of the vias on R25320:48
kristianpaulwhy 8 wires?20:48
mwallekristianpaul: jtag20:48
kristianpaulah :_)20:48
mwallegnd, tck, tms, tdi, tdo, sysrst, rtck20:48
kristianpaulyou already need it?20:48
kristianpauli mean planning to dump something?20:49
mwalleno i think serial is enough, the processor can boot from uart20:49
mwalleactually there is another 'missing' resistor, they also put the spi bus onto the debug header (but DOUT has a DNT in series)20:50
lekerneland this thing ships with linux and uboot?20:53
kristianpaulgpl violations?20:54
kristianpaulwhat is your plans now mwalle ?20:54
mwallelekernel: yes20:54
mwallekristianpaul: try my own uboot, if it works, push lsxhl support upstream :)20:55
kristianpaulso vendor dont tell nothing about using gpl code?20:55
mwallebuffalo uses an uboot from marvell, which is crappy ;)20:56
mwalleno buffalo offers the sources20:56
mwalleopensource.buffalo.jp or sth like that20:56
lekernelwow axi4 is such a mess21:11
kristianpaulyeah!, finally booted23:48
--- Fri Apr 22 201100:00

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