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xiangfukristianpaul: please try again : http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_build_instructions#Automatic_build05:38
xiangfukristianpaul: updated and test in build host. (tested compile toolchain in fidelio.qi-hardware.com)05:38
xiangfuwhat is the full name of 'msd' in http://milkymist.org/msd/?05:45
xiangfulekernel: Hi07:23
xiangfuI try to debug the us layout. add one line to like: http://pastebin.com/VBK2zDC307:24
xiangfuit should output the keycode. when I press any key on the us_keyboard right?07:24
xiangfubut when I press the [~] [-] [\] [Caps Lock] [Nums Lock] in us layout keyboard, there is nothing output.07:25
xiangfuthis should be driver problem right? please give some tip. which file I should look into, thanks07:26
lekernelxiangfu: get_ascii isn't called at all times08:18
lekerneliirc only when you need ASCII characters, e.g. in edit boxes, etc.08:18
lekernelxiangfu: what does that do for f in include/*; do rm -rf $(RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH)/lib/include/`basename $$f`; done08:34
lekerneldelete all files and directories in lib/include without a file extension?08:34
xiangfulekernel: there are 'mtklib.h' in the '/opt/rtem...', when compile the mtk. it try to using the head file under '/opt/rtem...' not ../include08:35
lekernelit _deletes_ files08:35
xiangfuI only delete head file. since hte is 'do for f in include/*'08:35
lekernelit's in your "uninstall-milkymist" you added to mtk08:35
lekernelyeah but does it delete the right include files?08:36
lekernelwhat was that supposed to do? delete the include files added by MTK no? as far as I can tell, it doesn't do that08:36
lekernelthere are other (non-MTK) include files in that folder that you should not delete08:37
xiangfuhmm... there is "for f in include/*" so it will only delete the head file that mtk installed.08:37
lekernelah, OK08:37
lekernelgot it08:37
lekernelalright then :)08:37
xiangfuI remove the '-r' in last commit. I will more careful about the 'rm' , the '-r' dangerous08:38
xiangfus/dangerous/is dangerous08:39
lekernelxiangfu: for your keyboard problem, in flickernoise you also have keyb_translation_table you might need to modify08:42
lekernelin input.c08:43
lekernelwhat it does is translate USB event codes into MTK_KEY_xxx events08:43
xiangfuthanks for the info. I will look into it08:43
lekernelbtw, maybe we can do everything in input.c and get rid of keymap.c08:44
lekerneljust use a get_ascii that returns 'a' for MTK_KEY_A, 'b' for MTK_KEY_B and so forth :)08:45
lekernelthe original genode fx had these two tables, and I stuck with that... but I don't see a valid reason for keeping that08:46
lekernelonly one table would be sufficient08:46
xiangfuok. got it. do everything in input.c will be great.08:55
cocoadaemonlekernel: was thinking about using people around the arduino as input16:32
cocoadaemonlike, detecting bluetooth devices and using their proximity16:32
cocoadaemonsort of "ubiquitous computing" input16:33
cocoadaemonhow would you do that16:33
lekerneldo what?16:34
lekerneldetect bluetooth?16:34
cocoadaemonok let me explain16:34
cocoadaemonwas thinking how fun it would be to see how many people are dancing16:35
cocoadaemonin a performance where one's using milkymist16:35
cocoadaemon" dancing" is restrictive, but nvm16:35
cocoadaemonso I thought about methods to do that, and thought about how the aka-aki people do16:36
kristianpaulyou mean to use acelerometers?16:36
cocoadaemonif there are 3 people on the "floor", the "antenna" sends to the board an array with three entries, each with a "proximity/signal strength" factor16:37
cocoadaemonthen the "vizualisation" program ( dunno how you name it but basically the visual show of MM ) uses this array as a parameter16:38
kristianpaulah,you mean some kinetic-like software stack?16:39
cocoadaemonkristianpaul: not sure about that16:39
kristianpauloh, wait you mean buttons on the floor?16:39
kristianpaulhe, anyway, just guessing :-)16:39
cocoadaemonwow, I have to be totally unclear16:40
Action: kristianpaul lunch16:40
kristianpaulwhat is the sensor?16:40
cocoadaemona bluetooth-able device performing a scan every x seconds16:40
cocoadaemonso that if there are 10 people or 100 around the MM board, the show can be somehow different16:41
cocoadaemonlike, Arduino BT16:42
cocoadaemonyou connect its <port> output to the MM and use it an input16:43
Action: cocoadaemon attracts nothing from lekernel 16:43
lekernelwell, it's do-ocracy here. just write some code and if you have specific questions, ask :)16:45
lekernelif you were asking if it is possible then yes16:46
cocoadaemongot that part already, just asking the knowledgeable MM-guru what he thinks about it16:46
lekernelkristianpaul has already managed to add a 2nd serial port to the MM, which could be useful to directly connect arduinos16:47
kristianpauloh, pity :)16:47
Action: kristianpaul will pusblish some tutorials soon16:47
lekernelor i'd guess you could directly wire the bluetooth module to that, without the arduino16:48
cocoadaemonmmm too bad the Arduino BT doesn't come with a USB port16:48
lekerneland, if you are masochistic, write software support for bluetooth USB sticks16:48
lekernelthose cost a few euros and available everywhere16:48
lekernelbut getting them to work is a pain in the ass16:49
kristianpaul(masochistic) :D16:50
lekernelyeah http://img.big.org.ua/5/587.jpg16:50
lekernelbtw maybe we could include that as M1 wallpaper ...hahaha16:51
kristianpaulad suupport for the wpwrak wpan atusb will be nice at least :-)16:55
methril_workit would17:54
methril_worknice (wallpaper)17:54
methril_workthe first sentence about wpan (it would be nice)17:54
wpwraklekernel: with the USB logo ? pure nazghulbait17:57
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