#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-04-15

larschmpf... something broke during rebase :/00:06
kristianpauli'll aply all my patches to my gps-sdr branch, as i get  lots of conflits when merging for last milkymist revision..00:10
kristianpauloh,minimac changed lot stuff, now it have some ram and also conbus changed..00:43
kristianpaullekernel: so you go back to shared bus with minimac2, no more xbar..00:47
kristianpaulokay i need to update some diagrams..00:48
kristianpaulbut why shared bus again? is it related that minimac have some cache now?00:48
kristianpauloh, minimac dont have dma anymore? lets confirm00:53
larscmwalle: btw what means "qemu: fatal: fetching nop sequence", can we cause it to trigger an exception on the guest instead of crashing qemu?00:55
kristianpaulyes, minimac2 is slave now00:56
kristianpaulgood, at least now is simpler than before00:58
kristianpaul.win 1402:38
CIA-48milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r28248ed / (3 files): Updated SoC diagram (Cristian Paul PeƱaranda Rojas) - http://bit.ly/hpeuFp12:27
CIA-48flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq desktop * r80a7009 / (11 files): Desktop icons (slow) - http://bit.ly/ePojMv16:45
kristianpauloh no!, more libs ;-)17:02
kristianpaulah, keyboard binding sget lost after reboot..17:10
kristianpaulcool feature :D17:14
kristianpaullekernel: by default all patches are influenced by both mic and line in, isnt?17:31
kristianpaulwtf i did, now i'm botting in rescue mode..17:36
kristianpaulnow all is normal17:44
kristianpaulafter a powercycle and i just did that..17:44
kristianpaulhmm is the automatic build tested...18:20
kristianpaul6837420 bytes sent in 78.24 secs (85.3 kB/s)19:10
kristianpaul6837420 bytes received in 11.56 secs (577.5 kB/s)19:11
kristianpaulawesome, i even can upload/download stuff when milkdrop running19:28
kristianpaulwtf page 37637 in gc has no object: 519 920 5119:50
kristianpauli was uploading a 12Mb file by ftp19:50
kristianpauli also got19:50
kristianpaulnetout: Broken pipe19:50
kristianpaul452 Error writing file.19:50
kristianpaulhe, nice nmap dint break rtems20:05
kristianpauland hping just drop some crc and package too short messages20:05
mwallelarsc: there is some logic that halts the vm instead of cpu_abort, maybe i should put that there too, otoh i was asked to remove that nop detection21:27
mwalleqemu guesses if the memory is not initialized, that is there are 5 consecutive zero opcodes (00 00 00 00, something with srui) and aborts21:28
larscmwalle: hm, i can see what goes wrong now. but i  wonder why it hasn't occurred before23:20
larscat the end of an syscall the stackpointer is always restored to the userspace stackframe23:21
larscthis is a problem if we did an syscall from kernelspace, which obviously has no userspace stackframe23:22
--- Sat Apr 16 201100:00

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