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rohlekernel: did you see the cfp for the camp?00:15
terpstra_mwalle, what reference material did you write your gdbstub.c with?07:44
terpstra_mwalle, i'm translating it into something that drives the monitor, but don't know what some of the packets you send mean.07:45
aw_xiangfu, when i flashed msd-dec2010/soc-1.0RC2.fpg from msd-apr2011/soc-1.0RC3.fpg; once flash completed, if i used "Shutdown" to select "Reboot", the info will still show SoC 1.0RC3.fpg.08:20
aw_xiangfu, only exactly power off and power on board again, then platform version info is correct though.08:21
aw_lekernel, i think that this is because fpga needs to be driven a real signal trigger on PROGRAM_B pins a low level. which h/w RC2 version won't be have this function. right?08:28
xiangfuaw_: that is normal I think. no need warry about that. :)08:28
aw_xiangfu, um..i know. but this should can be done by s/w? well..i don't know.08:30
aw_xiangfu, :-)08:30
aw_xiangfu, hm..it's reasonable now I think. the soc bitstream needs to be load during fpga configuration stage which only LED1 lights after power cycling. :-) good this is the reason. :-)08:36
aw_so whenever you see the info shows rightly is because address starts from 0x80860000 is regular BIOS/splash/APP(Flickernoise)/data partition. All of them can be directly changed/reloaded by "Reboot" button. :-)08:39
xiangfuaw_: need look into a little why it's not change after software reboot09:13
xiangfuaw_: the SOC string is read from "0xe000103c". but I don't know why after software reboot. ti's still the old.09:25
xiangfuneed lekernel  to answer this question :)09:26
lekernelsimply, software reboot doesn't reload the bitstream10:29
lekernelmwalle: it seems that the QEMU VNC server doesn't take into account the resolution changes... at 1024x768 the picture is messed up12:37
lekernelwho wants to submit a CCC camp talk with me?12:38
larscmwalle: is bwalle related to you?14:44
CIA-8rtems-milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r860d0b4 / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_networking/network.c : Ethernet: get rid of ipalign - http://bit.ly/dVwPAm18:23
mwalleterpstra_: official remote protocol, eg http://sourceware.org/gdb/current/onlinedocs/gdb/Remote-Protocol.html18:31
lekernel?! wireshark shows outgoing frames of 2962 bytes from my computer (which obviously trigger rtems/milkymist ethernet bugs)18:31
mwallelarsc: nope18:31
lekernelifconfig shows my mtu is set to 1500 ...wtf?18:31
lekernelhmm... ifconfig mtu 1000 reduced those frames to 196218:35
lekernellet me try with a very small mtu :)18:35
lekernelargh... breaks netboot which doesn't handle fragmented UDP18:41
lekernelI don't get it. why does TCP seems to send frames larger than the MTU?18:41
lekernelbut not UDP?18:41
Action: lekernel is sick of bugs19:22
larscarn't we all19:43
mwallelekernel: it seems that your vncclient doesnt support resizing19:45
lekernelit works for you?19:49
lekernelI connected after resizing19:49
lekernelmwalle: btw ethernet is completely broken for you?19:53
lekernelfor me about 1/3 of the "large" (several hundred bytes) frames appear somewhat truncated, maybe by hardware19:54
lekernelinstead of having 1500 bytes, they have a random length between 650 and 750 bytes19:55
mwallelekernel: (vnc) no it doesnt work20:03
mwalleping works, bot nothing else20:03
lekernel{#~{[! adding printk() in the ethernet ISR RX makes the bug disappear20:30
mwallelekernel: you could try to print in a buffer20:31
lekernelit could be because printk() makes the ISR a bit slower20:32
lekernelif this is the case and when i'm pissed off enough about that, i'll just add a dummy loop in the ISR lol ;)20:33
mwalleso writing into a buffer wont change the timing too much20:33
lekernelmhahaha yeah, adding 80K NOPs into the ethernet ISR makes it work20:35
Fallenouwhat's the point of having non-copy things like mbuf if it's to lose time in useless loops20:38
Action: Fallenou does not get it20:38
lekernelmwalle: btw for some reason the bug is never triggered for ping packets, no matter the size and frequency20:39
lekernelFallenou: making a copy free driver takes one hour. fixing pesky bugs like that take one month or more.20:40
mwalleqemu will have opengl disabled by default20:49
lekernelmwalle: what's the problem btw? linking the opengl nvidia library breaks the x86 emulator?20:50
lekernelcan't you only link qemu-system-lm32?20:50
mwallelekernel: yes seems to break some amd64 archs20:51
lekerneljust link the lm32 arch against opengl?20:51
mwallenah, i dont think thats a good idea20:57
lekernelwhy not? the other archs don't need it anyway20:57
mwallethat would just be another workaround..20:58
mwallewhich requires more changes20:58
mwalledisabling opengl by default is only a oneliner20:58
mwalleand --enable-opengl wont hurt much20:58
mwalleand maybe there are the same problems for lm32 on amd6420:59
lekernelok, but i'm worried that distros would just build the QEMU package with the default options and all will ship qemu-system-lm32 without opengl20:59
mwallemh, i c20:59
lekernelI have an nvidia card, and opengl+qemu works for me...20:59
mwallelekernel: are you subscribed to qemu-devel?21:00
lekernelnope... too much traffic21:00
mwalleyeah, lol :)21:01
mwallealmost 30k unread mails in my inbox ;)21:01
mwallelekernel: ok i suggest to disable opengl by default except for lm32 targets21:17
mwallethis will be an ugly configure hack, arg21:17
CIA-8milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * ref32be1 / (7 files in 2 dirs): Ethernet: simplifications and fixes - http://bit.ly/dNQJDo22:48
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