#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-04-06

lekernelkristianpaul: take screenshots (ctrl-f12) at labsurlab :)10:12
lekernelbtw it will freeze for a dozen seconds atm... don't reboot10:12
terpstra_lekernel, !!! -- do i understand correctly that mwalle's gdbstub is using some milkymist specific uart and not the LM32's debug uart?10:21
terpstra_no wonder i can't make it work :)10:21
lekernelthere's only the lm32 core we use here... everything else is custom10:22
terpstra_yes, but the lm32 has a jtag cable and debug unit10:22
terpstra_i get it now10:22
lekerneljust use our uart core :) any problem with it?10:24
terpstra_i have a jtag cable already connected to my chip?10:24
terpstra_easier to just tweak his gpio stuff to use JTX and JRX10:24
lekernelah, you were talking about the JTAG UART10:24
terpstra_then i should be able to run his debug rom10:24
terpstra_yeah, his code uses your uart instead of the lm32 uart10:25
terpstra_i have a nice reliable link to the lm32 jtag uart and want to run gdb on it10:25
lekernelthe problem with JTAG UARTs is they need specific hardware and software to get to work... which is why I didn't go this way10:25
terpstra_fair enough10:26
lekernelthe current UART can be used easily with any serial cable and any driver10:26
terpstra_well, i have that 'special' software now10:26
terpstra_and i don't feel like wiring a uart to my board :)10:26
terpstra_you have some sort of magical control unit at memory address 0x1000 ?10:29
terpstra_ahh - isee10:29
terpstra_CSR_SYSTEM_ID = 1 differs from "b r0" how ?10:33
terpstra_very cool. i have it working now. :)10:41
terpstra_lunch time.10:42
Fallenouflickernoise wallpaper looks like an Apple wallpaper :')12:25
Action: Fallenou troll troll12:26
lekernela lot of people love Apple products12:30
lekernelmore than they love free software in fact12:30
lekernelit's also a GNOME wallpaper btw12:31
terpstra_lekernel, in ml401-flasher.c, is there a reason you don't always use bulk_cycle instead of cycle?13:47
lekernelhum, I don't remember13:47
lekernelyou mean, why use the bulk EP and not bit bang directly with control transfers?13:48
lekernelbecause it's slow13:48
terpstra_i mean why not ALWAYS use bulk13:48
terpstra_bulk is faster i assume13:48
lekernelyeah, it's faster13:50
lekernelbut I don't remember the reason (if any) to use control13:50
xiangfulekernel: Hi14:13
xiangfusorry for my bad English. did I mis-understand you? you mean only include the "comet.png" in data partition image. not (three wallpapers and set comet.png as default)?14:15
lekernelyeah, scratch the other wallpapers14:15
xiangfuok. then one small question :). why not three wallpapers? is there something wrong with those image license?14:16
lekernelone has minor licensing problems and the other isn't as good imo (and all increase the flashing time)14:16
xiangfulekernel: got it. I will remove them.14:17
lekerneldo the subfolders work btw?14:17
lekernelI mean you can access the files in the subfolders from RTEMS?14:18
lekernelit seems there are some bugs there... until this is fixed let's put all the files at the root of the flash14:19
xiangfuI can access all file under subfolders. without any problem.14:19
lekerneltry deleting files in those subfolders, or adding files...14:19
xiangfufor now. I only meet ethernet bug.(ftp)14:20
xiangfutrying now....14:20
lekernelupgrade rtems.. I fixed a couple of them yesterday14:20
xiangfuoh. great. I will test in serial console first.14:20
kristianpaulnew msd!!, i'll flash it later before dorkbot :-)14:23
xiangfulekernel: http://pastebin.com/tAqXJAqW14:26
lekernelwell, yeah14:26
xiangfuyou can see "/flash/wallpapers/a/b/c/"14:26
lekernel[/flash/wallpapers] # mkdir a14:26
lekernel[/flash/wallpapers] # mkdir a/b14:26
lekernelmkdir 'a/b' failed:No such file or directory14:26
lekernelthis is the bug I'm talking about14:26
lekernelfortunately it's a 100% reproducible one :)14:27
xiangfuoh. I thought it's lack of rtems :)14:27
xiangfukristianpaul: I still not send out the mail. will do that tomorrow.14:28
lekernel[/flash/wallpapers/a/b/c] # cp /flash/wallpapers/Comet.png ./a.png14:29
lekernel./a.png: No such file or directory14:30
lekernelsame problem here14:30
lekerneland with FTP it's similar14:30
xiangfulekernel: ok. I will look into this bug.14:33
xiangfulekernel:  and I will try to send the mm-mkyaffs2image patch to yaffs2 upstream. do you have any advice. before I send out the patch?  :)14:33
lekernelyou can also try to upstream the other Milkymist support patches14:34
xiangfukristianpaul: you can also try data partition image. then give some feedback :) http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#flash_data_partition14:34
lekernelI tried to do so, was ignored/dismissed, I gave up, then silence for ~2 months, then they came back with a very polite message thanking me for my submission and saying they would merge it14:35
lekernelafaik they did not yet14:35
lekernelRTEMS patches should be upstreamed too (imo more important than YAFFS, and easier too)14:37
xiangfulekernel: then I can remind them in next few days.14:37
xiangfulekernel: yes RTEMS is more important. write  down them to my TODO list.14:40
lekernelimo you should just have to diff src/c/lib/libbsp/lm3214:41
lekernelafaik no one else touched it in the RTEMS tree, so my version should always be the most up to date14:41
lekerneland I almost didn't touch the rest (platform independent) of the RTEMS code14:42
xiangfuis this "Yann Sionneau <yann.sionneau@telecom-sudparis.eu>" also work on Milkymist one. or it's a upstream committer? rtems lm32 maintainer?14:49
lekernelhe's Fallenou14:50
lekernelthe RTEMS LM32 maintainer does nothing... I asked him to upgrade the EVR code to the new RTEMS IRQ API (a simple thing to do btw) when I upgraded this for all LM32 platforms, and that was already too much14:51
lekernelanswered the LM32 port was "a toy" "nothing serious" or something like that14:52
lekernelso, my patches break EVR, but I don't think that's something we should worry about :-)14:53
xiangfuoh. we are serious :)14:57
lekernelsure. and because of that the LM32 port gets modern IRQ code. if the EVR doesn't, that's not a serious problem.14:58
rohwhats evr?15:01
lekernelthe original LM32 system and board from lattice15:01
rohah. who gives a shit15:02
xiangfu_lekernel:  same question. what is EVR. (searching...)15:12
lekernelthe original LM32 system and board from lattice15:13
xiangfu_time for sleep. see you15:19
lekernelgood nigh15:19
rofl0rlekernel, which mtk files specify how stuff is drawn on the screen ? i wanna try to get it to work on directfb18:47
mw1lekernel: is there anything else beside the user/pass i have to set to enable the ftp server?20:33
Fallenoumw1: nop20:36
mw1mh doesnt work for me20:38
mw1ping works20:38
Fallenouoh strange20:41
Fallenouusually just setting uer and pwd is enough20:42
mwalleis the ftp server always enabled?20:43
mwallebecause i get connection timed out20:44
Fallenoudon't know more sorry, last time I tested on qemu, I just had to enter the user /pw :x21:07
mwallewrite(5, "$X400007e0,7e0:5\345\0\200\24\204\0\1<\245\0\2\264}\3\30\0"..., 2048) = 204821:55
lekernelmwalle: just set user and pwd and theoretically it works22:14
lekernelport 2122:14
mwalle--- ping statistics ---22:16
mwalle1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms22:16
mwallertt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.682/0.682/0.682/0.000 ms22:16
mwalle[mw@thanatos ~]$ telnet 2122:16
mwalletelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out22:16
lekernelworks for me22:16
lekernelis the telnet server broken as well?22:17
lekerneluhm, weird...22:18
lekernelwhat binary are you using? msd?22:19
mwallethe one you announced today22:19
lekernel_i'm connected to the board just now... both telnet + ftp22:20
lekernel_with the very same binary22:20
lekernel_maybe you have a firewall enabled or something?22:21
mwalleiptables -L shows nothing :) theres a fritzbox in between22:22
mwallei'll try it directly tomorrow22:22
mwallelekernel_: a directly connected linux laptop wont work too22:31
larschmpf, this is new. network-manager is blocking my /dev/ttyUSB022:34
rohlarsc: hrhr.. probing for a modem (gsm)22:38
rohshould make it free after splitseconds usually22:38
rohif not, disconnect the serial device and only plug the usb-serial, then after some seconds the device22:38
larsc`apt-get purge modem-manager` solved it...22:38
lekernel_roh: do you think one could make a decent CVBS signal generator out of a 8-bit DAC?23:27
lekernel_hm, with oversampling maybe... the one on MM1 goes up to 140MHz23:27
lekernel_so I see two options: 1) one channel, oversampling, passive low pass filter23:28
lekernel_2) two or three channels, active analogue circuit to compute 2^16*channel1 + 2^8*channel2 + channel323:29
larsclekernel_: do i need a newer vgacore for the clksel register?23:30
lekernel_you can use the bitstream I just posted23:31
larsci'm using http://www.milkymist.org/msd/msd-apr2011.tar.bz223:31
lekernelimo oversampling is great... never do in hardware what can be done in software :)23:31
lekerneland the oversampling circuit should only be a few dozen LUTs23:32
lekernellarsc: good23:32
larscso that one should have support for clksel?23:32
larscmaybe i did something wrong23:33
rohlekernel: decent? nope23:34
rohneed the sync also23:34
lekernelroh: so what would you recommend to get tv-out on milkymist?23:35
rohuse vga and different timings23:35
lekerneloversampling at 140MHz should definitely do the trick imo... CVBS is only 8MHz bandwidth23:36
rohgenerate composite sync on one pin and use an adapter to scart23:36
lekernelsync isn't that low compared to active video, is it?23:36
rohcvbs itself.. dunno.. i dont really have usecases for that anymore. its like the lowest common denominator in the worst case of video.. besides that... i rather chose any other possibility23:36
rohlekernel: not sure.23:37
lekerneli'd like to keep the analogue part as simple (cheap) as possible :)23:37
larsclekernel: ok, works fine now. i just wrote the bitstream to the wrong location...23:38
lekernelso sync would use about 26% of the dynamic range of the DAC23:38
lekernelmh, otoh oversampling wouldn't do wonders. at 140MHz it would only add 1-2 bits of extra precision23:44
lekernelso that's a 9-10 bit DAC23:44
rohlekernel: sure your vga dac cant do cvbs as alternative?23:47
lekernelit can23:47
lekernelit's a dumb DAC23:47
lekernel3x8-bit in, 3x analogue color channels out23:47
lekernelbut I'm worried about 8-bit not being enough to get a decent picture quality23:48
lekernelwhen used for CVBS23:48
rohi see. so it cant do 'cvbs generation from rgb'23:48
lekernelso as I said: to gain more resolution, either oversample, or combine the three channels with an analogue circuit23:49
lekernelno, but the fpga can23:49
rohlekernel: with expensive additional hw23:50
rohi dont really see the need for that anymore (cvbs)23:50
rohi think it should be possible to do it with a 'cable mod'23:51
rohvga to scart and 'weird' timing23:51
lekernelI don't expect the CVBS generator to take more than 1-2% of the FPGA resources23:51
lekernelwell you need colorspace conversion too23:51
rohsome resistors or so in the cable to combine H and V sync to feed to the cvbs pin as 'csync'23:51
lekerneland color subcarrier generation23:52
rohall tv sets fo the last 10 years eat rgb directly and it gives a much better picture than possible on cvbs due to the reduced bandwith there23:52
lekernelboth can be done as with FPGA DSP23:52
rohlekernel: you only need sync on the cvbs pin. r g and b are just wires.. maybe with some voltage divider to 0.7vpp23:53
lekernelyup, but I want CVBS, not SCART23:53
lekerneldriving cheap video mixers, cables and projectors23:53
rohlow end people?23:53
lekernelnot only, some large expensive displays take CVBS too23:54
rohthen it was not expensive or the buyer maximum stupid. sorry.23:54
rohsell them http://www.tradevv.com/vs-vga-to-cvbs-converter/23:55
rohshould be <40E in asia23:55
lekernelthis can be put into the fpga :p23:58
lekernelless latency, possibly better picture23:58
lekernelwhat is this VGA to RCA cable you pointed to btw?23:59
lekernelwhen I asked about 720p23:59
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