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larsci don't see how this relocation stuff could have worked00:34
wpwrakhmm, looking at things pr-wise, i wonder if making effects react to video and mixing the two already works somewhat. if it does, i think that would yield much more impressive demos than "just" generated effects.02:30
lekernel_wpwrak: yeah, mixing the video from the camera has been working for months10:30
wpwraklekernel: (video) also with the effects reacting in some way to the video input ? if yes, that should make for "newsworthy" demos12:06
lekernelbut I haven't found the occasion to make some good pictures/footage of the system in action12:06
lekernelI have some videos, but they are extremely crappy12:06
wpwraklekernel: ah, i see. maybe invite some cute girls over, show them the basics of the system, get them drunk, and just make sure everything gets recorded. drunk girls with cool visual effects. should be a smash on youtube ;-)12:29
Fallenouor a new big title on the news12:33
wpwrakFallenou: both. that's called viral marketing ;-)12:35
kristianpaulhmm, i realize now i portant is to use the nanonote as HID device for milkymist14:10
Action: kristianpaul had in his bag a mm1, bunch of cables a keyboard,mouse ccd camera and a black cloth14:10
xiangfua black sunglasses :)14:10
kristianpaulhopefully and autocamtically just when sun light is aorund ;)14:10
lekernelkristianpaul: what do you need the nanonote for?14:10
lekernelhi xiangfu14:11
lekernelhow's it going?14:11
xiangfulekernel: hi.14:12
kristianpaullekernel: keyboard14:12
kristianpaulman, carry a keyboard is not conforatble14:12
kristianpaulwell, at least with my keyboard14:12
lekernelkristianpaul: I have a rubber rollable keyboard :)14:12
kristianpauli miss it :(14:12
kristianpaulmine is broken..14:12
xiangfulekernel: fine. I take two days off. back on working now. full back to work tomorrow :)14:12
xiangfulekernel: I will working on mkyaffs2image in tomorrow I think. hope I can finish it fast.14:13
lekernelok :)14:13
kristianpaulxiangfu: did you tried the 1gb card?14:14
xiangfukristianpaul: very sorry. not yet. forget.14:14
xiangfulekernel: (upload file to /dev/flash5 with ftp) I will test more, write some detail then send one email to list14:23
lekernelit also breaks using cp in the shell or the filemanager14:23
lekerneltry copying a directory hierarchy from memcard to flash, for example14:23
xiangfulekernel: ok.14:23
lekernelI guess this has to do with some bug in the eval_path function in the yaffs port14:23
kristianpauli remenber it break for me wittoo :914:23
lekernelyou'll see that function is pure crap14:23
kristianpauls/witto/with rm to14:23
kristianpaulsorry, latency here is horrible..14:23
xiangfufast test: http://pastebin.com/bxmwjTkk14:23
xiangfucp -R ^14:23
xiangfukristianpaul: `rm` works fine here. never meet an error when do `rm`14:23
xiangfuI have take > 20 screenshot. delete them by `rm` one by one14:24
Action: kristianpaul is stuckwith no able to detect memeroy card14:27
xiangfusame here under memory card.14:32
lekernelkristianpaul: so what? put some printf's in the driver... and see where it fails14:32
lekernel"not able to detect" isn't going to help14:33
kristianpaullekernel: so what so far i just test on scope14:33
kristianpauli'mnot sure with i think memory card never respond the command sent by cmd line14:33
lekernelthe scope won't show much... you need at least a logic analyzer14:33
kristianpaulyeah.. but out from home now..14:33
lekernelbut really, using printf() should already help a lot14:33
kristianpaulthe thing is not clear to me, well me be because i dont understand yet it well, the m1testing, failed too..14:33
kristianpaulthats why i used, scope, i tought something was not good ther, afaik CLK and CMD seems responsive, so yes i think i'll check software side now.14:33
lekernelmemory cards, like USB, are super-pesky pieces of trash that require an incredible and extremely frustrating amount of software support to work reliably with all models14:35
lekernelwe do not have that amount of software support now14:35
lekernelso it's not very surprising that it fails at times, and it wouldn't be surprising either that the problems come from software "bugs"14:35
lekernelif it's fair to call "bug" a lack of implementation of some crappy detail of that retarded standard14:37
lekernelmaybe you could try to strip out the existing code and replace that with the Linux or BSD driver code, which dozens of thousands of people helped fix the problems of14:43
xiangfurejon: lekernel do you think ship Milkymist one with a keyboard  is good? the keyboard lekernel just send out"http://www.sizlopedia.com/2007/07/04/5-flexible-rubber-keyboards-for-your-computer/"15:00
xiangfuI just search in taobao.com. it's 28RMB in China. just fyi.15:01
lekerneldon't know... people often have USB keyboard laying around15:01
lekernelthough 28RMB is cheap indeed15:01
lekernelit might also help masking out the intermittent device-dependent USB bugs :) haha15:01
xiangfuthat is what I thinking. masking usb bug, before we fix that. :)15:01
rejonlekernel xiangfu true15:02
xiangfuand that is a cool device since we don't need type too much in milkymist one.15:02
rejonI had one of those before and I never used it15:02
rejonbut, its water resistant15:02
rejonfor rc2 would be good to see15:02
lekernelxiangfu: if we ship that keyboard, I guess we're going to need localized layouts15:03
lekernelazerty, qwerty, etc.15:03
lekernelcan you find all of them for ~28 rmb?15:03
xiangfulekernel: hmm.. not sure. but we can ask Yi to find out.15:05
lekernelbtw, if you're fed up with the rtems filesystem and want an easy task to relax a bit, you can implement other keyboard layouts in MTK :)15:05
rejonthe new camera wolfie found is great btw15:06
xiangfuthis is cool: http://img03.taobaocdn.com/imgextra/i3/1016603/T2MwFBXXdbXXXXXXXX_!!1016603.jpg15:07
rejonlekernel I found some new music in sf that fits milkymist real well15:16
rejonkind of raw15:16
rejonhipster music15:16
lekernelyeah, why not :)15:16
rejonyeah, it was pretty raw, but loads of ladies15:17
lekernelactually i've successfully used it on both german electro and oriental acoustic15:17
lekernelvery different styles, both were good :)15:17
rejonwill record more footage of use15:17
lekernelI should get some footage too... I have some of that oriental thing but the picture quality is so crappy it's unusable15:18
rejonsynth music15:18
rejonone thing super useful for mm115:18
rejonor rather flickernoise15:18
rejonis transitions between patches15:18
rejonsince without two vga, in dark15:18
rejonmaybe this exists15:18
rejonsome type of basic sequencer15:19
lekernelyes... you can map that to the keyboard, to MIDI, OSC, remote control, ...15:19
rejonhttp://barrythrew.com has mind for a few days...he playing with, taking by his company15:19
rejonI showed to my buddy http://christopherwillits.com too15:19
lekernelwhen you map it to MIDI keyboard it's pretty cool. you can switch very fast between the patches (the software has zero delay for switching) and "play" it like a piano15:20
rejonhe  writes for xl8r and has personal ppl at these mags15:20
rejonmusic mags15:20
lekernelmake sure you show them the latest video-in enabled patches15:22
lekernelsome need DMX, if you do not have a DMX controller around you should modify the patch code a bit15:22
rejonso whta most of these dudes in sf are using now15:28
rejonis touchdesigner on a pc15:28
rejonand an ipad with osc to control the video15:28
rejonso not far off15:28
rejonfrom us15:28
rejonwould be interesting to have adaptable tablet as a controller for milkymist15:28
lekerneli was actually thinking about making milkymist a tablet. but for way later :)15:29
lekernelbtw we support OSC already and that ipad controller should work15:29
rejonthat is a good feature15:29
rejonto note15:29
rejonmost of these people don't give a shit about open15:29
lekernelactually you could drop-in replace the DMX with OSC in the video patches I pointed you to15:29
lekerneland use that ipad to control15:29
rejonlekernel wonder how we could get that milkytab working well15:29
rejonis there similar android OSC controls?15:29
lekernelit won't happen anytime soon15:29
rejoncould get up and running on nook quick and easy15:29
rejoni know15:29
rejoni'm talking android15:29
rejonand nook15:29
rejonjust a thought, but not distraction15:29
lekernelif you have an OSC controller running on android, yeah, it should work15:30
lekernelflickernoise uses liblo for decoding OSC, which has been successfully used by many other PC applications15:30
rejonsupercollider is another tool that would be useful for this audio scene15:31
rejonbarry from fabricatorz is also max/msp/pd developer15:32
lekerneloh yeah, there are tons of stuff for OSC15:32
rejonthat is great15:32
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * rf265ea1 / (cores/sysctl/rtl/sysctl.v software/include/hw/sysctl.h):15:34
CIA-43milkymist: add a debug scrachpad register to sysctl15:34
CIA-43milkymist: This register is required by the GDB stub. - http://bit.ly/f0rGOp15:34
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * rc1cedde / (cores/uart/rtl/uart.v software/include/hw/uart.h): uart: add a tx pending status bit - http://bit.ly/gizTB615:48
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * rb925cc8 / boards/milkymist-one/rtl/system.v : add UART BREAK support to the SoC - http://bit.ly/egWX9b15:48
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * r76fe4d4 / (cores/lm32/rtl/lm32_cpu.v cores/lm32/rtl/lm32_top.v):15:49
CIA-43milkymist: lm32: add support for an external break pulse15:49
CIA-43milkymist: Pulsing this input generates a breakpoint exception. - http://bit.ly/gpwnlH15:49
lekernelrejon: you should put up shows with your friends :)16:10
rejonof course!16:12
rejonyou should come to lgm!16:12
rejonwe doing events every night16:13
rejonall day free software creative app developers16:13
rejonand designers presenting16:13
rejoni buy milkymist one, i promote you guys, but yet you and wolfgang won't come to my conference...its scandalous!16:13
larschm... it is on the wrong side of canada16:21
lekernel14 hr flight from Berlin :(16:23
lekerneltbh i'd have come if it were in Brussels like last year16:24
rejonwill pay for your flight even16:24
larsci'm vancouver during that time. it would is still a 2 days carride though16:27
rejon3 hour flight16:29
rejonrockstar it!16:29
rejonthis one is good http://www.openclipart.org/detail/5602916:29
rejonoops, wrongwindow16:30
lekernelrejon: what's the deadline again? apr 20?16:44
rejonor sooner :)16:45
rejonplus there are all those mutek people there and friends from ninjatune16:45
rohmutek? where?17:03
rejonin montreal17:06
rejonyou are too good for it?17:06
rohnah. but its too far away17:11
lekernelrejon: being stuck in transports for 28 hours is something I hate personally, and it's not a matter of being too good for the event or any other participant. it's a matter of whether it's going to help the project enough to be worth the hassle, which isn't the same thing.17:11
rohi'd like airtravel if i could use a learjet ;)17:11
rejonits good if you make it good17:13
rejonnot everything free and easy17:13
rejonsometimes have to help others out too17:13
lekernellol... they broke LM32 GCC _again_ just before the 4.6 release18:02
lekernelbefore we have llvm maybe the way to go is to maintain a 4.4 version, which to my knowledge is the less shitty (and the only one with which c++ appears to work)18:02
kristianpaulwell if 4.4 worked well i dont see why use earlier version, at least if you need features for rtems, wich i dont think so18:38
mw1btw milkymist support is qemu upstream19:01
Fallenouawesome !19:01
mw1unfortunately there may be a regression19:02
lekernelhuh? weird...19:13
mw1esp SIGUSR2 ?!19:14
methril_worklekernel, now i understand why i get stuck compiling 4.619:20
Action: methril_work blames cc1 infinite loop and memory hungry19:20
lekernelyou get this too?19:21
methril_worklekernel, nop, diferent one19:21
methril_worki was looking for a solution, but it`s a little bit try & error19:22
lekernelwhen I checked, it built correctly with --enable-languages=c19:22
methril_worki`ll try with that, but it could be my libraries (mpfr & mpc19:23
mwallemh qemu sends SIGUSR2 at some point19:27
lekernelmethril_work: ok i'm trying to build gcc head atm19:27
lekernelwith ../gcc/configure --target=lm32-rtems4.11 --prefix=/opt/rtems-4.11 --enable-languages="c"19:27
lekernelbtw that thing supposedly supports google go19:30
lekerneli'll give it a try if that C compiler builds19:32
lekernelah, yeah, that damned C compiler was indeed broken since my last test19:33
lekernelit's a new bug19:33
lekernelnow I understand why GCC status reports seem to put forward "regressions" and not "new features"19:38
lekernelhuh... I don't get it20:00
lekernelthe very same code that used to build now suffers from the cc1 segfault20:00
lekernelcould that be related to some system library... wtf20:00
lekernelok, fuck it i'm fed up with gcc20:05
lekerneluse 4.4, period20:05
lekernelmeanwhile i'll ping those guys who talked about llvm20:07
methril_worklekernel, for me it was not a segfault, it starts to get more and more memory,and almost all my cpu20:16
methril_workin conftest.c20:16
methril_workthis is the hardest part to find, just cause cc1 is intermediate compiled :(20:16
lekernelanything gcc is hard. the code is such a mess20:16
methril_worki remember to deal with a bug like that....20:17
methril_workit was a missing lib dependency20:17
methril_workbtw, you love GCC when you have to deal with compilers like SDCC or undocumented MSVC or C1820:19
lekernelsdcc is just plain crap man20:20
lekerneldon't even dare call that a compiler20:20
mwallepcc ?20:20
mwallejust reached 1.0 after 30 years :)20:20
lekernelyeah... there was a long empty period it seems20:20
methril_worklekernel, it`s the best opensource compiler for pic devices20:21
lekernelI have never tried pcc20:21
methril_workneither do i20:21
lekernelI have used SDCC to reprogram the 8051 firmware of a DSL modem that I wanted to turn into a SDR. SDCC is part of the reasons why I never completed this project.20:23
lekernelif you want to continue, it was with the AD Eagle chips20:24
lekernelwhich are a Cypress fx-usb + AD DSP in the same package20:24
methril_worklekernel, i use SDCC for my daily/paid work20:24
lekernelall undocumented ofc20:24
methril_workwell, the undocumented is the challenge ;)20:24
lekernelsdcc problems too20:24
methril_worki see sdcc has improved (a little bit) but is a really slow progress20:25
methril_workwhat version did you use?20:25
lekerneldon't remember... it was in 200520:25
lekernelthe (proprietary) DSP toolchain was quite messy too20:26
methril_workwell, they are still improving the 8051 arch, and is the maturest of the archs20:26
methril_workall this is why i love milkymist ;)20:26
mwallewhats a SDR?20:30
mwallesoftware defined radio?20:31
lekernelsome DSL modems have rather interesting DSPs for this purpose, and can be fully reprogrammed over USB20:35
lekernel(and they're dirt cheap)20:35
rohvdsl modems do 30mhz spectrum20:35
methril_workuhm!! it could be used as a DSL/ATM sniffer/decoder20:35
lekernelyup. but given my limited interest in security and the greater difficulty compared to SDR, that's not what I planned to do :p20:38
lekernelmwalle: what do we do with the JTAG ROM? toss?21:20
mwallenow the flterm gdb passthrough patch is still missing, for some reason poll() wont block if gdb releases the pseudo terminal..21:20
lekernelkeep both? (jtag+serial)21:20
lekernelwe can keep both and select one with the LM32 config?21:21
mwallelekernel: i would keep both21:21
lekernelmaybe have one enabled by default in the SoC21:22
lekernelI guess the serial one works better?21:22
mwallesee CFG_GDBSTUB_ENABLED21:22
mwallewell both are working, but there is no working frontend for the jtag one21:23
mwallei dont know the status of terpstra_'s jtag interface21:23
Fallenoulekernel: strange there was no ioctl to change the resolution ?21:24
mwallebtw i guess JTAG break wont work if there is an interrupt at the same time, in which case only the interrupt exception is raised21:24
Fallenoueven FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO ?21:25
lekernelhmm... in fact, maybe21:25
mwallelekernel: did you looked into the new lm32 version?21:25
lekernelwhich one? the nov 2010 lscc release?21:25
lekerneliirc there wasn't much (if anything) changed21:26
Fallenouyou can put the switching of mode in the FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO which is aimed at changing the value of the fb_var_screeninfo containing the xres and yres21:27
Fallenoudunno if it would be clean21:27
mwalleterpstra_: btw your jtag patches are still on my queue, i haven't forgot it21:29
lekernelFallenou: maybe. otoh i won't go to great lengths just to get 3 different video modes switched.21:32
lekernelI'm afraid the regular framebuffer api for switching modes might be rather complex...21:33
larscFBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO is the right method21:42
Fallenoulekernel: I was just thinking you can just use this already existing ioctl, call your set_video_mode() and change the internal structure and that's all21:46
Fallenouit would avoid adding one new ioctl21:46
CIA-43mtk: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r18dc912 / (include/mtklib.h lib/main.c lib/screen.c): Support changing screen resolution while running - http://bit.ly/hCMcru22:34
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r8c2f9e4 / (6 files): Dynamic video mode switching - http://bit.ly/eG2nWd22:35
CIA-43mtk: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r5e39a17 / lib/main.c : cleanup - http://bit.ly/eNlKln22:38
lekernelhe, now wireshark shows "QiHardwa" MACs :)22:44
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r9db3757 / src/performance.c : missing include - http://bit.ly/gQPnYb22:48
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * ra86d6b8 / (4 files):22:51
CIA-43milkymist: gdbstub: initial import22:51
CIA-43milkymist: This patch adds a gdb stub which replaces the tiny LM32 debug monitor. It22:51
CIA-43milkymist: needs some more resources but has the advantage that you can directly22:51
CIA-43milkymist: connect with GDB. - http://bit.ly/gk1efy22:51
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * r7f89158 / (3 files in 2 dirs): monitor: add gdbstub ROM - http://bit.ly/fmgnRJ22:51
CIA-43milkymist: Michael Walle master * r279047a / boards/milkymist-one/rtl/lm32_include.v : system: enable gdb stub and breakpoints - http://bit.ly/fs1jSw22:51
lekernelboot time from power button press is 9s without wallpaper and 15s with a 1024x768 24bpp floyd steinberg dithered PNG22:56
lekernelfor some reason libpng is slow as crap22:56
lekernelmaybe libjpeg is better?22:56
Fallenou00:31 < lekernel> he, now wireshark shows "QiHardwa" MACs :) < haha nice :))23:19
lekernelargh... after mwalle's patches, ise fails timing with normal bitstream but works with rescue one23:20
Fallenoulibbmp would surely be faster ;)23:20
Fallenoulekernel: what is the big diff between normal and rescue bitstream ?23:21
lekernelyeah, why not23:21
lekernelFallenou: just the CPU reset vector value23:21
lekernelthere is no big difference23:21
Fallenouthe reset vector are in the hdl ? :o23:21
lekernelbut p&r tools are stochastic23:21
lekernelat least, the fpga ones. it seems in the asic world they have developed better ones, but the fpga companies didn't catch up yet23:22
lekernelwhen i have 180-hour days i'll implement those in antares23:23
lekernelI get some warnings but it seems to work23:32
lekernelIgnoring packet error, continuing...23:32
lekernelwarning: unrecognized item "Packett" in "qSupported" response23:32
lekernelit's very slow, too23:33
lekerneleven though it's not continuously transmitting data, so it looks more like a bug than normal rs232 slowness23:33
Fallenouseems to work, isn't it ?23:34
lekernelI just tried "step" and it locked up23:37
lekernelI get lots of "packet errors", maybe it's just that my serial link is corrupted somehow23:39
Fallenouis step using a breakpoint to work ?23:39
Fallenouon the pic, they are using a breakpoint to do the "next step"23:39
Fallenouso if you put the maximum number of breakpoints authorized23:39
Fallenouyou cannot step23:39
Fallenoucause you've used all the breakpoint available :)23:40
Fallenou(and it's like 4 or 5)23:40
lekernelI didn't use any breakpoint, and just one step23:40
lekernel"where" seems to work, which is already a good thing to find out more about those irritating random intermittent system lockups23:41
--- Tue Apr 5 201100:00

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