#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-04-01

aw_xiangfu, are all current pre-compile images under http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/milkymist-one/2011-03-26/ ?02:50
xiangfuaw_: I think so :)02:51
aw_xiangfu, also the msd-xxxxxx folder is http://milkymist.org/msd/ , are they different? or just use yours. :-)02:51
xiangfuaw_: mine is much newer.02:52
xiangfuaw_: and have all bin files. msd-xxxxx only have part of them.02:52
aw_xiangfu, okay. thanks. yes..it did.02:52
aw_xiangfu, under https://github.com/lekernel/milkymist  , could you point me each *.sh mapped to which file under http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/milkymist-one/2011-03-26/ ?03:03
aw_and use "flashall.batch" to flash all, right?03:04
wolfspraulaw_: jtag -n flashall.batch03:11
wolfspraulbtw - do we really need the '-n'?03:11
wolfspraulit says "disable reading ~/.jtag/rc on startup", but why are we worried about ~/.jtag/rc ?03:12
wolfspraulI think the instructions should just say to run "jtag flashall.batch" without -n03:12
wolfspraulxiangfu: what do you think?03:12
xiangfuwolfspraul: if we don't have that file. we don't needs that.03:13
wolfspraulwell yes, but why do our instructions include the -n ?03:14
wolfspraulIf someone really has a ~/.tag/rc (with settings?), then I would think he knows why and he wants to use it03:14
wolfspraulI don't understand why our instructions include the -n03:14
xiangfuyes. remove that should be safe.03:15
wolfspraulshould we remove it in the wiki?03:18
wolfspraulI'm still wondering who/why the -n was added, there must have been a reason03:18
kristianpaulhmm yes -n is unecesary03:19
wolfspraulmaybe that person just had some settings in his ~/.jtag/rc that were in conflict with milkymist one?03:19
kristianpaulcould be, wiki instructions about mm1 flash changed over time.. even i think first one we're no so acurate or hackish :-)03:20
kristianpaulI think that person was mwalle :-)03:20
kristianpaulAnd could be, indeed03:20
xiangfuaw_: I think you don't need to look into the *.sh under lekernel/milkymist. aw:http://pastebin.com/M1taSLAN03:21
aw_xiangfu, hmm..thanks that info.03:23
kristianpaulxiangfu: is not posible not hardcode flickernoise with the fn:fn user/pass i think... well why just write that default on the default SYSCONFIG_FILE,03:25
kristianpauljust a tought03:26
xiangfukristianpaul: we still not find a way to flash /dev/flash5  :(03:26
kristianpaulah true...03:27
kristianpauli forgot that03:27
xiangfukristianpaul: yes. if we can  make a image of /dev/flash5.  include all patches. sysconfig.bin wallpaper.png. that will be great. :)03:27
kristianpaulWell actually i was thinking flass /dev/flash5 from rtems it self...03:28
kristianpaulLike a default prodecudere for a first poweron or something like that03:28
kristianpaulOnce done that crate the SYSCONFIG_FILE with some default vales03:28
kristianpauleven !! you could wget last patches from internet if the mm1 get working internet (dhcp)03:29
kristianpaulbut just a tought :-)03:29
xiangfukristianpaul: (first poweron flash) that is same with hardcode. :) you have to write the default values in flickernoise.03:30
xiangfukristianpaul: yes. wget will be great. maybe we can port a very simple wget. don't if it easy.03:31
kristianpaulyes, but  no, i mean you just format flash then grab files from internet03:31
kristianpaul(wget) from busy box, or why not just curl :-)03:31
kristianpaulbut indeed some defualt values just will be hardcoded somwhere where in the code to later be written to the config file in flash03:32
xiangfuthat will be great. which one do you recommend, wget(in busybox) or curl?  I never use curl before. just know very little thing about it.03:32
kristianpaulwell. not sure as it may be just emdebed in flicernoise, so whatever code can get some files  from the internet03:36
aw_wolfspraul, have you reflashed xiangfu's 'splash.raw' file under http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/milkymist-one/2011-03-26/ ?10:33
wolfspraulaw_: I reflashed all with the batch file10:33
wolfspraulyes, it also includes splash.raw10:34
wolfspraulthe only thing that is missing is the data partition, in yaffs2 format. xiangfu is working on that.10:34
lekernelwolfspraul: upload the files with FTP...10:35
aw_used 'flashall.batch' too, http://pastebin.com/M8HUDd9M10:37
aw_but not sure if i all reflashed successfully.10:37
aw_lekernel, is there some instructions in wiki about uploading files with FTP?10:39
lekernelit's just a normal FTP10:40
lekerneljust set login/password in the GUI and connect10:40
aw_lekernel, hup.sorry it existed already there http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#Software_reflash_from_a_MSD_binary_archive_.28easy_way.2910:42
lekernelaw_: any news on fuse/zener protection, video in protection, audio codec?10:44
aw_lekernel, orderred already. they should be arrival next Monday.10:44
aw_lekernel, taiwan here have four-days national holidays until next Tuesday...hope Fedex still get them arrived. :-)10:46
aw_lekernel, byw, so i need to make a newest milkymist sources for wm9707, right?10:48
lekerneltest it and if it works for you, yes, replace lm4550 with wm970710:48
xiangfulekernel: do you think add a keyboard shotcut for 'fbgarb' is ok in flickernoise? (I already have a some patch for it. testing now)11:34
xiangfulekernel: the things is it will freeze m1 for at least 10 secs11:34
lekernelI think making a non-freezing fbgrab will be hard anyway11:43
lekerneleither it'll freeze, or it'll take forever making the screenshot (if you use the tiny bits of remaining CPU time when rendering)11:44
lekernelmaybe if you reduce PNG compression, it can go a bit faster11:44
xiangfuneeds look into some libpng documents. :)11:46
xiangfuI am using 'F12' for 'fbgrab'11:47
lekernelmaybe use something a bit less obvious11:47
lekernellike ctrl f1211:47
lekernelso it doesn't freeze for 10s when you hit the key by accident11:47
kristianpaulheh :-)11:53
wolfspraulok I removed the -n from the (ur)jtag options in the wiki11:53
wolfspraulhere http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#prepare11:53
wolfspraulxiangfu: how many keyboards do you have, and how many work with your m1?11:58
xiangfuI have two keybaords. a Dell, a Benq.12:11
kristianpaulMine is Logitech btw12:12
kristianpaul Logitech Clasic Keyboard12:13
xiangfuBenQ lsusb:  http://pastebin.com/hxmsP66T12:13
xiangfuDell lsusb: http://pastebin.com/hLx40C4212:13
xiangfubenq.dell diff:  http://pastebin.com/vadxYuRQ12:14
xiangfuDell not working in m1 but this benq works fine.12:14
xiangfukristianpaul: I will send out one email about keyboard. maybe you reply my email then attach your keyboard 'lsusb' :)12:15
kristianpaulhere is mine http://paste.debian.net/112631/12:24
xiangfu kristianpaul how to test flickernoise without flash it to nor flash ?12:43
xiangfukristianpaul: I can not make the flterm works . can you give me some detail.12:43
xiangfudoes the m1 needs configure?12:44
kristianpaulxiangfu: with serialboot and flterm12:45
kristianpaulJust power on12:45
kristianpauland seriaboot12:45
kristianpaulor bootserial12:45
kristianpaulof course before that flterm should be running with the flicernoise bin in his parameters12:46
kristianpaulother fast mething is tftp i remenber12:47
xiangfuyes. seriaboot is slow. slow then reflash :)12:50
lekernelxiangfu: netboot13:13
lekernelethernet works much better in the bios than in rtems... netboot is a viable solution13:14
lekerneland you can also use QEMU to run flickernoise without the board13:15
kristianpaulrouters write to flash by a "netboot" bootloader13:15
xiangfuseriaboot is a good point to have a rest :)13:33
lekernelserialboot was written at a time when the milkymist firmware was 40kb :)13:34
xiangfulekernel: do you think add the Ctrl + F12 to control panel. cp.c is ok?13:49
lekernelwhy cp.c?13:49
lekernelyou can add a separate module and an input hook13:50
lekernellook at input.{c,h}13:50
xiangfuoh. thanks14:04
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * re0eac29 / (5 files): File manager window - http://bit.ly/g3YR4i16:05
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * raec48d2 / src/filemanager.c : List files - http://bit.ly/fSvWNH16:34
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r9c72507 / src/filemanager.c : Display current folder - http://bit.ly/if1zvq16:34
mwallelekernel: defer the break wont really work, because the problem is the same for breakpoints and watchpoints20:24
lekernelhmm ok20:26
mwallelekernel: i'll put the break_en bit into the same reg as the THRU bit, eg. control register, the register 0Ch would be the status register, are you fine with that?20:28
mwalleand disable the break_en for midi devices20:28
lekernelif you want to can use a verilog generate statement to disable synthesis of the break circuit when it's not needed20:35
lekernelbut it would only save a few LUTs...20:35
mwalledepending on a module parameter?20:35
mwallesounds good :)20:36
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r85beb4b / src/filemanager.c : Navigation - http://bit.ly/e0NxVY21:44
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