#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-03-30

xiangfuHi lekernel05:29
wolfspraulxiangfu: hi there07:42
wolfspraulI am trying to flash your binaries from /people/xiangfu/milkymist-one07:43
wolfspraulI'm a little confused with the flashall.batch file in there07:43
xiangfuwolfspraul: jtag -n flashall.batch will flash all expect the 'flickernoise'07:44
wolfspraulthe batch file in the wiki also has soc-rescue and splash-rescue07:45
wolfsprauland yes, also flickernoise.fbi, but in your directoy there is a file flickernoise.fbiz - it that zipped and will it be unzipped automatically?07:45
wolfspraulwhy is there no flickernoise in flashall.batch ?07:46
xiangfumy flash.batch have soc-rescue and splash-rescue too :)07:46
xiangfuwolfspraul: forget sorry.07:46
xiangfuadding now07:46
wolfsprauloh right, sorry. I confused the + and -. so in fact the soc-rescue and splash-rescue are missing in the batchfile as documented in the wiki07:47
xiangfu(fbiz) yes. just flash the fibz to milkymist. the new bios will automatic detect and extract it.07:47
xiangfucheck again. flickernoise added.07:49
wolfspraulwhen I built my urjtag, at the end it said "detected libusb: no" and "detected libftdi: no"07:49
wolfspraulis that a problem?07:49
wolfspraulmaybe I need to install some -dev packages (Debian) to make it pickup libusb/libftdi...07:50
xiangfuhave to install them07:50
wolfspraulwhich ones are needed for our case?07:51
wolfsprauldo I need both libusb/libfti? libfti2xx? inpout32?07:51
xiangfulibftdi-dev libftdi1  libusb-0.1-4 libusb-dev07:51
wolfspraulI have no user account in the milkymist wiki, but there are lots of spam accounts07:54
wolfspraulnice :-)07:54
wolfspraulok great07:55
wolfspraulafter apt-get libfti-dev libusb-dev, it picked up both of those now07:55
xiangfuI just updated.07:56
wolfspraulI created an account 'wolfgang', if Sebastien approves it I can edit too07:56
xiangfuhmm.. I think urjtag works with usb-0.1 and usb-1.0, great. I install both of them in my system.07:56
wolfspraulI don't think you need libftdi1 and libusb-0.1-4 in the list07:58
wolfspraulthey will be pulled in by the -dev packages07:58
xiangfuupdated: http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#compile_urjtag08:03
xiangfuI am not sure if we need both libftdi1 and libusb. since we using the usb interface and libftdi chip in daughter board. I just install both of them.08:04
xiangfuneed to make sure with someone who really understand the detail.08:05
wolfspraulstrange. I had to run 'ldconfig' after 'make install' so that jtag could find liburjtag.so.008:05
wolfspraulxiangfu: ok great, it all worked and I'm booting from your binaries :-)08:25
wolfspraulthe used USB keyboard I bought still doesn't work, this time it has no USB hub08:25
wolfspraulworks on my notebook08:25
wolfspraulis USB keyboard working in your images?08:26
wolfspraulit's the first time I try this keyboard, so it may very well be something with the keyboard08:26
wolfspraulI'm looking at the video-in preview now, nice08:26
wolfspraulhad some trouble at first when I plugged in the camera, it didn't pickup the signal, and when i pressed 'ok', the board froze08:27
wolfspraulafter a reboot it's all fine though08:27
wolfspraullet me see whether I can reproduce this...08:27
xiangfugreat. next time I will try to add the "VERSIONS" and "md5sum". VERSIONS is for compile those bin with which git commit.08:27
wolfspraulnah, now it works08:27
wolfspraulok, so my remaining problem is that the usb keyboard doesn't work08:27
wolfspraulno USB hub now08:28
wolfspraulcan we increase the size of the video-in preview?08:28
wolfspraulIf someone is really looking at it, I am sure there is no reason why it shouldn't be bigger, if we have the screen space anyway08:28
wolfspraulno bigger video-in preview?08:29
xiangfuhardcode to 144x18008:30
terpstralekernel, Is Jon Beniston a lattice employee?08:32
terpstra(i am atm connecting gdb via my jtag chain tool and want to know if the code in gdb from him was used successfully, which i assume is 'yes' if he works at lattice)08:33
wolfspraulxiangfu: is the MAC hardcoded somewhere in those binaries?08:42
tuxbrainwolfspraul: (usb keyboard) mine is working on 0.2 version of firmware.08:49
rohhm. i've seen it working also here.08:52
rohno clue which version08:52
wolfspraulah yes, sure in general it is working.08:52
wolfspraulI have 2 unknowns right now: 1) I reflashed Xiangfu's binaries 2) I have a new (used) USB keyboard I just bought for 5 USD on the street08:53
rohi used a crappy noname and a old cherry kbd i think. lekernel has a rollable rubbermat-thingie08:53
rohcram the keyboards into your notebook and see if they work there08:53
wolfspraulit works on my notebook but not on my m1 (with xiangfu images)08:53
rohi see. any usb errors in dmesg?08:53
wolfspraulsure it works there, otherwise I wouldn't ahve bought it. that was my 'in-store' test :-)08:53
rohmaybe linux is just more error proof08:54
wolfspraulgood idea, but no, all fine (just plugged in)08:54
wolfspraulroh - btw, I was looking at some screws on the market today08:54
wolfspraulI can easily get pretty much everything here08:55
wolfspraulthe spacers, the bottom spacer/stand, the screws for top and bottom, and the ones for the connectors (that one I still need to find a bit shorter one)08:55
wolfsprauldo you want me to buy anything and send to you?08:55
rohnot sure. do you have prices?08:56
wolfspraulI don't like the allen/inbus keys we have right now.08:56
wolfspraulI'd prefer the simplest type possible, just a cross-type.08:56
wolfspraulthe ones on the side (for the connectors) are not black yet, at least on my case08:56
wolfspraulprices is so close to zero it's hard to tell :-)08:56
wolfspraulthe spacers were about 10 cents (the big ones)08:57
rohthe 'small parts' are only 3-4 euros in total per case.. so its not that bad. its more important to have reliable repeatable sources for that (where i do not need to worry about getting something else for the same order-number)08:57
wolfspraulyes sure, agreed08:57
wolfspraulmy main point is:08:57
wolfspraul1) allen/inbus key08:57
wolfspraul2) all screws black now?08:57
wolfspraulalso the ones on the side holding the connectors?08:57
wolfspraulthe screws must be something like 1-2 cents or so, or less08:58
wolfspraulI only bought 20-30, I cannot tell08:58
rohi'd like to use only black ones (anodized, not only colored, that rubs off) but i cannot get all types in black.08:58
wolfspraulshe laughed at me and said I should buy at least 100 :-)08:58
wolfsprauldo you still use allen/inbus keys on top and bottom?08:58
rohthe top/bottom screws are something like 4 cent a piece.08:59
rohyes. inbus was nicest to use mechanically. slot sucks and pozidrive or so wasnt available with an nice flat head. only sucky, totally cheap looking ones and not in black.08:59
wolfsprauldid you find black ones for the connectors on the side?09:00
rohits DIN91209:00
rohnope. thats DIN798109:01
wolfspraulwhat is what?09:01
wolfspraulwhat is DIN912, what is DIN7981?09:01
rohthe spec for the screw type.09:01
rohthe rest is 'diameter, lenght'09:01
wolfspraulwhich one?09:01
wolfspraulyou mentioned two now - DIN912 and DIN7981 - which one is which?09:01
roh912 is the head/bottom one (inbus) and the 7981 is the one for the sides09:02
wolfspraulah ok09:02
rohthe sides are ST2.9x13 for the dmx and ST2.2/13 for the rca09:02
rohmeans you should be able to buy 'DIN912 M3x6' and 'DIN7981 2.2x13' as well as 'DIN7981 2.9x13' and they should ask for color and material only  ;)09:04
wolfspraulyou are very sure that the case I descriped as 'transparent light-blue' is the one called 'hellblau' (5C18) at modulor?09:04
rohvery sure.09:04
wolfspraulok good09:04
rohi found it nearly too transparent/light ... but i guess thats taste09:04
rohmaybe we should test a bigger group than 3 people? ;)09:05
wolfsprauloh, DMX and RCA have different widths?09:05
rohyes. the thick ones break the rca socket, and the thin ones do not grip in the dmx. so we need 2 diameters09:05
wolfspraulok I will note some of this into parts.txt09:05
rohthe thick ones i found in black. the thin ones not.09:05
rohit should be already in there09:06
rohthe din arent in there arm.. adding09:06
wolfspraulroh: if we find an ST2.5, do you think it may fit in both the RCA and DMX connectors?09:25
rohdunno. we could try.09:26
rohbut i dont think it exists. i would have seen on the lists09:26
rohif you want enough screws its easy to get built-to-order.. so i guess its the same like with getting black ones ,)09:26
rohpushed parts.txt09:26
lekernelterpstra: I think he is. but lattice is a chip vendor, which does not distinguish itself from the others regarding the quality of their software.09:57
Fallenouwhat is crazy is that making a chip is way more difficult than making a software09:58
lekernelfor a very bad experience, you can try their LM32 simulator in GDB :)09:58
terpstrathink i'll pass :)09:59
lars_Fallenou: for a software guy maybe.10:02
Action: Fallenou is not convinced :p10:02
lekernelwolfspraul: can you post lsusb -vvv and dmesg traces of your non working keyboard to the list?10:03
lekernelwolfspraul: also, connect the keyboard in Milkymist BIOS and have a look at what gets sent to the serial port10:04
lars_if all you ever did all your life long is designing and building chips I could imagine you might have trouble writing good software if you suddenly had to10:04
lekernel(btw the keyboard can also be used in the BIOS. well, when it works ;-)10:05
Fallenoulars_: I guess you're right10:12
wolfspraullekernel: here is lsusb for the kbd http://pastebin.com/LWBeWSwq10:30
lekerneland dmesg, bios?10:31
lekernelit looks normal so far10:31
lekernelprobably one of those incredibly pesky usb bugs... :(10:32
lekernelworks fine on 20 keyboards, fails on the 21th10:32
wolfsprauldmesg http://pastebin.com/14Est1Qx10:32
wolfspraulbios need to try, what should I do exactly?10:33
lekernelah, you have two input devices detected for this keyboard10:33
lekernelthat might well be the problem10:33
lekerneljust connect serial to observe the BIOS boot messages with the keyboard attached10:34
lekernelis that a keyboard with fancy "multimedia" keys?10:34
lekernelthose have weird protocols sometimes10:34
wolfspraulno, very simple, logo says 'logitech'10:34
wolfsprauli will try bios in a bit, don't have my m1 in front of me right now10:35
lekerneland USB descriptor says "GREEN ASIA" ;)10:35
methrillekernel, is something wrong with the milkymist wiki? I<m unable to register15:52
lekernelno, it's just that account creation is disabled because of heavy spam bot attacks and mediawiki's ridiculous lack of solutions for it15:53
lekernelI can enable it for a while until you get your account created15:53
lekernelshould be ok now15:54
lekerneltell me when you're done15:54
methrilthank you15:55
scrtswhoa o_O16:14
mwallelekernel: terpstra: jon beniston was an external employee at lsc, just for porting binutils/gcc/gdb to the lm32 processor17:11
lekernelhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1IMV3FJO7Q <= genode OS talk17:16
kristianpaulyes, install ssl dev pacjages for your syste,17:54
mwallegdb stub is almost working.. i hacked flterm to pass the gdb packets to a pseudo terminal, so you can use flterm and gdb at the same time22:48
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