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kristianpauldarkblue :_)01:18
kristianpaullekernel: all this changes about the new wm chip are great, but i guess it break some compatibillity with the other chips, isnt?01:21
kristianpaulso.. well i still having the old-one and other boards/people as well. will be nice to keep supporting this some how (by git?) or wait until the next bug-fix partie ;)01:23
kristianpaul(I'm aware this commets are too early, as adam dint tested the changes with rc2, but i wanted to comment it, before i forgot :-))01:24
rohkristianpaul: i see no reason to break support for the lm02:21
kristianpaulsure, me either but i'm curios about the current state of that, well i dint follow all commits sebastien did, so i may be talking bullshit, so i just wanted manifest some ramdon toughts about that topic02:27
Action: kristianpaul compiles xiangfu last patches02:28
Action: kristianpaul recompiled rtems for other xiangfu and noticed ac97's too 02:28
kristianpaulso lets see :_)02:28
rohso far i understand it the ac97 code should be compatible with both codecs.02:36
rohno deviations besides detecting both not only one.02:36
rohthe fixes for 'not garbling content of auxilary channels' shouldnt hurt the lm.02:36
kristianpauloh hell.. (No rx buffer left in the pool! )02:44
xiangfuI meet this error a lot after update the last rtems-milkymist.git.02:45
kristianpaulso you memory card allow you get the files i guess02:46
kristianpaulbut this error was not before..02:46
kristianpaulxiangfu: this may sound no-sense, but had you tried a 1GB kingstone memory card on the mm1?02:57
xiangfukristianpaul: hi03:12
xiangfukristianpaul: http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/2011-March/001330.html03:28
xiangfukristianpaul: just send out.  too bad. I didn't find my 1GB card.03:28
xiangfukristianpaul: maybe I goto buy one now :)  back in 40 mins03:30
kristianpauloh no, well just asking, i still need to understand how this memocard protocols works ..03:30
xiangfukristianpaul: maybe I can help on memory card driver. since I work on nanonote memory card before.03:31
kristianpaulI think mine also stoped boot process, but now seems like just were not there, well i test with scope and i confirmed CLK and some CMD signals, but still debug deeper03:36
kristianpauli'm off for now03:37
xiangfukristianpaul: forget taking money. he don't borrow me the 1GB memcard .04:08
xiangfuHi what is the meaning of "Milkymist" ?09:13
FallenouMilky - like milk , mist09:20
FallenouI think it comes from Milkdrop :)09:20
lekernelxiangfu: when do you get the "no rx buffer left" error? immediately after booting?10:41
lekernelit seems there is a reset bug of the ethernet PHY that causes it to continuously flood the soc with garbage RX packets10:42
kristianpauli got mine when pulling data from mm110:42
lekernelhmm... it's not this bug then10:42
kristianpaulwhen booting i just experienced, the old  message about fifo overflow just after a pld load soc.fpg10:44
lekernelyeah, that one is the reset bug10:44
kristianpaulah :-)10:44
lekernel'pld load' seems to be a sure way to trigger it10:45
lekerneland it goes away when you do a soft reset of the system by pressing the three buttons10:45
lekernelfor some reason, it's pretty infrequent when the fpga boots from flash10:46
lekernelmaybe I can try to make the FPGA assert the PHY reset for a bit more time after configuration10:47
kristianpauli was about to ask if the same reset bug, i experienced this rx fifo flood in the past something when doing cold booting or just a "system reboot"10:47
kristianpaulis this a problem with un-initialized registers at boot? not been cleared by the sys_rst?10:48
lekernelI don't know. you can investigate this if you want :)10:49
lekernelbut I'd rather think the PHY either comes up in a "factory test" mode10:49
lekernelor just in a completely broken state10:49
kristianpaulhe, well time to use MDIO at boot? :-)10:50
lekernelwolfspraul: hi12:09
wolfspraullekernel: hi12:17
wolfspraulgreat results on wm9707, Adam will get a sample and confirm, then we switch to wm9707 in rc3, unless we misunderstood your message...12:17
lekernelwhat are your thoughts for rc3. go ahead with the wm codec? (after some more tests by Adam)12:17
wolfspraulyes sure12:17
wolfspraulwhat do you suggest?12:18
wolfspraulwe are already moving in that direction, Adam is getting sample already12:18
lekerneldo you like the new GUI look better btw?12:19
wolfspraulhaven't tried it on my m1 yet12:36
wolfspraulyes sure, the screenshots look much better12:36
wolfspraullekernel: how do you feel about the transparent-blue color case?12:36
lekernelwhy not12:40
lekernelI think we can go ahead with that one for rc312:40
wolfspraulok great, Jon will be happy12:48
wolfspraullekernel: how about engraving/lasering the Milkymist name and/or logo onto the bottom acrylic?13:00
wolfspraulhave you and roh ever talked about that?13:01
wolfspraulI thought I remembered something, that was like 'doesn't look good' or so13:01
wolfspraulif that's the case I don't need to spend more time on it...13:01
lekernelyeah we didn't want to add it to the top13:04
lekernelto the bottom, maybe13:05
lekernelbut not sure if it's worth the trouble13:05
lekernelwe'll already have a sticker there13:05
lekerneland the ESD shield13:05
wolfspraulI think Jon meant some sort of engraving, like a shadow or so13:12
wolfspraulmaybe only the 'M' logo13:12
wolfspraulon the acrylic13:12
wolfspraulat the bottom, definitely13:12
wolfspraullekernel: OK I leave this with you. If nothing happens, fine with me.13:13
wolfspraulif roh wants to experiment, I am willing to pay for material and work.13:13
wolfspraulI don't have to have an engraved 'M' there, but I can roughly imagine what Jon has in mind13:14
lekernelwolfspraul: do you have an estimate when the rc3's will be out?13:30
wolfspraulend of may?13:48
wolfspraulI think we can target May, I mean we are working on details everywhere, I think it's coming together nicely.13:49
wolfspraulas of today, Milkymist One is not out of stock, don't forget13:49
wolfspraulI still have one unit, and I am sure there are more at Bearstech/Tuxbrain/kd8513:49
wolfspraulthen there are some at potential distributors like Pulster, freedomincluded.com13:49
wolfspraulit adds up13:49
wolfspraulso I want to make sure we can generate a bit more interest13:50
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * re6ac875 / src/pngload.c : Floyd Steinberg dithering of PNGs - http://bit.ly/hNWijE16:40
kristianpaulFallenou: ping18:44
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r5700767 / (5 files): File dialog box: explicit window title, keep last folder, open file with double click - http://bit.ly/eqt7wj18:47
Fallenousorry busy18:47
kristianpaulohh no :-)18:48
CIA-43mtk: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r9ac6e99 / include/mtklib.h : Export version number - http://bit.ly/fsF2Wt18:59
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf4543e7 / (src/Makefile src/about.c): Update about dialog box - http://bit.ly/e6Euos19:18
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rccdd06d / src/filedialog.c : File dialog: sort files - http://bit.ly/eraKLI19:18
mwallemh i guess hardware breakpoint never works with the original gdb stub..19:30
mwallelekernel: do you have acccess to the binutils (esp. gas) repo?19:33
mwallemh ok :)19:33
mwallercsr r1,BP0 should be an illegal instruction..19:33
lekernelmaybe I can ask for it19:34
mwallei have no idea how other assembler handle instruction combination which are not valid19:34
lekernelatm rtems is shipping 4.6 toolchains for all archs except lm32 and h830019:35
lekernelthe C++ compiler still wouldn't build...19:35
lekernelwhat a mess19:35
lekernelanyway, it didn't work before, so maybe they can simply remove it from the packages19:35
mwallebtw a reset through sysctl does a full soc reset, right?19:36
mwallei needed a storage which is cleared on a reset. atm i'm using a uart scratchpad register, any other ideas?19:38
lekernelwhy uart?19:40
kristianpaulmwalle: a internal sram memory?19:40
mwalledoesnt really belong to uart, i should move that to sysctl19:41
mwallekristianpaul: isnt cleared on reset, afaik19:41
kristianpaulwell, of course you need implement the proper clear on reset19:41
lekerneli'd say add a scratchpad to the sysctl19:41
mwallewithout any additional logic at least19:41
kristianpauloh yes i agree with lekernel (sysctl)19:42
mwallelekernel: yeah, sounds good :)19:42
mwallebtw enabled both breakpoints and watchpoint and it synthesized without any problems19:43
Fallenoupong kristianpaul19:45
kristianpaulFallenou: hi !19:46
kristianpaulFallenou: well, false alarm, i need check ac97 code again, i had some doubts but i discover the code was too old19:47
kristianpauldunno why19:47
FallenouI know nothing about ac97 btw19:47
kristianpaulyeah also realize that ;-)19:47
kristianpaulwhen i saw the sebastien name in last version19:47
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rd391188 / (8 files): Use new filedialog API everywhere - http://bit.ly/eLXWI319:57
lekernel#~#[|! ethernet is always crashing20:05
lekerneli'll move debugging that pesky crap upper in the priority list20:05
lekernellots of time wasted20:05
lekernelrebooting etc. every time you want a file transfer20:06
CIA-43mtk: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r1f7e937 / (lib/edit.c lib/entry.c): edit+entry: delete selected text on backspace/del - http://bit.ly/hDCu3M20:09
lekernelkristianpaul: the DEL and backspace keys now behave as you expect in text boxes20:09
kristianpaulso i can swich back to screen!20:10
kristianpaulgnu screen :p20:10
kristianpaulah sorry20:10
kristianpaulyes,you're talking about flicernoise patch editor20:11
lekerneli'm talking about del/backspace not deleting selected text in flickernoise20:11
kristianpauli missundertood with uart , yes yes20:11
kristianpaulsorry again20:11
kristianpaulah ok20:12
lekernelUART backspace/del/editing, I will never fix. I'm fed up with that immense amount of cruft accumulated from the typewriter era you have to deal with every time you need a serial console20:14
Action: kristianpaul is okay with his hacked version of flterm20:15
lekernelit works with gtkterm too20:15
lekernelscrew the rest20:15
mwalleand gdb works too ;)20:16
Fallenoumwalle: so now we can put breakpoints ?20:25
kristianpaulhardware breakpoints? ;)20:27
mwalleat least thats the plan :)20:36
kristianpaulloooks macish ;)20:42
kristianpaulhow fast is pdf page change with this resolution?20:43
lekernelsame as before21:01
lekernelthat is, rather slow, but ok with this small pdf21:01
mwallecool singlestepping works too22:27
mwallehw assisted22:27
kristianpaulFallenou: how interrupt are handled by rtems?22:30
kristianpaulIs it by using a task?22:32
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