#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-03-26

lekernelroh: ping12:04
kristianpaulFallenou: did you tried ttcp from mm1 to computer last time?12:59
kristianpaulor just with computer as sender?12:59
CIA-43flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf10673c / patches/VideoIn/Lekernel - The psychedelic drunken boat.fnp : delete spurious - http://bit.ly/eAeDkC13:28
lekernelnew video in patches in the repos :)13:29
lekernelaudio noise goes away with the wm codec :)17:46
lekernelcodec id 0x6150 it seems... will add that to the drivers17:49
kristianpaulwb = windbond?19:24
CIA-43rtems-milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r7373322 / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_ac97/ac97.c : Add WM9707 codec ID - http://bit.ly/e5ORoQ20:46
CIA-43rtems-milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r123a2ff / (2 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fallen/rtems-milkymist - http://bit.ly/dQrxAc20:46
kristianpaullekernel: wb = windbond?22:24
kristianpaulah eys22:24
kristianpaulsorry i dint saw the commit, just arriving :-)22:24
kristianpaullekernel: but you just swich codec code, no need to chip swap?22:25
rohwm. wolfson micro22:30
rohlekernel was here earlier... and we unsoldered 2 video-input chips and one audio codec and soldered in 1 video and one audio chip22:31
rohits a chip swap. one extra cap needed. some more testing needed, but it seemed to work earlier22:32
kristianpauli see :-)22:35
Action: kristianpaul lack solder station22:35
rohyes. noise seemed to be much better22:35
rohaudio codec isnt that hard. where are you located?22:36
kristianpaulbuga, colombia22:36
rohthe video chip was much nastier22:36
rohah. right.. nih22:36
kristianpaulI jsut have solder iron..22:36
kristianpauland i *really* want listen music from the mm122:36
rohhm. maybe you can find some of carlos people at the university?22:36
kristianpaullisten tp*22:36
rohor was that somewhere else?22:36
kristianpaulhe live 500Kg away from me :-)22:37
kristianpaulsolder station are 50Usd i saw last time at local ebay22:37
rohthe hot air ones?22:37
kristianpauliron and air22:38
kristianpaulof course they look chinesse, etc.. but :-)22:38
rohthis one is a AOYUE int 85222:38
rohwas 80 euro or so22:38
kristianpaulwith accesories?22:39
rohsome different 'tips' for smaller and bigger air flow/diameter22:39
rohthere are 2 knobs: temp and air pressure22:40
rohand a button which switches the 'should' and the 'is' display while pressed for the temp22:40
kristianpaulergg 80Usd22:41
rohdunno that market exactly.22:41
kristianpaulhmm i need gloves22:41
kristianpaulme either..22:41
rohbut i wouldnt want to work without my weller iron22:41
rohwtcp. 24V 50W22:42
kristianpauli can try with iron..22:42
rohi wouldnt. its really easy with such a small chip and the hot air22:42
kristianpauli'll ask adam later22:42
rohcheck out if there is maybe a mobile phone repair shop or so nearby22:42
kristianpauloh yes22:42
kristianpaulwe're plenty of that :-)22:43
kristianpaulevery neighbordhood have one at least (seriouslly)22:43
rohlekernel will post a mail with the exact rework needed he said22:43
kristianpaulsure i'll wait :-)22:44
kristianpaulbtw video worked too after the rework?22:46
rohas far as we tested22:46
--- Sun Mar 27 201100:00

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