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kristianpaulnats`: navre? :)02:53
lekernel_roh: hi11:40
rohlekernel_: hi12:02
lekernel_got my email?12:05
rohi should have a composite source (the dvb reciever)12:06
lekernel_are you there today?12:07
rohsoldering equipment is there (some fine tools)12:07
rohdunno yet. late evening12:07
rohneed to sleep a bit very soon.12:07
lekernel_you're going to sleep _now_?12:07
rohwell.. i wanted earlier but a customer kept me awake with his apache problems.12:07
lekernel_is there anyone else at the agency now?12:08
rohi dont think so12:08
lekernel_this chip replacement thing is on the critical path for rc312:08
rohi see. i think we can do it tonight or for sure somewhere on the weekend12:08
rohif you want to use solderpaste you need to bring some. but we got fine solder and the hot air station12:10
lekernel_roh: can we fix a time this weekend and stick to it?12:52
Action: Fallenou at London St Pancras15:47
Action: Fallenou waiting for eurostar 15:47
lekernel_week end in paris?16:05
Fallenouyep lekernel :)16:12
lekernelyou should check out leloop before they get evicted =]16:12
lekernelbut well... the site doesn't say much16:14
Fallenouare the ydoing interesting stuff ?16:15
lekernelwell, don't go there if you expect top-notch hardware hacking, but from a social/political point of view, it's very interesting =]16:18
lekernelit's a busy 11-story squatted former bank16:19
lekernelartists, researchers (yeah, there are even some academic people there), musicians, squatters, hackers ...16:20
Fallenouhumm ok16:21
Action: Fallenou has the seat 4216:21
lekernelI definitely recommend it16:21
FallenouI try not to stand out of the crowd in London16:21
FallenouI suppose you understand why :p16:22
lekerneljackgassett: I think you should be able to rewrite the proprietary bram2bit fairly easily in your project17:01
lekernelin fact many of the bitstream elements required for this purpose are documented by xilinx17:02
lekernelBRAM data doesn't seem to be intertwined with other configuration data (interconnect, slices, etc.)17:06
lekernelinstead you have commands at the end of the bitstream that write configuration data with special values of the frame address register (FAR) - this configuration data simply gets pushed into the block RAM17:07
lekerneland the FAR value tells which BRAM element to write to17:07
lekernelyou can simply get the FAR values for your placed/routed design by filling the BRAM with random data and examining what gets written where17:08
lekernelyou'll also need to generate a frame CRC, but fortunately this is documented for spartan 3 (but not 6 :/)17:09
Action: Fallenou from France17:38
kristianpaulFallenou: salut :-)17:39
kristianpaulOkay,i had tested with the scope the memory card using TP, i can confirm CLK (159Khz) also visualized square signals coming from CMD when bios run, later with rtems17:41
kristianpaulbut DAT0-3 _always_ are up (3.2V)..17:42
kristianpauli guess at least if any response from card is coming it should appear in DAT0, but nothing hapened with both toshiba 512B and 1Gb Nokia cards..17:43
Fallenouyop kristianpaul :)17:47
kristianpaulFallenou: btw are you moving to he US finally to work with intel?17:48
Fallenouno no I'm not17:49
FallenouI went to London instead of US17:49
Fallenoumaybe later :) dunno !17:49
FallenouI didn't studied yet the list of interesting companies I'd like to work with/at17:50
FallenouI will do that when I will have my diploma :p17:50
kristianpaullovelly https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/File:Ferrite_core_memory.jpg17:55
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rfdd2b9a / (6 files): place: new placer beginning to work (wip, buggy, no flip flops) - http://bit.ly/e7ykyH18:01
lekernel#{~! this placer thing is so messy to write18:08
lekernelI think we need a tool akin to lemon/re2c/flex/bison but which processes fpga architecture descriptions and writes the messy parts of placer/packer systems18:09
Fallenouhehe flex bison is quite awesom :)18:10
lekernelnow we also need to make it fast...18:10
Fallenouto write big parsers for you18:10
lekernelyou should try lemon+re2c18:10
lekernelcleaner than the GNU stuff18:10
Fallenouoh ok18:11
lekernelthe GNU tools use many GNUisms which make non-portable parsers (do you see a pattern here?), which also are non-reentrant by default (and making them reentrant is messy)18:12
lekernelalso, lemon+re2c are simple things which do not require autocrap to build18:13
lekernelyou could run a lemon+re2c parser on a microcontroller... now good luck with the GNU things18:14
kristianpauloh, really?18:14
lekernelsure, I did it on AEMB/LM32 even without a C library18:14
kristianpaulwithout a C library, looks even more portable it seems then18:16
Fallenoumaybe they reinvented the wheel18:18
Fallenouyou are always more likely to be portale reinventing the wheel18:19
lekernelwell, in fact, they do use a few C library functions. what I meant is without newlib/glibc/etc.18:19
kristianpaulah ok :-)18:19
lekernelat the beginning I tried with the GNU tools but there were endless problems18:20
lekernellemon+re2c went without a hitch18:20
kristianpaullekernel: still interested on a gcc replacement? ;)18:22
lekernelit's not something i'm going to spend time on, but yes18:22
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r3d71a35 / (3 files): place: bugfixes - http://bit.ly/i8xVNV19:06
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rb74db8d / antares-place/initial.c : place: fixed carry chain placement - http://bit.ly/hX06G519:06
nats`lekernel: you know a simple verilog softcore ?19:27
kristianpaulthere is a "CPU" that can fit on a 48 cells CPLD, thats simple :-)19:28
lekernelnats`: navre?19:30
nats`how many LUT it takes ?19:31
nats`because by simple I mean C programmable interface to control device19:32
nats`lekernel: I will take navre to give it a try19:33
nats`where do I check out the project ?19:35
kristianpaulnats`: is a milkymist core19:36
lekernelabout 1.2k luts iirc... but see for yourself19:51
lekerneland yes gcc-avr works for it19:51
nats`lekernel I'll try and make some feedback :)20:04
nats`because I need a softcore to make a little tool :)20:04
kristianpaulFallenou: hi22:28
kristianpaulah, wait i need to go22:28
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